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Tips to grill your beef

Do you attempt to grill your beef and expect to get perfect results? Were you successful in your previous attempts? Do not worry. Once you get a hang of it, it will be an easy task and you should not be finding it difficult anymore. You can try getting some tips from experts regarding grilling Angus and steak beef. This is very good for your health. Preparing these items requires lot of patience on your part and you need to have hands on experience to have the best of beef.

It is important to decide the kind of beef you want. If you prefer steak or angus, then make sure to choose a thick and well marbled slab of meat. These food items will need preliminary preparation such as trimming and boning. So what are the steps involved in grilling your beef? It is important to pre-heat the grill to the accurate level. You can choose either charcoal or the gas grill depending upon your comfort level. Remember that briquettes are required for charcoal grills to build up the flame.

You can coat the steak beef in olive oil and dip it in a container having pepper and coarse salt. Place it on the grill once the preliminary preparations are done. If you want to use a marinade, then you can soak the meat in it for 3 to 4 hours prior to grilling. However, most of the people do not prefer this option. Make sure you do not place it directly over the fire. If you are using gas grill, then turn on one side and leave the other side unlit.

A thicker steak is ideal to grill and it should be well marbled. This will make sure there is some fat content present throughout the steak which will make it juicier and tastier. Allow the beef to reach the normal room temperature before you start cooking. The cooking time is dependent on the thickness of beef. Avoid flipping the meat frequently and refrain from using forks. You can use tongs instead of forks or alternatively you can use your finger to test if cooking is done. Allow it to reach the desired doneness and remove the beef from grill. Do not worry if you have started cooking for the first time. Experience is the best teacher. You will learn lessons by making mistakes.

Make sure you buy the beef from a reputable shop. The quality should not be comprised under any cost. It is highly recommended to learn the tricks and lessons on grilling the beef. It will be very helpful when you have a team outing in the office or when you go on a vacation with your family members. Angus beef is preferred over steak beef by some people because of its taste. Healthy cooking habits will lead to better lifestyle. Health is wealth. Hence, prefer food items that are good to health and cooked in a hygiene atmosphere.

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2 Yummy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes, Plus Hot Tips

Here are a few lip-smacking vegetarian slow cooker recipes that not only save your time, but also serve your entire family for a lovely family dinner.

The Chilli Beans Recipe


black bean soup can (19oz), rinsed and drained garbanzo beans can and kidney beans can (both 15 oz), baked beans can (16oz), can of tomato puree (141/2 oz), a can of drained whole kernel corn (15oz), one onion, one green bell pepper, 2 garlic cloves, 2 celery stalks all these should be chopped, one tablespoon each of dried parsley, basil, and oregano, and chilli powder.


Take your crockpot. Put the black bean soup, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, baked beans, tomato puree, onion, corn, celery stalks, and bell pepper in the pot. Season the mixture with parsley, garlic, oregano, basil, and chilli powder. Let it cook for a couple of hours on high heat.

Slow Cooking Apple Delight

Here is another one of the series of healthy slow cooker recipes that will tickle your tastebuds and make you a fan of crockpots.


5 apples (half pound each), peel, core, and chop them finely; ground cinnamom and cloves, 2 tsps and tsps, respectively; tsp salt; white sugar, 4 cups.


Put the apples in the crockpot. Take a bowl and mix cinnamom, cloves, sugar, and salt. Add this mixture in the crockpot containing apples. Mix everything well. Cover the crockpot and let it cook on high heat for 60 minutes. After that, bring the heat to low and let it cook for 9-11 hours. Stir the mixture once in a while. You will find the mixture turning dark brown and thick.

Remove the lid of the crockpot and continue to cook on low heat for another hour. If you wish to make the mixture smoother, use a whisk for stirring.

Take small containers and fill the mixture in them. Cover and refrigerate. You can also freeze.

Hot Tip On Easy Slow Cooker Recipes:

Prepare all the ingredients of your recipe as well as the crockpot the night before. Refrigerate the ingredients. When you wake up the next morning, simply toss the ingredients into your ready crockpot and plug it in. Your recipe will cook the whole day. When you return home after a hard day, you get a savory and piping hot meal to relish.

