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2 Yummy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes, Plus Hot Tips

Here are a few lip-smacking vegetarian slow cooker recipes that not only save your time, but also serve your entire family for a lovely family dinner.

The Chilli Beans Recipe


black bean soup can (19oz), rinsed and drained garbanzo beans can and kidney beans can (both 15 oz), baked beans can (16oz), can of tomato puree (141/2 oz), a can of drained whole kernel corn (15oz), one onion, one green bell pepper, 2 garlic cloves, 2 celery stalks all these should be chopped, one tablespoon each of dried parsley, basil, and oregano, and chilli powder.


Take your crockpot. Put the black bean soup, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, baked beans, tomato puree, onion, corn, celery stalks, and bell pepper in the pot. Season the mixture with parsley, garlic, oregano, basil, and chilli powder. Let it cook for a couple of hours on high heat.

Slow Cooking Apple Delight

Here is another one of the series of healthy slow cooker recipes that will tickle your tastebuds and make you a fan of crockpots.


5 apples (half pound each), peel, core, and chop them finely; ground cinnamom and cloves, 2 tsps and tsps, respectively; tsp salt; white sugar, 4 cups.


Put the apples in the crockpot. Take a bowl and mix cinnamom, cloves, sugar, and salt. Add this mixture in the crockpot containing apples. Mix everything well. Cover the crockpot and let it cook on high heat for 60 minutes. After that, bring the heat to low and let it cook for 9-11 hours. Stir the mixture once in a while. You will find the mixture turning dark brown and thick.

Remove the lid of the crockpot and continue to cook on low heat for another hour. If you wish to make the mixture smoother, use a whisk for stirring.

Take small containers and fill the mixture in them. Cover and refrigerate. You can also freeze.

Hot Tip On Easy Slow Cooker Recipes:

Prepare all the ingredients of your recipe as well as the crockpot the night before. Refrigerate the ingredients. When you wake up the next morning, simply toss the ingredients into your ready crockpot and plug it in. Your recipe will cook the whole day. When you return home after a hard day, you get a savory and piping hot meal to relish.

More Tips On Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

You must allow 8 hours cooking time when on low heat and 4 hours when on high heat in a slow cooking pot.
When not sure about the cooking time of a recipe, leave the pot on low the whole day or overnight.
A good adjustment for slow cooker demands that you cut the quantity of all liquids to half.

Its time to try one of the above vegetarian slow cooker recipes. You can make a great dish even if you have never cooked before.

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How Does A Pressure Cooker Pot Work?

One of the great features of a pressure cooker pot is that it can be a real time saver in the kitchen. It can also perform the functions of a few different kitchen appliances, which can save space and money. Because cookers use steam to cook food, they can also create healthier meals than other methods of cooking. Many people have come to embrace these cookers as an economical and convenient way of meal preparation, but still wonder how they actually work. The following is a guide to using a cooker pot, including an explanation of how they work to cook food more quickly than other methods.

A pressure cooker pot, at first glance, look like any regular kitchen pot. The main difference you’ll notice is the notches in the rim of the pot, which regular kitchen pots don’t have. These grooves are matched to corresponding markings on the cooker lid.

To start the process, food is placed in the pot, then a fixed amount of liquid is added to the cooker depending on the volume and type of food being cooked. It is this liquid that steams the food at high heat to cook it quickly and efficiently.

Once the item being cooked and prescribed amount of liquid are in them, the lid is placed on the pot and locked into place, forming an airtight seal through which no liquid or steam can escape.

Pressure cookers work just as their name implies. As the liquid inside the pot begins to heat up, it starts to boil and steam is produced. In a typical non-pressurized pot, even with a lid, quite a bit of this steam will escape around the edges. Because the steam inside cannot escape, heat builds up inside the pot. This causes food to cook faster and more evenly in two ways.

First, pressure buildup within the pot causes the boiling water and steam to heat up more than it would in a non-pressurized environment. Boiling water (and the steam it produces) has a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Under the lid, steam reaches much higher temperatures. Secondly, the pressure inside these cookers actually forces the steam into the food, facilitating efficient and evenly distributed heat transfer.

