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Fundamental Checklist for Diabetic Patients

It takes more time and efforts to be a care provider for a patient of diabetic disease than of other illnesses just because of the total huge amount of medical supplies required for its treatment. Unbelievable! Let’s dig deeper into the problem. Glucose and insulin levels as well as blood pressure are just some of the things that you have to carefully and regularly monitor to ensure that your loved one is in optimal health. To do your job properly, make sure you’ve got a complete set of diabetic medical supplies on hand.


A Basic Checklist for Diabetic Medical Supplies

Take action quickly if you notice any item listed below missing from your diabetes care kit.


Insulin. People with type 1 diabetes need daily shots of insulin to be able to function normally. Even people with type 2 diabetes will gradually need insulin shots as well to effectively manage their glucose levels. There are more than twenty kinds of insulin products sold in the market today and it’s best to consult your doctor as to which would be most suitable to your situation. Prescription is rarely required, but you definitely need one if you wish to charge insulin costs to your insurance company.


Insulin Test Strips. These are used in conjunction with diabetic testing meters so make sure you take into consideration the diabetic testing meter you’re using and whether your insulin test strips would work well with it.


Insulin Syringes. These are specially designed hypodermic needles for insulin use. Needle size and thickness will vary depending on the user’s insulin needs. It’s important to take note of the recommended needle size as the wrong choice could lead to painful injection and medical complications. Consider buying only insulin syringes from well-known brands as these are durable and won’t easily break when being used.


Insulin Pumps. These are connected to your body by inserting a flexible tube to the skin of your abdomen. The tube is attached to a catheter from which insulin will be dispensed. Proper placement and positioning of the insulin pump will allow you to closely control the flow of insulin into your body to maintain ideal insulin levels. Insulin pumps have to be programmed so that they’d provide you with the right dosage at the right time. Doctors discourage its use during physically strenuous activities.


Jet Injectors. People with fear of needles may instead use jet injectors to take insulin shots daily. Jet injectors use high pressure air instead of needles and spray insulin into the user’s skin.


Diabetic Testing Meters. As mentioned earlier on, glucose or blood sugar levels of diabetics must always be monitored. By availing your own set of diabetic testing meter, you can now find out your blood count even without visiting your doctor. Portable kits will also allow you to test yourself not only at home but also when you’re traveling. Glucose Control Solutions. These are complementary solutions to ensure that devices like insulin test strips and diabetes testing meters are in good working order. As there are different types of glucose control solutions available in the market, consult your doctor to determine the best match for your testing instruments. Make sure you keep sufficient supply of them!


Alcohol Swabs. Organizations like the American Diabetes Services have acknowledged the critical importance of having a ready supply of alcohol swabs available for diabetics. Alcohol swabs make sure that injection sites in your body are clean and sterilized. Without them, your diabetic loved one runs the risk of contracting infection due to lingering bacteria or virus. They are especially helpful when traveling and you’re exposed to toxins found in the environment.


Erection Vacuum Therapy. Sometimes, diabetes can also affect your sexual activity. In such cases, undergoing erection vacuum therapy is a safe way of avoiding diabetic impotence.


Glucose Tablets. Certain instances cause diabetics to suffer from alarmingly low blood sugar levels. In these cases, having glucose tablets handy can ensure that you increase your glucose content immediately, safely, and accurately. Excessive increase is, after all, just as dangerous as extremely low glucose levels.


Injection Supply Start-up Kit. Lastly, these kits generally come with free syringes and vial adapters. Always look for kits with the largest number of compartments of varying sizes so that you can keep all your insulin vials and other supplies in place. Kits must be made of durable material and able to protect its contents.


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Diet for Diabetes – Diet Guidelines for Diabetic Patients

A well planned diet is an essential part of diabetic patient’s life. Proper controlled diet with adequate exercise helps in maximum control over diabetes. As per the report produced by American diabetes association, a person with diabetes should intake food with fifty percent carbohydrate content, thirty percent fat content and twenty percent protein content. Uncontrolled consumption of food results in overweight of the body there by increasing the chance of hyperglycemia. Over consumption of oily food is one among the important cause leading way to diabetes. Accumulation of fatty acids reduces metabolic activity of the body which may further lead way to various health complications like increased blood pressure.

High blood pressure supports hyperglycemia and increases the risk of heart disease. Try to avoid the intake of fried meats, fast food and foods which contain an over amount of saturated fats mainly seen in meat. Studies say that it is better to prefer sea foods like fishes and prawns than meat and poultry for controlling blood sugar level. Make use of low fat foods like oats for controlling body weight which helps in maintaining a proper control over cholesterol level and triglyceride level in the body.

Apart from taking oral medicines and insulin doses, preparing a planned diabetic diet so as to control the blood glucose level is very important. Diabetic diet helps in keeping a balanced calorific value in the body there by preventing the chance of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Never hesitate to consult a doctor when the glucose level concentration is higher than usual level even after taking proper medicine and food. Many physicians advice in taking foods containing unsaturated fats. Canola oil, virgin olive oil, sunflower and rapeseed are examples of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated oils which help in tolerating insulin function.

Most of diabetic patients prefer sweet taste dishes than other tastes. Some times, warning and advice creates no use or null effect on many diabetic patients. So it is better to give them fresh fruits than other sweet products like ice creams and chocolates. Maintaining blood glucose level by using sucralose as a sugar substitute is another way to control diabetes. Also do regular checking and make sure that the blood glucose level is not exceeding its value. Glucose value should be between 80 and 120 mg/dL before meals and should be between 100 and 140 mg/dL after meals.

Usually doctors advice diabetic patients to carry sugar candy with them. This will help diabetic patients in preventing complications due to hypoglycemia. A good bed time snack reduces the risk of hypoglycemia during sleep hours. Before meals, make sure that appropriate insulin dosage is taken to maintain the blood glucose level. Basal and insulin lispro are two kinds of insulin dosages taken by diabetic patients before and after meals. It is better to take meals and snacks in regular intervals of time rather than taking a large quantity in single trip. Making a note of daily diabetic diet helps to a great extend in planning meals accordingly. Diabetic diet thus plays a key role in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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