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Dutch Passion Seeds Now Available

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks in the world. Since 1987, it has been supplying smokers and growers with quality seeds that are truly phenomenal. After perfecting the feminization process in the late 1990s; the seeds on offer from the company are truly one of a kind. Heres more on some of the best cannabis seeds the company has to offer.

Genetic quality and germination reliability contributes greatly to the popularity of the Dutch Passion seeds. The feminised range of seeds from the company, has won several accolades as well as a steady fan following over the years.

The Blue Moonshine Seeds from Dutch Passion are particularly popular owing to the special blue indica hybrid that was first bred in the early 1990s. It provides smokers with a long lasting, almost narcotic body effect that can be very soothing. The taste is particularly smooth and easy to savor.

The Blueberry Feminised seeds from Dutch Passion is also one of the greatest cannabis stars, the company has ever produced. It has an impeccable cannabis cup pedigree and is also the recipient of the High Times Cup. It can yield a large stock under optimum conditions. And the plant itself is a joy to behold, in its many different hues of red, purple and blue, which eventually transforms into lovely lavender blue. A mature plant from this seed is characterized by a full fruity aroma and a pronounced Blueberry taste. It creates a pleasingly euphoric haze that lasts for a long time. These particular seeds are available in packs of 5 or 10.

The California Orange is also available in packs of 5 and 10s and is one of the most in demand seeds in Dutch Passions inventory. It is specifically meant for indoor growing at higher altitudes. This stabilized hybrid can be extremely resinous and possesses a pronounced citrus aroma and flavor. Yields are slightly above average for this plant.

Dutch Passions Durban Poison seeds have been imported from South Africa and further developed in the Netherlands. It has been inbred exclusively and never hybridized. The flavor of the plant produced by this seed is similar to that of a sweet licorice or anise. The Durban Poison can produce massive yields and does exceptionally well under artificial light sources. It is also a very popular variety.

Frisian Dew from Dutch Passion is one of the most beautiful outdoor varieties in the world. It is a one of a kind and a completely exclusive seed that produces some of the most potent plants. The plant itself is light purple in color and is a very high yielder of hash. It is one of the best options for outdoor growers and is invulnerable to mould attacks. This premium quality seed also does well in northern climates and has a soft aroma and taste. Frisian Dew is highly commercial and may be used for similar purposes.

Other seed varieties of Dutch Passion that you should definitely try, include the Dolce Vita, Euforia, Green Spirit, Hollands Hope, Jorges, La Lybella, Mazar Ortega, and Polar light amongst many others.

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Feminized Seeds From Dutch Passion

Feminized seeds from Dutch Passion are an absolute must have for those who are at least marginally passionate about their smoke. The Cannabis seeds on offer by this company are of premium quality; rendered so by years of research, experimentations and development. Heres a quick glance at the Dutch Passion feminized seeds and why theyre so special.

The feminization process is quite a breakthrough, when it comes to Cannabis seed technology. Dutch Passion have mastered the process and used it to create some top quality marijuana seeds that are completely feminised. Growing these under specific conditions will help yield female plants exclusively. Dutch Passion seeds are also available with specific information on the THC and CBD percentages of the strains used to keep clients better informed. You may even choose between regular as well as feminised seed varieties.

Dutch Passion Cannabis seeds are a smokers delight. The secret to their success is undoubtedly the genetic control exercised by the company, as well as the constant incorporation of new genetics from around the world. In fact, the seed stock is updated almost perpetually to ensure freshness of stock. The seeds are also selected very carefully on the basis of their germination rate, ripeness and size.

One of the greatest concerns of Dutch Passion is the taste of the seeds. They believe that a bio grown seed has more potential for flavor as compared to hydro pot. Of course, the latter growing option is more convenient to control and set up and the yield is also relatively greater than that of a bio pot or seeds that have been grown in the soil.

The feminized seeds offered by them are difficult to make and a lot of research has gone into the process, before they perfected it. This has also helped them discover strains that do not work well for feminization and identify methods by which the seeds can be grown to satisfaction.

The successfully feminized seeds of Dutch Passion now provide smokers and growers with many advantages. For starters, you can grow the plant in remote outdoor locations and not worry about having to come back and check for the growth of male plants. Growers may also count on increased yields, with almost every seed planted yielding a female plant.

There are certain ways by which you can manipulate the seeds to grow female plants. As revealed by Dutch Passions feminizer testing program, there are certain measures you can take to ensure that your seed yields plants that are feminine. This includes providing more nitrogen and less potassium, shorter light cycles, low temperatures and high humidity and also greater soil moisture to the seed.

Seeds from Dutch Passion are also packaged extra carefully. The bag used to package the seeds has a special foil that can help it preserve its powers of germination for an extended period of time. The bags are professionally sealed as well and therefore, you can always be sure of the authenticity of the seeds.

So if youre looking for top quality seeds that have specifically been designed to enhance your smoking and growing pleasure, Dutch Passion has the right seeds for you.

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