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Finding The Best Chefs Recipes

It astounds quite a lot of people how many wonderful chefs can easily cook amazing dishes but fail to publish recipes in a clear as well as concise manner, which makes for easy reading. A lot of people could benefit to carry on with doing work in the cooking sector for a number of weeks and educate themselves on the skill linked to preparing any bill of materials for a dish due to the fact that this way, they would get to know how certain ingredients can be grouped together to make a sub assembly before the preparation into the final assembly. The best chefs recipes will be obvious when compared to sub-standard ones, and those who actually study cooking also learn how to write clear, concise chefs recipes.

A few top cooks have acquired this skill of course, and they actually produce superb food, freshly prepared as well as in a short period of time. It simply comes from storing the meal in a sub-assembly state right up until youre ready to cook, then throw everything together to create a great dish. All of the best chefs recipes are going to be not only easy to follow, but will also be written in a manner that makes it easy to group ingredients together in preparation for storage and for creating the actual dish, too.

If you want to experiment with diverse marinades, rubs and sponge mops as well as generating some really tasty accompaniments regarding your summer barbecue parties, for example, you need to be able to pick out a great chefs recipe from a not-so-great one. Many people think that writing a great documentation of how to prepare certain foods together to make a recipe only needs a list of ingredients and maybe how long to cook the dish for. There is so much more to creating great recipes! All the idea takes is to consider how to prepare the food and record it, but it has to be exact, it has to be in a logical order of operation, and it has to be clearly understandable. One thing that basically frustrates people is when theres no clear information about how long the actual recipe is going to take.

Whats truly annoying is when you get half way through a recipe and then see the words put the mix to one part and marinate overnight. If you have been planning a big party, meal or event and had no idea that this chefs recipe was going to take 12 hours from start to finish because it was not clear at first glance, you will know for the next time you cook that you need to make sure you know ahead of time how far in advance you need to collect and combine your ingredients.

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The Perfect Dutch Oven is Like Finding a Good Mate

The perfect Dutch Oven will last nearly forever, and should be chosen with great care.  No impulse shopping when it comes to this longevity relationship!  This sturdy kitchen cooking pot is the most durable tools in your galley – and if properly selected, will be one of the most useful tools over the years.

The ability to take this single dish from stove top sauteing, boiling, simmering to oven baking and extreme or low heat conditions for extended periods of time….all in the same pot, allow some terrific recipes to be tackled.  Fuller, more complex flavors are the end result.

The Prefect Dutch Oven….

•   Is twice as wide as it is tall, allowing for more browning surface. Your pot will be used heavily for making soups, slow cooking meats, and other efforts…. But since we love soups at Soup and Supply, our focus is on finding the perfect Dutch Oven for soups! This will be one of your most versatile soup tools. Browning, roasting, simmering, baking – this one pot can do it all.

• Is the best quality cast iron enamel or stainless steel Dutch Oven you can afford that meets our specifications. Typically, one that meets all of our desires costs a minimum of $ 150 up to $ 385.  But given it will last you 30-50 years, that’s a pretty good value.  Check online auction sites for the best values on some of the best brands.  Our personal favorites are listed below.

• If purchasing your Dutch Oven second hand, be sure you have the original fitting lid – no “make due” lids here – you’ll want the tight accurate fit for hours of oven braising that await.

• Has sturdy, oven-safe handles on both sides, and on the lid.  Dutch ovens are built heavy, fill it full of hot meat, liquid or other delicious food and you have a dangerous situation if the handles are meek.

• For soups & stews, avoid pots with less than six quarts capacity; 6-8 qts is ideal.

• Light colored interior; it allows for better cooking observation.

• Has enameled interior coating. Why enamel interior coating you may be wondering?  Those with enamel interior minimize sticking and scorching of foods and support snappy quick clean up. Seriously consider splurging on a pot with enable interior coating. Le Creuset is our favorite performer here.

• A heavy weighted stainless steel or cast iron exterior.  By purchasing a stainless steel  or cast iron pot, you’ll find the heavy weighted versions of these more evenly distribute heat, providing for wonderful oven cooking at low temperatures for extended periods of time.  Frankly, these types of pots conduct heat more efficiently and effectively.

• If you plan on trying some rugged campfire cooking you’ll want the cast iron vs. stainless steel Dutch Oven – season it well per the manufacturing directions.

Take your time selecting the perfect Dutch Oven, no need to settle for cheap version that only meet some of these needs. Given the rigorous cooking workout you’ll give this pot, none of these features are “nice to haves” – they are all must haves!

The cost difference between the low-end ovens compared to our favorite premium pots Le Creuset, Viking, and All-Clad is negligible when you consider that you will likely grow old with this wonderful cooking pot.  So take your time, simmer on your choices, and don’t settle for a kettle with less.  Pick a pot that will make a good mate, you’ll be together a very long time!

Shannon Schei is a soup chef with over 15 years of soup making enjoyment. Share the love and make a great soup today!

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