Pressure inside a pot has its own unit of measure called PSI, or pounds per square inch. Most recipes for pressure cookers call for relatively high pressure (typically of around 15 PSI) which heats the inside of the pot to a temperature of approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit; an increase of about 40 degrees above foods boiled or steamed in a typical kitchen pot.

Some have concerns about the safety of pressure cookers, but a modern pressure cooker pot is built from high quality materials and is safe to use when the instructions are followed. Proper sealing of the pot and correct use of the vent valve located in the center of the lid will ensure that those who use a pressure cooker pot do it safely, while cooking delicious, healthy foods quickly and conveniently.

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Unequal Quality Of The Accidents, The Electric Pressure Cooker Hidden Hazards

“51” small holiday period, a boat in Lanzhou Teacher Li teaches elementary school about a few friends to Jiazhongzuoke, not a like accident happened. Lee teachers use

Electric pressure cooker

Stew beef, electric pressure cooker exploded, the entire kitchen in ruins. Fortunately, his family was in the living room, did not result in greater losses, but well-prepared meeting broke up because of this accident.

Lee says that pressure cookers are engaged in promotional activities of a mall with more than 300 yuan to buy. He regretted not spending more money to buy a name brand.

Frequent around the accident hidden danger hidden pressure cookers

Recent years, with the kitchen

Small appliances

Performance and quality in the kitchen cooking start by the “fire-based” to “electrical Alone.” Reporter noted that, like “


“Intelligent electric pressure cooker,” Sunpentown “Tien Chu Super pot,”


“Computers have played electric pressure cooker is the concept of security.


Personnel, electric pressure cookers in addition to sophisticated computer program control, the various security measures for accident prevention is essential, such as opening the lid or power failure, when the pressure is higher than 0.05 atmospheres could not open the lid, the safety valve in 3 seconds can make the pressure to normal within, these are the most basic security measures. Each brand has its own characteristics in terms of security information, however, the current design of electric pressure cooker, or there are some security flaws.

Recent years, electric pressure cooker over security incidents occurred in many, many of whom are well-known brands. For example in October 2008, Fujian Chu consumers at a local supermarket to buy an electric pressure cooker, he used the pot soup, timing 25 minutes. When the time is coming, Mr Chu Couguo not see Tom Well, surprise, bang, the lid flew. Chu face and neck burns, eye burns conjunctival hyperemia. Conclusions show that the existence of electric pressure cooker virtual button hidden dangers, and Mr. Zhu has responsibility for inappropriate use. March 7 this year,


Consumer Chung family pressure cookers used in the second in less than an hour electric pressure cooker, “fried” open.

Price difference between the poor quality of mixed

‘s Survey found that


, Gome stores such as home appliances, electric pressure cooker based mainly on high end products, high-end products priced at up to seven or eight hundred dollars, in end product prices mostly four or five hundred dollars, these products have their own unique security assurances and work fine, the description, logo, etc. are more complete.



Trade City also has only 200 yuan price of electric pressure cooker, these products are more rough workmanship and materials, security is also poor.

According to the relevant departments, China’s “electric pressure cooker safety and performance requirements” for the just passed validation not yet implemented. Electric pressure cooker in the present temperature and pressure control functions such as basic to solve security problems, the safety factor has been greatly improved, if it is certified and qualified through 3C products, consumers can rest assured that the basic purchase and use. However, countries such products have not been quality checks, the overall market conditions no specific data reflect the existence of unequal quality.

Order to avoid unsafe incidents, consumers should choose a grade, a factory, a specification, quality, qualified products. Do not just plan to buy cheap counterfeit. Initial use to read the manual, according to the instructions necessarily required to do.

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Boss Electric Pressure Cooker “up” Technology Health Philosophy – The Boss, Electric

2006, the home appliance industry standard efforts to increase the standardization of the small appliance brand and technology in high demand, sought to create a kitchen environment, people’s health.