More Tips On Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

You must allow 8 hours cooking time when on low heat and 4 hours when on high heat in a slow cooking pot.
When not sure about the cooking time of a recipe, leave the pot on low the whole day or overnight.
A good adjustment for slow cooker demands that you cut the quantity of all liquids to half.

Its time to try one of the above vegetarian slow cooker recipes. You can make a great dish even if you have never cooked before.

For more vegetarian slow cooker recipes, visit www.yeahtips.com. The site has a collection of healthy slow cooker recipes that are simple to prepare and quite nutritious. Of course, they are 100% vegetarian with yummy ingredients put together!

How to Barbeque Pork – Tips and Secrets

A great barbeque is indeed a great part of great summer outdoor fun. If you want to impress everybody with your pork barbeque, you can find many tips and secrets from the barbeque masters. Learning how to barbeque pork is not that difficult as well, even if it is your first time to try hands-on grilling. Here are some simple tips you can start with.

First things first, you must prepare your ingredients for your outdoor barbeque. If you want to learn how to barbeque pork, which is the most common meat that we all want to put on that grill, you need to first know how to choose the meat. Of course, if you want to impress them with the taste, you must also find a great meat. Even if you got the tastiest sauce, a tough meat will always ruin the recipe.

Remember that the first secret in making the best pork barbeque is a good quality meat. You can choose your meat with bone or without or you can choose that rib part. It is important to choose quality fresh ingredients for your pork barbeque and for your side dishes, and always make sure they are clean.

Soaking your meat in a marinade for at least 30 minutes is important. Some may even soak them overnight with their secret sauces and spices. Marinades help make the meat become tender when cooked and they enhance the flavor, as the seasonings are absorbed more into the meat. The marinades can also be used to baste the meat before barbequing.

Choosing your fire in barbequing is also another thing to consider. You can use charcoal or briquettes but the latter may be a little difficult to light. Take note also that using charcoals needs patience and time in the preparation, so make sure you are starting with your barbeque a little early before everyone gets hungry. You can also use gas barbeque but, somehow, meat grilled on charcoal tastes better.

One thing you also have to remember in learning how to barbeque pork is that you need to have a close watch on it as the fats from the pork that drip on the fire may cause flames to flare up and this can char some parts of the meat. It is also important that the meat should not be cooked by flames but by the heat. One thing you can do when flames flare up is to spray or sprinkle it with water to extinguish the flames.

Another thing in learning how to barbeque pork is to make sure the meat is cooked, but not too much that it makes the meat dry or burnt. This will help you kill organisms that may thrive in raw meat and of course keep you out of stomach problems.

You can then occasionally turn the meat over to make them cook equally. Only brush the sauce on the meat 10 minutes before you get the meat out of the grill. This will allow the sauce to caramelize and prevent it from burning as well.

After you have learned some tips and secrets on how to barbeque pork and master its taste, you can then move on to making the best side dishes for your barbeque and preparing the best wine to go with it.

Carolyn Anderson loves to treat friends and family in a great barbeque. If you want to learn great secrets from the barbeque masters to help you win barbeque competitions or impress everyone with your bbq, check out Competition Barbeque Secrets. Another recommended resource is Copycat Cookbook, where you can find recipes from your popular American restaurants.

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Tips For Living With Your Diabetic Dog

If you have a diabetic dog, life is probably a bit more complicated for you and your pet than it used to be. Canine diabetes can be a challenging condition to manage, but it can be done. Here are some tips to make life easier for both of you.

Is Exercise A Good Idea For Dogs With Diabetes?

Yes, it is, but you do need to be careful. Too much exercise can cause your pet’s blood sugar levels to drop to dangerously low levels. It’s always a good idea to keep a little Karo syrup with you so you can rub it on your pet’s gums if he starts showing signs of hypoglycemia.

