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Unequal Quality Of The Accidents, The Electric Pressure Cooker Hidden Hazards

“51” small holiday period, a boat in Lanzhou Teacher Li teaches elementary school about a few friends to Jiazhongzuoke, not a like accident happened. Lee teachers use

Electric pressure cooker

Stew beef, electric pressure cooker exploded, the entire kitchen in ruins. Fortunately, his family was in the living room, did not result in greater losses, but well-prepared meeting broke up because of this accident.

Lee says that pressure cookers are engaged in promotional activities of a mall with more than 300 yuan to buy. He regretted not spending more money to buy a name brand.

Frequent around the accident hidden danger hidden pressure cookers

Recent years, with the kitchen

Small appliances

Performance and quality in the kitchen cooking start by the “fire-based” to “electrical Alone.” Reporter noted that, like “


“Intelligent electric pressure cooker,” Sunpentown “Tien Chu Super pot,”


“Computers have played electric pressure cooker is the concept of security.


Personnel, electric pressure cookers in addition to sophisticated computer program control, the various security measures for accident prevention is essential, such as opening the lid or power failure, when the pressure is higher than 0.05 atmospheres could not open the lid, the safety valve in 3 seconds can make the pressure to normal within, these are the most basic security measures. Each brand has its own characteristics in terms of security information, however, the current design of electric pressure cooker, or there are some security flaws.

Recent years, electric pressure cooker over security incidents occurred in many, many of whom are well-known brands. For example in October 2008, Fujian Chu consumers at a local supermarket to buy an electric pressure cooker, he used the pot soup, timing 25 minutes. When the time is coming, Mr Chu Couguo not see Tom Well, surprise, bang, the lid flew. Chu face and neck burns, eye burns conjunctival hyperemia. Conclusions show that the existence of electric pressure cooker virtual button hidden dangers, and Mr. Zhu has responsibility for inappropriate use. March 7 this year,


Consumer Chung family pressure cookers used in the second in less than an hour electric pressure cooker, “fried” open.

Price difference between the poor quality of mixed

‘s Survey found that


, Gome stores such as home appliances, electric pressure cooker based mainly on high end products, high-end products priced at up to seven or eight hundred dollars, in end product prices mostly four or five hundred dollars, these products have their own unique security assurances and work fine, the description, logo, etc. are more complete.



Trade City also has only 200 yuan price of electric pressure cooker, these products are more rough workmanship and materials, security is also poor.

According to the relevant departments, China’s “electric pressure cooker safety and performance requirements” for the just passed validation not yet implemented. Electric pressure cooker in the present temperature and pressure control functions such as basic to solve security problems, the safety factor has been greatly improved, if it is certified and qualified through 3C products, consumers can rest assured that the basic purchase and use. However, countries such products have not been quality checks, the overall market conditions no specific data reflect the existence of unequal quality.

Order to avoid unsafe incidents, consumers should choose a grade, a factory, a specification, quality, qualified products. Do not just plan to buy cheap counterfeit. Initial use to read the manual, according to the instructions necessarily required to do.

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