The increasingly fierce market competition, so the manufacturers one after another raising brand awareness, innovative product technology. On the small household appliance market, more active this year, when the number of kitchen electric appliances industry, strong brand owner, not only in brand building, crowned “Top 500 Brands in Asia”, and its electric pressure cooker of the UP precise control of pressure techniques also allow the market to surprise.

sustained brand climb “Top 500 Brands in Asia” is not easily able to pass the bar. Asian brands in the first 500 of the presentation ceremony, electrical domestic kitchen appliance brand topped the boss, “500” list, is the industry’s first electric kitchen selected brands. The boss name brand appliances from China to Asia and even the Sprint brand on the road to the world an important brand to climb the fulcrum.

On the small appliance industry, the 2006 standards, health through to the end, the state promulgated the “Residential Kitchen”, “residential unit bathroom”, on kitchen electrical products business and related industries to enhance brand value, to be more high demand. Boss Electric floor this year, “Standard Chinese” concept, product and brand building services to create a healthy kitchen environment.

Overview of brand building, brand development, the cornerstone of support for the final analysis, or product technology. High-quality products and continuously updated brand awareness and brand concept to enhance the dissemination of business from the inside out the brand appeal. A mosaic of small household appliance market, product characteristics, in order to come to the fore, technology and the appearance of improvement and innovation is one of the essential aspects.

upgrading technology Pressure cooker is 60 years since the last century there products, characterized by shorter cooking time, delicious. However, the pressure cooker is high-pressure high-temperature operation, there is potential safety problems, caused by the explosion incident has occurred frequently, bad master. In the context of this industry, electric pressure cooker a timely. Boss electric pressure cooker has reached “absolute braised chicken” with it, the issue of security, boss electric pressure cooker is set to eight heavy protection. Currently, electric pressure cooker on the market the main types of mechanical switch to control and digital full intelligent control, cost is very high. Followed by “high price” 5,000 yuan “to do yoga for food,” owner E electric pressure cooker meals entered people’s vision. This Korean joint venture’s products, using South Korea imported control chip, the combination of the two high-end technology, core technology is the unique digital preservation technology and pressure equalization technology.

According electrical technician with the boss, all the electric pressure cooker products have excellent performance from the original owner of the technology?? UP precise control of pressure technology.

“UP” Philosophy of Health Preservation
Electric pressure cooker products UP precise pressure control technology, crowned “Top 500 Brands in Asia” by the original owner of electrical appliances. It will be the pressure of the cooking process for the five levels of refinement?? Micro-pressure, low pressure, standard pressure, medium pressure and high pressure, according to different foods, different cooking modes, full self-regulating pressure cooking pot.

More importantly, it will completely solve the nutrition and delicious traditional cooking can not have both problems. Precise control of pressure by UP Technical boss electric pressure cooker, to achieve fully sealed cooking?? Cooking process is not boiling, not steaming, undrained, quiet design; food nutrition and taste are firmly locked in the pan. Meanwhile, the boss of the UP precision electric pressure cooker pressure control technology easy to bring all intelligence operations experience.

In addition, UP precise control of pressure technology also provide employers with energy-saving electric pressure cookers, rice cookers year saving up to 30% to 60%, saving up to 50% to 80%. Break with traditional mechanical methods of artificial conditioning, full details of the work of each real-time monitoring, clearance by 0 seconds without signal butt, precise control of cooking conditions for each operating point, to ensure precise control of pressure UP technology, the stable operation of a number of system technology .

With precise control of pressure
UP this sensitive sensor technology, to bring a variety of delicious food to enjoy.

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Electric Pressure Cooker Patent: Harmonious Industrial Environment – Party Laser Lights

October 13, 2006 the morning of 06 coincides with the opening of China Shunde International Exposition household appliances, domestic appliances the first patent Union – electric pressure cooker Patent Alliance, was formally established in Guangdong Shunde.

Electric pressure cooker is the traditional cooking appliances upgrades, with safety, environmental protection, energy saving function. Pressure Cooker for its culinary tradition of fast, time-saving features of energy saving by the majority of consumers, but since the date of birth, security is the most concern, pressure cooker explosion frightened consumers. Midea Group early retirement from a 63-year-old senior engineer WANG Yong-Guang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will hand out its “Fang (sound f ng)-type structure,” an exclusive license of patented technology, based on increased R & D and industrialization of patented technology into the core. Electric pressure cooker has rapidly grown to Shunde household electrical appliance industry, another new industry with a broad market prospect. However, in recent years, the domestic appeared in more than 100 electric pressure cooker manufacturing enterprises, these enterprises will not only suspected of infringing intellectual property rights, and because of poor conditions part of the production enterprises, the lack of the necessary safety standards, can easily lead to security risks, and operating blindly lower prices, resulting in the industry internal friction and vicious competition, affecting the healthy development of the industry, it also undermines the interests of consumers.

