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Kitchen Will Know Common Sense: Failure To Maintain Common Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cooker Fault Maintenance: 1, Machinery Adjustment type electric pressure cooker

1, no Power supply , (Referring to power on, the light does not shine, do not heat) This failure, mainly in the power cord into the side of the fault. Fuse can be measured whether the open, and if so, put an appropriate fuse, failure can be ruled out, such as the fuse does not open, you can measure the center bottom of the pot of 145 degree thermostat, the thermostat will open circuit failure occurs the fault, the fault should be noted that there are the following components: a, the power cord is blocked, (open) b, is the source line interfaces (lectures) are melting away and not pass.

2, the power indicator light, but not the heat, the failure part of the main fault in the heating element is common because the heating element has burned (open circuit).

3, turn heat to a will, the water has not yet opened on the jump insulation, there are several causes for this failure:

A, knob switch (ie timer) area of contact is not good, although some have been twisted to the cooking but not connected, making the circuit switch control by only heat at 60 degrees.

B, pressure switch failure, blocked, so even if the timer contacts are good, but not yet reached in the case of pressure, the pressure switch is malfunction (step back), while the circuit is in thermal state, boiling is not open.

4, boot one to heat a machine to automatically disconnect the power, light is not bright, and this failure is mainly bottom of the pan 145 degrees thermostat failure, malfunction, only the heating temperature to disconnect the power until they the temperature to be powered down after and put the temperature is OK.

5, the timer does not turn up, usually burnt rice on the market timer mechanical type pressure cooker divided into two types: type of timer and motor winding type of timer, the following direct that A, B, A type timer-style pressure cooker of the failure on the one hand there is an internal timer to stop the rotation, has been damaged, and partly because some small animal feces left by fleeing into the rotation timer stuck cone, after kind of fault can be cleared of the debris to troubleshooting, B-type timer inside a pressure cooker because of the failure was mainly due to the small motor inside the timer has been burned, can not turn and not holding pressure in the specified period of time off , Note: B-type rotating timer switch control by the pressure, so the point is to note whether the pressure switch failure, (only through continued) pot or pan itself leak Ershi pressure not enough to make the pressure switch tripped .

6, pan leak gas leakage can be divided into several:

A, top pan leak: 1) top pot Plastic Shell has been cracked, the top pressure cooker acupressure does not believe the column, (referring to the top of its old pot pressure needle connected with plastic shell);

2) a column of debris on top of too many failed to make pressure pin column temperature breaks out;

3) pot too much pressure or faulty pressure switch is not open before the jump, more than the normal pressure, the top pan from the top automatically exhaust;

4) inside the rubber ring has been cracked and leaking, (Note: The new pot has a top vent, sealed two steps should be noted that).

B, float leakage: 1) float apron has been damaged and leak aging;

2) flat handle bar position in the insurance, is not correct, the float rises, resisting, making the float has not fully risen ventilation;

3) float apron split and leak fixed;

C, gasket leak (around the lid):

1) Aprons are aging, dilapidated loss of seal;

2) whether it is the same for Aprons Aprons and when the pot worthy cause leakage;

3) whether the Shuaiguo pot guts deformed;

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