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The Difference Between The Two Known Crawfish Pots

Life is incomplete without tasting the boiled crawfish. That is why we go down the south just to taste that enjoyable lasting delicious taste if we do not find it in our near market. In the same manner, there is important equipment that we should have to perfectly get that delicious boiled crawfish. We call it cooking pots crawfish pots to be specific. There are some who believe that it is the essential equipment in your kitchen. Logically, it is because it holds the food we prepare for our family. Without this, you cannot cook well your food or the crawfish. Though it is hard to trace its history because of less available archaeological evidence we are very lucky to have it available in the market in different types and sizes.

This pot could be made out of cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, clay, copper and magnalite. Among of these the most common are aluminum stock pots and stainless steel stock pots. Aluminum stock pots can easily get heat so there is no need to use more energy in putting up fire on it. In the moment that you want to cook it with light heat then it is feasible. It is light to carry even with thick walls and bottoms. It will surely last long if this is cleaned well everyday. On the other hand, stainless steel stock pots remain its beautiful appearance for a long time without effort. For it resist corrosion and discoloration. In the market you will find stainless steel made stock pot is expensive compared to aluminum stock pots.

That is how they differ according to their physical and chemical attributes. You can see how big they differ from each other but most of the time they just got the same in pot sizes. Both of them had small sizes and large size pots. Of course, you can cook plenty goodies in a large pots and other way with the small ones. Therefore, their value to you depends on the amount of goodies you are going to cook. According to the experts of crawfish cooking a 30-35lbs load of goodies can be put in a 60qt. crawfish pot then additional of 10lbs would be fit to 80 qt. Then 45 lbs to 60 lbs is good for 100qt. In case you have 60lbs plus load then you should put it to 120qt.

In terms of prices, we all know that their prices differ also depending on their brand names. Some brands are really expensive but not really on that perfect quality or either way around. There are others cheaper than others but still wont serve you for a long time. There are other brands not too expensive but got incomparable quality. A partner in boiling crawfish that will last for a very long time.

Like any other equipment it varies in different sizes like small, medium or large. Sure, they have differences but it is only you who can decide which of these two known crawfish pots that will best serve you and help you in your kitchen.

Ralph Crow determines the difference of the durable aluminum stock pots to expensive stainless stock pots. They are both depending on your kitchen needs.

Vegan Vs Vegetarian – What’s the Difference?

Most people around the world are on a diet mostly composed of meat. Why wouldn’t they live off of meat? It has so much protein and all the other stuff it takes for a healthy body. However, what those people don’t realise is that they are polluting the world. Manufacturing meat takes up a lot of energy from fossil fuels, causing air pollution. So what can they do in order to save the environment? Stop eating meat!

However, people have a choice on what to do next. They can either go vegan or vegetarian. Though they both start with the same three letters, people think that they are the same thing. Most people think that if you are vegetarian, you are vegan, and if you are vegan, you are vegetarian. Though it is true that a vegan dude is a vegetarian, it is not true that some one that is vegetarian is necessarily on a vegan diet.

The vegan diet consists of only fruits, vegetables, and plants. Nothing else. No milk, dairy products, or anything dealing with animal products. That also includes eggs and gelatin. So if you are vegan, you can’t eat jello, milk, or yogurt.

It is good thing to not ingest eggs or gelatin; they are made from killing animals. But the only thing about the vegan diet that really just makes me uncomfortable is the fact that you can’t drink any milk. What’s wrong with milk anyways? It doesn’t require killing or torturing, a cow, a sheep, or anything else that produces milk. So it would be like saying that little newborn babies are cannibals; they eat products from their own mother.

A vegetarian diet is much more diverse and does not require any soy. You can actually drink milk, enjoy some cream cheese on your ritz, and enjoy your favorite Dannon yogurt. You are not just limited to plant products. You can eat some dairy, too.

That is the good thing about being just a vegetarian. You can actually eat milk and dairy stuff. That’s how you stay alive as a non meat eater. Milk is a source of protein, lactose, and a bunch of other stuff that your body requires. It doesn’t even require much to produce.

So if you are a vegan, I have no problem with it, but it’s beyond my comprehension how you all stay alive. I don’t know how you stay healthy on just soybeans, but good luck with it.

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Vegetarian and Veganism – What is the Difference?

Some of these Home cooking recipes have been handed down through generations from mother to daughter and mother-in-law to daughter-in-law. Although humans have been consuming vegetables and plant products, along with meat and other animal products, for many millennia, vegetarianism dissuades consumption of all types of meat, and eggs too. Some communities do not consider eggs as a non-vegetarian item, but in countries like India, eggs are not considered vegetarian and are not consumed by strict vegetarians. Many individuals are used to meat and egg based dishes, along with a few veggies in salads and soups. But they are unaware that there are thousands of Veg Recipes available that can be used to make a complete meal, including soups, starters, appetizers, main course dishes, and desserts.

Vegetarianism evolved with religions and cultures over many millennia. Many religions like Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism have strict rules regarding food consumption. Meat and eggs, and products made from these are strictly prohibited in many religions, castes, and communities. Thus evolved the dependence on vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. This led to the evolution of Vegetarian Recipes over the millennia, with each caste, community, and even individual households having their own variations of standard recipes and ways to cook food. Vegetarianism is gaining ground in western countries like the US, UK, and Europe, but the opposite is happening in Eastern countries like India, where people are becoming more aware of western meat dishes and recipes.

Although vegetarianism does not exclude animal products like milk, and products made from milk, like butter, Ghee, sweets, chocolates, desserts, ice creams, etc, Veganism excludes these too. Donald Watson and Elsie Shringley started veganism and the Vegan Society in 1944. Veganism excludes all animal products as food, including milk and milk products. Anything that involves exploitation of animals for food, clothing, or any purpose is excluded for use. As veganism evolved, so did Vegan Recipes, which excluded all animal products for food consumptions. Veganism still includes all vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices, and there are hundreds of Recipes available for vegans.

Although Fast food and eating out in restaurants has become a necessity due to the hectic lifestyle, many families are turning back to healthy home cooking and the recipes handed down from past generations are coming in handy. Many individuals are also willing to try new Veg Recipes, meat and egg based Recipes and even Vegan Recipes. As they say, variety is the spice of life, and adding some variety to daily meals is sure to entice the family back to the dining table, instead of ordering pizzas and burgers, or taking the family out to lunch and dinner, which is an expensive affair.

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