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IFB Microwave Oven Price

Microwave Oven is the electronic kitchen appliance that eases your cooking tasks with great efficiency. It uses radio waves to heat and cook the food. These waves produce the heat in between the food molecules resulting in proper cooking or heating. You are allowed to cooking, roasting, baking, grilling, and reheating the food and so on with minimal consumption of efforts and time. These microwave ovens are the complete solution to your kitchen.

Microwave ovens help you to prepare elaborative recipes without harming the original taste and aroma along with natural nutrient composition of the food. The controls and features are easy to use and safe for the children as well. IFB is the India-based kitchen and home appliances manufacturing company including machine tools, washing machines, microwave ovens, dishwashers, cooking appliances etc.

IFB has wide and ultra-modern microwave ovens range to offer you great comfort and convenience. You are free to choose the best one from this offered array to cook various kinds of delicious dishes. IFB microwave oven serves you and your family delicious, hygienic and healthy dishes with rich aroma. This microwave oven not only cooks the food with great perfection but also consumes minimum oil, electricity, manual efforts and time.

The IFB microwave ovens have been occupied with number of functional and rich features like Hygienic cooking, Speed Defrost, Child Lock and Auto Menus along with lots of basic attributes. IFB microwave oven price is one more factor that attracts the huge cost and quality conscious crowd. There is wide array of exclusive and highly-featured IFB microwave ovens having integration of advanced and sophisticated technology and features at very best price.

Like, IFB 17PMMEC Solo microwave oven (17ltrs/Rs.4, 300), IFB 20PG2S Grill microwave oven (20ltrs/Rs.6, 000), IFB 28SGR1S Rotisserie microwave oven (28ltrs/Rs.9, 900), IFB 30SC2 Convection microwave oven (30ltrs/Rs.13, 500) and many more.

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Is Microwave Cooking Safe and Healthy?

Almost every modern house owns a microwave oven today. Many people find it convenient, quick and safe to use. But, is it safe to use a microwave oven? Many health experts believe that microwaves are not good for health, and thus should never be used. Here’s why:

Microwaves harm food particles
Microwave Oven produces microwaves that can severely harm the cell wall of foods. As a result,
the gut receptors fail to identify microwaved food particles as food. Do you know that microwave technology is used in the field of gene altering technology to reduce the strength of cell membranes? Therefore, you should avoid using a microwave oven.

Microwaves affect the nutritional value of food
Many health studies indicate that foods cooked in a Microwave Oven lose lots of important nutrients. According to a study, broccoli cooked in it loses more than 90% of its antioxidant chemicals. On the other hand, steamed broccoli loses only 10% of its total antioxidants. Similarly, meat cooked in the also loses much of its nutritional value.

Microwaves produce harmful radiation
An oven produces lots of electromagnetic radiation, which can be harmful. In fact, you should avoid going into the kitchen or near it to avoid these electromagnetic fields. Many doctors believe that there is a sharp increase of childhood cancers due to the exposure caused by electromagnetic waves. No wonder, many hospitals have stopped using these ovens for heating baby foods or formula milk.

Microwave heating is harmful
When you heat food in an oven, the chemical components polymers, paper, and paperboard products enter into the food, which can make it unhealthy and unsafe to use.

If you cannot avoid using a microwave oven, you should operate it on a low power setting to cause less damage to the food particles. It is highly recommended to avoid heating breast milk even at low settings as it can damage the disease fighting capacity of breast milk. So, avoid using this oven as much as possible even for preparing adults food.

Helen R. Miller is a diet control fanatic, who has lost over 70 pounds of body fat. She shares her amazing story of how she did it through her weight and diet control blog.

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Microwave Ovens

In the modern days, microwave oven has become the most indispensable appliance in the kitchen. It is device by which the food is cooked using microwave radiations. Compared to the other types of cooking appliance, cooking in microwave is quicker and they do not change the colour of the top layer, which in other type of cooking turns brown. This microwave technology is discovered during 1940 and now there are many modernization and up gradation in it. There are many colours, finish and designs offered by many companies, which also has guarantee and warranty.

The microwaves differ in sizes and the type of construction. The compact microwave is the smallest and they are portable. This can be placed anywhere as the interest of the user and even on table top. They are also small in dimension and less in power. The cavity space of these will be around 2-liter capacity with dimension of 14 inches x 18 inches. The power is less like 500 Watts to 1000 Watts. It cannot cook everything and can mainly be used for reheating.

Medium size microwaves are little bigger and has the dimension of less than 20 inches x 20 inches. They can cook better food and the casseroles can be placed easily into it. The power also is high like 1500 Watts. Large size ones are for the large cooking dishes and have high power that is more than 2000Watts. It had more depth, so big casseroles can also be placed inside the cavity. The height is also more than the other types.

In the modern microwaves there are many features like the auto cook, pre cooking, defrost, timer, the memory cook and other cooking programs for the special cooking like the pizza. There are model with the grill function and without it. In the grill function, the top heat or the bottom heat can be selected.