It’s essential to be establish a consistent routine for exercise. You’ll need to commit to exercising him every day at about the same time, for about the same amount of time each day. Avoid having him out running around at top speed for a half hour once or twice a week, and then sitting around the rest of the time.

A daily ten-minute walk can help considerably in keeping your pet’s blood glucose regulated. Low-key activities, where your pet doesn’t start panting, are best. Walking or swimming are recommended exercises for a diabetic pet.

Always consult with your vet before starting an exercise program for dogs with diabetes.

What Should I Be Feeding My Diabetic Dog?

You need to understand that most dry dog food contains too many carbohydrates. The problem is that carbohydrates are quickly broken down into glucose, which is dumped into his system all at once. This causes a spike in his glucose levels. A pet with diabetes either isn’t producing enough insulin to regulate these levels, or his body can’t use it. When glucose levels remain high for a long time, it causes damage to just about every organ in your pet’s body.

Learn to read pet food labels. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that even the dry prescription diet your vet recommends contains too many carbohydrates for dogs with diabetes.

You’ll want to feed your pet a high-quality grain-free food. Canned food is probably best, although there are dry foods available now that are grain-free. Look for a food that’s high in fiber, and low in fat. Protein and fat are also broken down into glucose, but it’s released into your pet’s body over a much longer period of time, which avoids those nasty spikes in blood sugar levels.

You’ll be feeding your pet two or three small meals a day instead of one big one. This also helps to regulate glucose levels in his blood.

Are Natural Remedies For Dogs Safe For Pets With Canine Diabetes?

Some pet owners are interested in using herbs and dietary supplements to regulate glucose levels naturally. Research has shown that the herbs goat’s rue, fenugreek, and astragalus, along with the mineral chromium, are very effective in controlling blood sugar levels in pets. These remedies are safe to use in combination with the insulin prescribed by your vet.

Always consult with your vet before making any treatment changes. Most vets are very open to the use of natural remedies, and will be willing to work with you and your companion. It’s important that your vet monitors your pet to be sure he doesn’t develop hypoglycemia. It may be necessary to lower the insulin dose when using natural remedies for dogs.

Do yourself and your diabetic dog a favor and try a natural pet remedy today. Life may become less challenging for both of you.

Darlene Norris has combined her experience working at a vet clinic with her long-time interest in natural healing to bring you her new website, Natural Pet Diabetes Control. Learn how you can use natural remedies for dogs to help your diabetic dog by visiting http://NaturalPetDiabetesControl.com

Vegan Traveler Meal Planning Tips

Being away from home can make business travel and vacation challenging and stressful for anyone who’s trying to eat healthy. This is particularly so for new vegans who are still trying to adjust to a diet without animal products but may have fewer alternatives than usual. However, given the fact that business travel is often necessary for our jobs, and most people enjoy going somewhere new for vacation, at least occasionally, how does the vegan or aspiring vegan deal with eating away from home?

Below are some tips for business and vacation situations:

1. Business travel–Eat as much healthy (whole-grain, low-fat and minimal refined sugar) vegan foods you can at those meals where you have the most control over the venue. For me that’s breakfast, because lunch and dinner are often spent with colleagues or clients, and you’re less likely to have a say over the venue or the menu.

Breakfast buffets at hotels are quite vegan-friendly, and they are probably the healthiest places to eat away from home. For example:

a. Most salad bars have a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Just remember to stick with oil and vinegar dressing.

b. Asian dishes (tofu, vegetable stir fry, rice/noodles, vegetable curry, porridge)

c. Whole-grain cereal (hot or cold) prepared with soy milk. Note that oatmeal is usually prepared with dairy milk if you don’t specify otherwise.

d. Whole-grain breads (check to see whether they contain butter or eggs first)

If you have any doubts whether something is prepared with animal products, just check with the wait staff. And take a few pieces of whole fruit (banana, apple, etc) from the salad bar to eat as snacks later in the day.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to spend all of your meals with non-vegan co-workers during a business trip, be sure to let them know your vegan diet preferences, and suggest restaurants that are likely to have foods you will want to eat, too. The longer the trip, the earlier you should tell them, as you may find it hard to return to your vegan diet if you fall off the vegan wagon.

