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Calorie Diabetic Diet Menu Helps Diabetics to Plan Their Diet

A calorie diabetic diet allows you to take control of calorie intake. We get calories from basic food content which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We get energy from carbohydrates but it affects our blood glucose level. More carbohydrates results in high sugar levels in your blood.

With the help of calorie diabetic diet you can control per day calorie intake and hence can manage diabetes effectively. The need of calories is not same for everybody, the amount lies between 1200 and 1800. But in the case of gestational diabetes calorie range should be between 2000-2500 calories per day.

In calorie diabetic diet you have to be careful about foods which you include in your meals. Plan your meal according to your calorie diet. The menu depends upon which calories diet you choose. Your doctor suggests you a calorie diet according to your diabetes type and physical status.

If you choose 1800 calorie diet then plan your whole day meals such that throughout the day you get only 1800 calories and not more than that.

A sample menu for 1800 calorie diet is: In breakfast include two slices of wheat toast, one cup low-fat yogurt, 1/2 cup orange juice, two teaspoon margarine, four teaspoon sugar free jelly and coffee or tea.

The lunch should be of four oz grilled chicken, two dinner rolls, two oz fat-free or low-fat cheese, two cups green salad with one tablespoon dressing, one teaspoon margarine, one peach and one cup skim milk.

Dinner include one bread, 2/3 cup pasta noodles with 1/2 cup pasta sauce, 1/4 cup eggplant and zucchini, and 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce.

This is one sample of 1800 calorie diet. You need not follow this plan every day, you can make variations in your meal but remember that plan your meal in such a manner so that it contains only 1800 calories. While choosing foods you can take the help of food exchange list. A food exchange system divides all foods into six groups. Each group contains list of foods having same calories. You can replace the food with another food of same calories but exchanging foods between the groups is not allowed. You can exchange the food within the group. With the help of exchange list you can select the food and exchange it with another food having same calories.

Occasionally you have to eat some food which is not in your regular diabetic diet especially when you go for a party. Then in this case adjust your diet so that you can also enjoy that food. Eat less calories at lunch and have a small portion of cake or ice cream. Instead of sweets drink a calorie free beverage. If you take excess amount of calories than your regular calorie diet then burn the calories by exercise such as walking, cycling etc. Monitoring your blood glucose level is essential because if it goes up you can adjust your next meal and can keep sugar level within normal range.

Thus calorie diets are very effective in diabetes treatment and management.

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Diabetic Diet Sheet Helps in Diabetic Diet Planning

Most of the times the diabetics try their best to adhere to a precise diet plan; however only few of us are able to follow a diabetic diet strictly. Most of the times, the diabetics are in search of some scrumptious and delicious portion of deserts. There is no need to be very anxious about the diabetic diet plan if your diabetes is not that serious.

It is a general human behavior to follow a diet plan religiously in the first few days. All the plans and goals go in vein on having a look of a chocolates or tempting strawberry ice-cream. This is the point where most diet watchers and diabetics tend to forget almost everything. This temptation is actually to take the nutrition in an unwarranted and subtle manner.

Following is given a list of some common foods that can be included any time in the meal. It is good to mix various food groups of different categories for creating a meal plan that best suits a diabetic.


1/3 cup pasta
1/3 cup boiled rice
One portion of tortilla
¾ cup dry cereal
½ cup starchy vegetables
½ cup cooked cereal
A small or medium slice of bran bread
Fruits:Different fruits are good for the diabetics. Most fruits have enough amounts of minerals, fiber and nutrients that are vial for the body of human. It is healthier to eat different kinds of fruits but they must be included in the moderate amount as they have a good amount of natural sugar. Following are the recommended ways of incorporating fruits in the diet
Add a handful of any dried nuts in the meal plans
A small to medium sized fresh fruit
½ cup canned fruit
1 cup chopped fruit
Vegetables:Most vegetables are healthier for diabetics. Vegetables are even better than fruits as they do not contain a large amount of natural sugar. It is good to add both cooked as well as raw vegetables in the meal plans. It is good to incorpoate following vegetables in the diabetic diet:
Milk and Milk Products:It is not good to consume plenty of full fat milk. Even if a person loves to drink milk he should try to add different forms of low fat milk in the diet. Following are the suitable ways of incorporating milk in the diet plan.
1 cup yogurt
¾ cup whole milk
1 cup low fat milk

The above mentioned list can be utilized for creating versatile diabetic menus.

If you want to have a free diabetic meal plan specifically designed according to your personal requirement check Diabetic Diet. This list will help to design a meal plan that has the ability to control the Signs Of Diabetes in a way that you’ll end saying where is my blood sugar?

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