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Calorie Diabetic Diet Menu Helps Diabetics to Plan Their Diet

A calorie diabetic diet allows you to take control of calorie intake. We get calories from basic food content which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We get energy from carbohydrates but it affects our blood glucose level. More carbohydrates results in high sugar levels in your blood.

With the help of calorie diabetic diet you can control per day calorie intake and hence can manage diabetes effectively. The need of calories is not same for everybody, the amount lies between 1200 and 1800. But in the case of gestational diabetes calorie range should be between 2000-2500 calories per day.

In calorie diabetic diet you have to be careful about foods which you include in your meals. Plan your meal according to your calorie diet. The menu depends upon which calories diet you choose. Your doctor suggests you a calorie diet according to your diabetes type and physical status.

If you choose 1800 calorie diet then plan your whole day meals such that throughout the day you get only 1800 calories and not more than that.

A sample menu for 1800 calorie diet is: In breakfast include two slices of wheat toast, one cup low-fat yogurt, 1/2 cup orange juice, two teaspoon margarine, four teaspoon sugar free jelly and coffee or tea.

The lunch should be of four oz grilled chicken, two dinner rolls, two oz fat-free or low-fat cheese, two cups green salad with one tablespoon dressing, one teaspoon margarine, one peach and one cup skim milk.

Dinner include one bread, 2/3 cup pasta noodles with 1/2 cup pasta sauce, 1/4 cup eggplant and zucchini, and 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce.

This is one sample of 1800 calorie diet. You need not follow this plan every day, you can make variations in your meal but remember that plan your meal in such a manner so that it contains only 1800 calories. While choosing foods you can take the help of food exchange list. A food exchange system divides all foods into six groups. Each group contains list of foods having same calories. You can replace the food with another food of same calories but exchanging foods between the groups is not allowed. You can exchange the food within the group. With the help of exchange list you can select the food and exchange it with another food having same calories.

Occasionally you have to eat some food which is not in your regular diabetic diet especially when you go for a party. Then in this case adjust your diet so that you can also enjoy that food. Eat less calories at lunch and have a small portion of cake or ice cream. Instead of sweets drink a calorie free beverage. If you take excess amount of calories than your regular calorie diet then burn the calories by exercise such as walking, cycling etc. Monitoring your blood glucose level is essential because if it goes up you can adjust your next meal and can keep sugar level within normal range.

Thus calorie diets are very effective in diabetes treatment and management.

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The Sydney Vegan Menu

Vegetarians are hardly ever satisfied at parties, especially when all they have to enjoy are salad greens and vegetable sticks. It’s a good thing catering services Sydney, provide a vegetarian menu. It’s great to serve in all-vegan party, or to add at celebrations for a few vegetarian guests. The vegetarian courses offered by catering services Sydney are great to replace seafood and meat dishes, and are made of quality Australian vegetables.

Catering services Sydney allow to you to either have an all-veggie menu, or simply a few vegetable dishes to add to the entree or the main course. The Victorian goat’s cheese, trellis tomato, buttered spinach on toasted sourdough with hazelnut beurre noisette is especially a favorite. The Milawa goat’s cheese with caramelised beetroot & apple, toasted brioche, and fig vinegar; and the steamed green & white asparagus in poached duck egg, hollandaise sauce, and pecorino are also very good. If your vegetarian diet does not include dairy products, then you can have the catering services Sydney to provide you with the Spinach, lemon, ricotta tortellini with feta, mint & parsley entree instead.

The vegetarian courses offered by Sydney caterers are also excellent, made by a wide variety of vegetables that are crisp and flavorful. The Japanese pumpkin ravioli with confit tomato, sage butter, and Persian feta is especially good. The homemade gnocci with forest mushrooms, leeks, parmesan, and lemon oil is also quite popular. For something light and flavorful, there is the tagine of spring vegetables, apricots, agen prunes, and zucchini flowers; and the gratinated stuffed flat field mushrooms, cassoulet of beans, vin cotto.For a tastier dish with more vegetables, you might want the tagine of spring vegetables, apricots, agen prunes, and zucchini flowers; and the gratinated stuffed flat field mushrooms, cassoulet of beans, vin cotto. Vegan guests need not worry whether the entrees and courses are too light as bread rolls and butter are automatically served with every menu. And as for desserts, the all vegetarian menu would look great with the seasonal fruit platter with goji berry syrup and dried fruits.

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Diabetic Menu Sample

To help learn how to prepare a diabetic menu, you can find diabetic menu samples all over the internet, as well as from a dietitian, from your endocrinologist etc. The information is easily available and all you have to do is search for it.

Diabetes is a serious disease and should be taken seriously. A diabetic menu should not be very different than what you were supposed to be eating, prior to the diagnosis, if you were eating healthy. Make sure to consult with your endocrinologist to determine how they recommend for you to control your diet. Some endocrinologists do want you to count fats, proteins and so on and others only want you to count your carbohydrate intake. Your diabetic diet and menu sample should be developed after you find out this information.

A Sample Menu
Whenever you change your diet you should notify your physician so that they know what it is that you are changing, and they can account for the changes in your health/blood sugar levels. To begin with, a diabetic diet should be low in sugar, of course. This does not mean that you cannot eat a candy bar, you can only allow yourself to have one every so often and make sure to account for it in your daily intake. Your diabetic menu should also be high in proteins and proteins help your body to maintain its blood sugar levels.

A diabetic menu sample would normally consist of 1800 calories per day and when divided out will be 50% starches, 30% proteins and 20% fat. Obviously you will need to learn how to read nutrition labels and how to measure proportions properly so that your count will be accurate. By following this diet, you will help to keep your blood sugar levels more under control and in turn, your health will become better.

With breakfast include: one meat, 2 fruits, two breads, two fats, one milk and one free food. A sample would be: one slice of toast, one egg (soft cooked), 2/3 cup of juice, ½ cup of oatmeal, one cup of skimmed milk and tea or coffee.

With lunch include: two meats, two breads, one vegetable, two fruits, two fats and a free food. For example you could have: two pieces of bread, ½ cup of tuna, 1 cup of mixed fruit, ½ cup of tomatoes, a tsp of margarine and a cup of tea with lemon.

With supper include: three meats, two breads, two fats and one raw vegetable. For example, this could be something like: 3 ounces of oven baked chicken, a slice of bread, ½ cup of mashed potatoes and a tossed salad with 1 tsp of salad dressing.

Just remember to keep your caloric intake at 1800 per day. To get some different ideas about what you can eat, consult a dietician, a diabetic cookbook or simply do a search on the internet. This is just a diabetic menu sample; so remember, that you can adjust to suit your needs as long as you follow the basic guidelines.

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