2. Leisure travel–Being a vegan, culinary travel takes on a whole new twist. It used to be that going somewhere foreign, you’d probably eat out 3 meals a day. And, if you’re staying in a conventional hotel, often you have no choice. Rather than being at the mercy of the restaurants or room service, I highly recommend finding a room equipped with kitchenette, so you’ll have the ability to cook some of your meals if you cannot find vegan-friendly restaurants.

A refrigerator in your hotel room is also essential for you to store and eat fresh fruits/vegetables. Ask the concierge at the hotel for directions to a nearby market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to carve out room for them among the mini-bar items. Again, the longer your trip, the more important it is to follow this advice.

If you don’t like the idea of cooking for yourself while on vacation, by all means do your research ahead of time so you are prepared to have a vacation that is both enjoyable and healthy. For example, London has a great variety of vegan restaurants, as well as 100s of Indian restaurants that are typically vegan-friendly. Whereas other countries, such as Spain, are more meat-centric (you may have guessed when every restaurant in Madrid is ornamented with cow’s shank in the window and/or hanging from the ceiling). Still, this shouldn’t necessarily stop you if you’re determined to see Picasso’s Guernica.

3. What about times when you’re not traveling far from home, but just have no time to cook healthy? It’s difficult enough for one person, let alone two, to grocery shop, cook, and align their schedules perfectly to eat together on weekdays. Therefore, be sure have a list of vegan restaurants that are convenient to wherever you and whoever you’re dining with may be. Decide how far you are willing to go out of your way to eat healthy, and plan ahead.

It would be great to eat at home all the time, especially when becoming vegan, but as busy people we often don’t have control over the timing or even the location of travel. That’s why it helps to get used to cooking and eating healthy at every opportunity. Then, when you’re away from home, maintain consistency in your diet. You won’t feel like eating just anything, but will be more motivated to make an effort to seek out and plan healthy meals.

Originally from Washington, DC, metro area, I have lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan, for about 20 years. I was schooled in Journalism. but work in the Technology field. My hobbies are cooking, running, and photography. I also began learning saxophone a few years ago, but don’t practice nearly enough…

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Diabetic Dessert Recipes – The Important Tips You Should Know

Being a diabetic does not mean that you have to go entirely and absolutely free of sweets in your meal plan. Occasional mildly sweet treats can be allowed at certain times provided that your blood sugar levels are maintained within your target range. Eating food that are low in sugar and carbohydrates – both usual components of most desserts, makes up part of a natural treatment for diabetes. Food intake and food choices should therefore be adjusted to ensure that only good food for diabetes are included in any diabetic low carb diet. There are menu planners and cookbooks in the internet that contain hundreds or even thousands of diabetic meal recipes as well as diabetic dessert recipes that are interesting, healthy, and delicious.

Studies have shown that there are ways to lower blood sugar just by altering how we eat and what we eat. There are cookbooks on the diabetic low carb diet that contain lists of food that are allowed in the diabetic diet. The meal plans for diabetics often vary from one individual to another. It is best to consult your physician and your dietitian so that they can draw up a meal plan for you. Generally, food that are low in sugar or those whose glycemic indices are low are allowed into these meal plans. Sites that help you draw out your meal plan would also have diabetic meal recipes and diabetic dessert recipes that would be easy for you to prepare and delicious enough for you to enjoy.

