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How to Make an Outdoor Fountain From a Pot

An outdoor fountain doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. It can be made from just about anything. In these tough economic times why not just build your own?

You probably have old flower pots around the house. Grab a few of these and you can learn how to make an outdoor fountain from a pot! There are only a few things that you probably don’t have lying around the house: a pump and tubing.

When picking up some old pots from your shed try using Terra cotta pots, they work best. Not only are they attractive and functional but easy to clean and work with.

Here is a list of things you will need to make your new fountain:

Small fountain pump
Plastic tubing
Power source
3 Terra cotta pots

The first thing you will want to do is find a place for the fountain that is near a power source. Be sure that it is hooked to a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) these are the outlets that have the little “push to reset” button on them. It prevents an electric shock in case the pump shorts out. Chances are that any outdoor outlet will have one of these. If you aren’t sure or comfortable consult an electrician.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your new fountain use the wood and build a simple frame for each of the pots, a square frame that the pots can nestle in works best.

For the top 2 pots be sure to plug the drain holes in the bottom with some caulk or rubber sealant to keep it from leaking and rotting out the frame.

On the bottom pot place the plastic tubing inside the drain hole then seal around it.

Since the pots are tiered you’ll want to place the top 2 in the frames at about a 45 degree angle so they will pour into the bottom one. The bottom pot goes in flat.

To keep everything sturdy use a little bit of caulk inside the frames to hold the terra cotta pots in place.

Run the tubing from the bottom pot back up to the top pot inside the frame work. This will hide the tubing.

The pump can be placed inside the bottom of the framework as well to keep it out of sight.

Now simply run the power cord to the GFCI outlet, plug it in, turn it on and enjoy!

One quick tip though: be sure to clean the fountain out at least weekly. This will prolong the life of the pump. Just use a small strainer to pick up any leaves or trash that may have fallen into it.

Learning how to make an outdoor fountain from a pot is an easy afternoon task that can provide hours of enjoyment. It will make a great addition to any flower bed or garden. Best of all you made it yourself for pennies compared to what you would have paid to buy one at your local big box home improvement store.

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