The patent pool of life from Guangdong Midea Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde Chuang Di Electric Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde Yida Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde Aide Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was established, co-sponsored. Union, a founding member of the existing four, will be the gradual expansion in the future to enhance the impact of union power and effectiveness. In which the present patent patent pool has reached 45, the Union members of the country’s total production of electric pressure cooker Electric pressure cooker market share of 65%.

Patent beneficial operation of breakthrough products for the home appliance industry, bondage, from the “scattered to create” moving towards “co-created” establish a new type of win-win cooperation model of development is bound to promote the home appliance industry, the development strategies and the implementation of intellectual property rights in the region as well as upgrading the national electrical appliance industry and sustainable development of far-reaching impact.

Background links:
Patent is a monopoly of technological superiority of Western countries designed an organizational form, is an international intellectual property strategies. China has gradually strengthened the study of Intellectual Property Alliance, understand the background to the establishment, operation mode, organizational characteristics and its impact on China’s economic development potential threats. In order to enhance our country’s scientific and technological development level and product competitiveness in the international market, China also began to deliberate the formation of the corresponding Intellectual Property Alliance, the development of intellectual property early-warning mechanism.

The establishment of industry or regional intellectual property protection associations, alliances, strengthen enterprise self-protection ability is international practice. Such as the establishment in 1938 of the Japan Intellectual Property Association, 740 members of existing enterprises, these enterprises accounted for a patent application made in Japan 70%, accounting for 16% of the United States, in Europe reached 13%, a big influence. Guangdong is now market economy has entered a new phase, many companies getting bigger, the conditional associations or alliances composed of the patent, as the province’s management system, an integral part of the patent.

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Hot Pot Cooker: eat hot pot not to use alcohol and alcohol based

HC Home Network News
Throughout the year, both north and south, hot pot can be when people preferred a delicious dinner. With the rise of the hot pot, hot pot of fuel has also been constantly updated in: from the traditional charcoal to gas, to the current solid alcohol,
Each has its own characteristics, each have their own shortcomings, “advocates” also of a main.
Wei Ling, 30 introduced variety of hot pot cooker has a “no open flame in the pot without volatile dedicated Cooker

However, with either fuel, but now people are pursuing science, security,
Environmental protection
. Currently the market is very popular fondue. Outside the restaurant in a small pot to use the most is the solid alcohol fuel and liquid alcohol. With the traditional charcoal, gas cooking fuel compared to natural solid alcohol is clean, convenient many; combustion when there is not much dust and charcoal free flying; in shabu halfway suddenly burn fuel, you can also always add surplus, they can be put aside to use next time. Is the case, so a lot of speculators, began to attack this piece of heaven and earth. But in the end how to make solid alcohol only more secure, green, environmental protection norms is not a reasonable standard. So, which produce the raw materials of solid alcohol is also a need to add variety, may contain ethanol, methanol, acetic acid salt, and even the existence of formaldehyde. Sometimes, when we eat hot pot smelled a sharp odor. This is because when the solid fuel combustion, the above mixed material and the ensuing oxidation reactions, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases, together with formaldehyde, methanol and highly volatile, so that a different mix of ingredients produce harmful gases, not only pollutes the air , but also harm people’s health.

A survey, if the volatile solid generated formaldehyde alcohol, not only can lead to cancer of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer, and there is strong possibility of causing leukemia. If it is nevertheless a group of people crowded into the hot pot restaurant bites, then because of population density, poor air circulation, making it more difficult for dissipation of harmful gases, which increased the damage on the human body. Even more alarming is that many domestic restaurants are actually used is a liquid alcohol, which is very, very dangerous. Liquid alcohol supplier to deceive the public, like a new name: alcohol-based fuel. Alcohol-based fuels to consumers not only volatile substances in respiratory tract and cause serious eye injury, but also in the combustion of alcohol (methanol) vapor generated by evaporation of methanol poisoning can cause long-term in such a state, can cause acute methanol poisoning. It will lead to encephalopathy, metabolic acidosis, optic neuropathy, can cause serious and persistent sharp decline in vision blind. Even more frightening, the volatile substances in the air because of alcohol or smoking, and alcohol add inappropriate dragon disfigurement and burns caused by the frequent occurrence of accidents to the safety of consumers has brought great harm.