Dessert is one of the sweetest foods that we eat. It is not unlikely that this part of the meal will be the one that gets cut when one develops diabetes. It is a good thing that there are still ways to enjoy dessert without having to suffer the effects of having a high blood glucose level. Diabetic recipes use only those ingredients that are low in glycemic index and are prepared in a low fat manner. With these recipes, anyone suffering from diabetes can have his fill of a deliciously prepared meal without having to worry about his blood glucose levels shooting up. There are, however, differences by which each one who suffers from diabetes reacts to sugar in the food that they eat. This is why it is still best to consult with your physician if you wish to include certain recipes in your meal plan.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet prepared from diabetic meal recipes and diabetic dessert recipes is a good way to control the effects of diabetes. When done in conjunction with a good exercise program and a healthy lifestyle, the diabetic low carb diet will effectively help anyone suffering from diabetes live long years free of any adverse complications. Eat only those good food for diabetes and keep your life stress-free are the most common advice that diabetics get from their physicians. Medication is not the first and only solution to diabetes. In fact, there are no known cures for diabetes. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are considered to be diabetic for life. You can only try and manage your diabetes by looking for ways to lower blood sugar levels in your system.

Controlling blood sugar is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know what Diabetic foods to eat & avoid. Discover 5 Simple Tips on How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels today.

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Starter Microwave Cooking Tips

Cooking can be quite a lengthy and tiring ordeal and the best way to create things in a straightforward fashion is always to decide on a micro wave. Cooking is quicker and tastier and doesn’t take many minutes to cook. A microwave saves time, energy and minimizes the mess with the food prep.

A microwave cooks and heats food through the means of dielectric heating. This is accomplished by way of microwave radiation to heat water and other molecules within the food.

The Principle behind its function:
The main principle is that the microwave oven functions by passing non-ionizing microwave radiation at frequencies about 2.45 gigahertz and wavelength of 12.25 centimeter. This radiation offers energy that is absorbed through the food in a method called dielectric heating. There is however a misconception that the micro wave cooks food from “inside out” and that is not true. The power through the microwave radiation is absorbed on the surface layers of food just like heat energy from other sources.

Cooking in a microwave is better since the penetration depth of microwaves is really a lot greater than the typical techniques. In comparison with conventional strategies, a micro wave ensures fast and straight forward cooking. Although when selecting a microwave, those with low microwave frequencies and higher penetration is usually more puissant.

Choosing the right microwave oven:
You will find there’s gamut of microwave ovens and selecting an excellent one can be something of a mission. The distinction is mainly on power levels as well as the defrosting levels. Most microwave ovens are the same because the concentration of microwave radiation is exact same when magnetron is started up, and in cycles of numerous seconds at any given time. This can be specifically of significance to airy foods that inflate throughout heating phases and deflate in the event the magnetron is powered down. The magnetron is pushed by a linear transformer that is either totally switched on or off. The newest gadgets which can be equipped with invertors’ power supplies take advantage of pulse width modulation for continuous low power heating. This type of microwave oven is great for many different types of cooking.

The miscellany and accessories to further improve the cooking effect:
The cooking chamber of a microwave is known as the Faraday cage. This enclosure prevents the microwave from escaping in to the environment and also the glass panel door enables quick viewing. The warmth is maintained with a layer of conductive mesh. The size of perforation on the mesh is lesser than the microwaves’ wavelength.

Conventional micro wave carries a variant inside convection microwave which is a combined a standard microwave along with a conventional oven. Food is cooked quickly and achieving them browned or crisped is currently far more easy. They may be on the other hand more expensive that this conventional micro wave. They are often used for cooking prepared dishes.

An additional recent variation can be a micro wave rich in power quartz halogen bulb which utilizes the high intensity halogen lights near the top of the microwave to deposit quite a bit of infrared radiation on the surface of the food.

Accessories like browning tray, pop corn bags etc may possibly accompany the microwave. Consumer microwave from leading brands like Delonghi, Kenstar, Onida, and Electrolux could possibly be bought either from websites or possibly a bricks and mortar shop. Internet shopping is an simpler and convenient choice particularly if you desire to gift it to an individual.

So, waste virtually no time, in adopting the microwave-mode of cooking. Opt for an excellent microwave and get underway with hassle-free and efficient cooking.

David Pruitt is a kitchen design and appliance expert with a background in industrial design and living engineering. He gives his thoughts regularly at Delonghi Microwave.