There are many advantages of using the microwave like the nutrients present in the food is maintained at higher level and hence it is healthy. Most of the time the cookware is cooler than the food. Therefore, the fear of unloading is not there. It is also safe to use microwave if it is properly used and maintained. In the auto cook programs the function stops when the food is cooked and this is an easy function as the food can be enjoyed without over cooking or under cooking.

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Starter Microwave Cooking Tips

Cooking can be quite a lengthy and tiring ordeal and the best way to create things in a straightforward fashion is always to decide on a micro wave. Cooking is quicker and tastier and doesn’t take many minutes to cook. A microwave saves time, energy and minimizes the mess with the food prep.

A microwave cooks and heats food through the means of dielectric heating. This is accomplished by way of microwave radiation to heat water and other molecules within the food.

The Principle behind its function:
The main principle is that the microwave oven functions by passing non-ionizing microwave radiation at frequencies about 2.45 gigahertz and wavelength of 12.25 centimeter. This radiation offers energy that is absorbed through the food in a method called dielectric heating. There is however a misconception that the micro wave cooks food from “inside out” and that is not true. The power through the microwave radiation is absorbed on the surface layers of food just like heat energy from other sources.

Cooking in a microwave is better since the penetration depth of microwaves is really a lot greater than the typical techniques. In comparison with conventional strategies, a micro wave ensures fast and straight forward cooking. Although when selecting a microwave, those with low microwave frequencies and higher penetration is usually more puissant.

Choosing the right microwave oven:
You will find there’s gamut of microwave ovens and selecting an excellent one can be something of a mission. The distinction is mainly on power levels as well as the defrosting levels. Most microwave ovens are the same because the concentration of microwave radiation is exact same when magnetron is started up, and in cycles of numerous seconds at any given time. This can be specifically of significance to airy foods that inflate throughout heating phases and deflate in the event the magnetron is powered down. The magnetron is pushed by a linear transformer that is either totally switched on or off. The newest gadgets which can be equipped with invertors’ power supplies take advantage of pulse width modulation for continuous low power heating. This type of microwave oven is great for many different types of cooking.

The miscellany and accessories to further improve the cooking effect:
The cooking chamber of a microwave is known as the Faraday cage. This enclosure prevents the microwave from escaping in to the environment and also the glass panel door enables quick viewing. The warmth is maintained with a layer of conductive mesh. The size of perforation on the mesh is lesser than the microwaves’ wavelength.

Conventional micro wave carries a variant inside convection microwave which is a combined a standard microwave along with a conventional oven. Food is cooked quickly and achieving them browned or crisped is currently far more easy. They may be on the other hand more expensive that this conventional micro wave. They are often used for cooking prepared dishes.

An additional recent variation can be a micro wave rich in power quartz halogen bulb which utilizes the high intensity halogen lights near the top of the microwave to deposit quite a bit of infrared radiation on the surface of the food.

Accessories like browning tray, pop corn bags etc may possibly accompany the microwave. Consumer microwave from leading brands like Delonghi, Kenstar, Onida, and Electrolux could possibly be bought either from websites or possibly a bricks and mortar shop. Internet shopping is an simpler and convenient choice particularly if you desire to gift it to an individual.

So, waste virtually no time, in adopting the microwave-mode of cooking. Opt for an excellent microwave and get underway with hassle-free and efficient cooking.

David Pruitt is a kitchen design and appliance expert with a background in industrial design and living engineering. He gives his thoughts regularly at Delonghi Microwave.

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Buy Microwave Ovens to give Cooking a Professional’s Touch

Imagine how it feels when after an entire day’s effort over a recipe, the family members say that it is not so good? People always demand something new to taste. There are a lot of items that cannot be prepared on the gas stove and even if we try to do it, the taste is not so good. To avoid this, it is better to buy microwave ovens to give cooking a professional’s touch.With a microwave oven it is not only that we can make some cakes and bakes, but we can prepare a lot of dishes. Microwave ovens also save a lot of time at cooking. These modern kitchen equipments are quite helpful for the working ladies as they help reduce a lot of time. Moreover, they can also try out new dishes so as to make their family members happy.

Owing to the high demand of microwave ovens, almost all electronic goods manufacturing companies have launched their microwave ranges; with the result being that we today have variety of microwave ovens to choose from. One can select from LG microwaves, Samsung Microwaves, Kenstar microwave oven or any other microwave. The microwave ovens could vary in volumes, shapes and also in functions. There are certain microwave ovens in which we can only prepare a few dishes, but on the contrary, many microwave ovens offer wide range of cooking. This is how the capacity and microwave prices also vary. The function and design of the microwave ovens could also vary per brand. With the microwave ovens, cooking not only becomes easier, but also interesting and faster. That is in the today’s scenario, they have become a necessity.

Buying a microwave oven is not a big deal for a middle class family today; as there is lots of options open before them. The microwave oven prices could vary from Rs.8000-Rs.15000 or so, which is not too much. If somebody is planning to buy a microwave, then it is advisable that a little bit of research should be done before buying. This could even be done through the online shops if the person does not have so much of time.

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