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Soul Food Recipes Websites Offering Healthy Heart Cooking Tips

Soul food recipes are growing healthier, to the delight of health experts and medical professionals.  The popular southern cuisine have been a tradition of tasty eating for people for many decades. But the high calorie, fat and sodium have been a concern for health professionals. Traditional recipes have called for high amounts of fat, butter, salt and cream.

This has always worked to make food rich and tasty – but unhealthy. The ingredients have proven to contribute toward obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health ailments. But new website offers visitors creative ways to cook healthy soul food recipes while keeping the robust flavors and taste people have come to love.  

The experts do this by using natural herbs, spices and flavors to make the dishes interesting and entertaining.  In addition, lighter cooking techniques is also demonstrated with free state-of-the art videos visitors can watch on demand.  The website is updated each day, so visitors can get the latest healthy cooking tips.

More websites also offers entertaining video recipes and demonstrations by experts – of the top soul food recipes. The recipes are voted by readers and experts based on page views for the day. That means visitors get  minute by minute updates on the most popular recipes.

An interesting  addition to many websites is the addition of a soul food seasoning dictionary, where the reader can see what seasoning  goes with what foods. This is an important aspect of cooking southern food. Why? Because robust flavors is the hallmark of southern cooking.

The biggest mistake people make when seasoning is either too much, or too little. The seasoning dictionary helps cooks to accurately apply herbs, seasonings and spices … mistake free. The best way to prepare and enjoy soul food cooking now is the healthy way. This website helps visitors cook with flair, fun and  health in mind.

See The Top 20 Soul Food Recipes Voted by Our Readers This Week Based On Taste and Ease of Preparation, Go to … Free Soul Food Recipes

Low Sodium Recipes – 7 Cooking Tips Offer Flavorful Low Sodium Results

Low sodium recipes can certainly be challenging. Trying to get the salt and sodium out of a recipe is hard enough, and still have flavorful results without the food tasting like it is missing the salt is the most challenging part.

Here are seven simple low sodium cooking tips to try, for more flavorful low sodium recipes.

1. Choose good quality, fresh ingredients, to start with is a must. You are not easily able to mask any off tastes when your meats or vegetables not up to par. Using the freshest ingredients makes a big difference towards achieving good flavor. Try shopping at your local farmer’s market. You will find many varieties of fruits, vegetables, even herbs, that you never see in the grocery store.  Locally grown will have better flavor.

2. Browning or caramelizing your food especially meats. This tip will not only give a rich look to your food but adds amazing flavor as well. Take your time doing this part. Lower your heat. You want browned not burnt. For example, caramelized onions can take about 45 minutes, but the flavor is worth it.

3. Invest in a pepper grinder or also called a pepper mill. Freshly ground pepper instead of the regular pepper in a can, gives your recipes a huge flavor boost. Add freshly ground pepper while cooking and a little more at the end or even at the table.

4. Use freshly minced parsley in most low sodium recipes. Folks usually think of fresh parsley for show, just to dress up a plate and make it pretty. It does that and more. Freshly minced Italian flat leaf parsley (not curly), adds a flavor brightness and a freshness to food. When you are cooking, add some of the freshly minced parsley towards the end of your cooking time and always sprinkle more on top of the dish before you serve. You can also sprinkle freshly minced parsley over your entire plate, over vegetables, meats, sauces, soups, salads, etc., for more added flavor.

5. Using fresh lemons will help give a salty edge to many of your low sodium recipes. The regular Eureka lemons versus the sweeter Meyer lemons, work better for this tip. This tip can be tricky. You want the brightness of the lemon without turning your recipe into a lemon recipe. This works especially well for low sodium soup recipes. Ladle a small amount of soup into a bowl. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice, stir, then taste. Try again if needed. A few more drops of lemon juice, stir, and taste. This will give you an idea of how much lemon juice you will need to add to the pot. Don’t add too much as you can always add more but it is difficult to take a too much lemon taste away. Fresh lemon juice also works well in salad dressings and squeezed on vegetables.

6. Find a good tasting salt substitute. A salt substitute without potassium chloride, is preferable.  Again most folks pick up that metallic taste in their food from the potassium chloride. You cannot really cover up this taste.

7. Use really good quality salt free or no salt seasonings. Seasonings make a big difference, probably the biggest difference, especially when cooking anything low sodium. For best results find no salt seasonings without potassium chloride, as potassium chloride can add an off metallic taste to your food. Use fresh seasonings.  When seasonings start getting old, they lose their flavor, or you might get a flavor change.  You want maximum flavor.

These are just a few tips that will help improve the flavor of your low sodium recipes.

If like these tips and would like to learn more, I encourage you to sign up for the FREE Season It Newsletter when you visit Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings at http://BensonsGourmetSeasonings.com

Get more free information including more low sodium cooking tips, salt free seasonings, and low sodium recipes. You will learn how you can use seasonings, fresh herbs, different spices, unique foods and different cooking techniques to increase flavor without adding salt. You’ll find out how to achieve and enjoy more flavor than you ever thought possible.

From Debbie Benson owner of Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings with over 30 years experience promoting salt free seasonings. Loving to cook and being salt free most of my life by choice, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks to create flavor without salt and sugar that seems to be in everything these days.

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Tips For Cooking Chicken In The Oven

Oven-baked whole chicken is budget-friendly and an impressive party dish that requires very little work. You could serve baked chicken for a reception dinner choice or at an engagement or bridal shower party. It is also a good all-purpose dish for both bridal partners to know once they enter married life. Follow these simple tips and your oven-cooked chicken will turn out perfectly every time.

If the chicken is frozen, thaw under cool running water for several hours, or ideally, thaw in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. On cooking day, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and take the chicken out of the fridge. Place in the sink. Remove any wrappings and reach inside the cavity to pull out the neck, heart, and other organs that may be there. Wash all under cool running water and pat dry with paper towels. Place chicken on a plate and clean your hands and work surfaces immediately. Rub whole chicken with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and season with one of these combinations: poultry seasoning and black pepper; paprika, salt, and pepper; lemon-pepper seasoning and salt; oregano, basil, and garlic; rosemary and tarragon; or any seasoning blend you like.

For beer-can chicken:
Open a fresh can of beer and drink (or pour out) about 3/4 of it. Holding the chicken in one hand, angle it slightly and ease the beer can into the chicken’s cavity. Carefully stand the chicken up so that it is supported and upright on top of the can. Put can and chicken, standing up, onto a roasting pan or cast-iron skillet. Bake for 1.5 to 2 hours.

For roast chicken:
Cut up potatoes, carrots, and onions into 1-inch cubes. Place in the bottom of a roasting pan. Place chicken, breast-side up, on top of the bed of vegetables. Roast 1.5 to 2 hours.

For baked chicken:
Place chicken, breast side down, into a roasting pan. Bake in 350* oven for 60 minutes. Remove from oven and carefully turn the chicken breast side up and place back in the oven for at least 30 more minutes. This method will help the breast remain moist and tender.

For all methods, the chicken is done when the chicken registers 165 degrees on an internal meat thermometer at the deepest part of the breast and in the leg near the bone.

Remove chicken (and vegetables, if using) from roasting pan, and pour off all but 3 tablespoons of juices. Put roasting pan or cast-iron skillet on your stove and heat over medium-high heat. Pour 2 cups of wine, chicken broth, or water into pan and deglaze. Scrape bits of chicken off the bottom and sides of pan and season sauce with salt and pepper to taste. Cook the sauce at a simmer until it has reduced by at least half. Serve over chicken. Enjoy!

This method may take a little time to master, but once you’ve run through it a few times you will have mastered an easy method of cooking. Chicken may also be roasted in a crock pot or baked in a casserole, but there is nothing juicier and more flavorful than a chicken roasted the old-fashioned way in the oven.

Alex Lemone is writes about family and wedding related topics. For more ideas for reception food and other wedding ideas, check out Wedding Ideas Etc.

Recipes from The Weekend Chef (http://theweekendchef.com)