Therefore, in order to meet the people to pursue science, safety, environment, fashion, etc.. Wei Ling, 30, variety of hot pot cooker introduced with “no fire in the hot pot without volatile dedicated appliance, Wei Ling, hot pot cooker without any odor and harmful substances around the appliance to eat hot pot hot pot is not hot, convenient pick up” and so on. By the “China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd.” insurance, allow people to purchase rest assured that when the peace of mind to use.

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Kitchen Will Know Common Sense: Failure To Maintain Common Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cooker Fault Maintenance: 1, Machinery Adjustment type electric pressure cooker

1, no Power supply , (Referring to power on, the light does not shine, do not heat) This failure, mainly in the power cord into the side of the fault. Fuse can be measured whether the open, and if so, put an appropriate fuse, failure can be ruled out, such as the fuse does not open, you can measure the center bottom of the pot of 145 degree thermostat, the thermostat will open circuit failure occurs the fault, the fault should be noted that there are the following components: a, the power cord is blocked, (open) b, is the source line interfaces (lectures) are melting away and not pass.

2, the power indicator light, but not the heat, the failure part of the main fault in the heating element is common because the heating element has burned (open circuit).

3, turn heat to a will, the water has not yet opened on the jump insulation, there are several causes for this failure:

A, knob switch (ie timer) area of contact is not good, although some have been twisted to the cooking but not connected, making the circuit switch control by only heat at 60 degrees.

B, pressure switch failure, blocked, so even if the timer contacts are good, but not yet reached in the case of pressure, the pressure switch is malfunction (step back), while the circuit is in thermal state, boiling is not open.

4, boot one to heat a machine to automatically disconnect the power, light is not bright, and this failure is mainly bottom of the pan 145 degrees thermostat failure, malfunction, only the heating temperature to disconnect the power until they the temperature to be powered down after and put the temperature is OK.

5, the timer does not turn up, usually burnt rice on the market timer mechanical type pressure cooker divided into two types: type of timer and motor winding type of timer, the following direct that A, B, A type timer-style pressure cooker of the failure on the one hand there is an internal timer to stop the rotation, has been damaged, and partly because some small animal feces left by fleeing into the rotation timer stuck cone, after kind of fault can be cleared of the debris to troubleshooting, B-type timer inside a pressure cooker because of the failure was mainly due to the small motor inside the timer has been burned, can not turn and not holding pressure in the specified period of time off , Note: B-type rotating timer switch control by the pressure, so the point is to note whether the pressure switch failure, (only through continued) pot or pan itself leak Ershi pressure not enough to make the pressure switch tripped .

6, pan leak gas leakage can be divided into several:

A, top pan leak: 1) top pot Plastic Shell has been cracked, the top pressure cooker acupressure does not believe the column, (referring to the top of its old pot pressure needle connected with plastic shell);

2) a column of debris on top of too many failed to make pressure pin column temperature breaks out;

3) pot too much pressure or faulty pressure switch is not open before the jump, more than the normal pressure, the top pan from the top automatically exhaust;

4) inside the rubber ring has been cracked and leaking, (Note: The new pot has a top vent, sealed two steps should be noted that).

B, float leakage: 1) float apron has been damaged and leak aging;

2) flat handle bar position in the insurance, is not correct, the float rises, resisting, making the float has not fully risen ventilation;

3) float apron split and leak fixed;

C, gasket leak (around the lid):

1) Aprons are aging, dilapidated loss of seal;

2) whether it is the same for Aprons Aprons and when the pot worthy cause leakage;

3) whether the Shuaiguo pot guts deformed;

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The Slow Cooker or Crock Pot!

The original slow cooker was a large cast iron pot suspended over an open fireplace. These functioned for hundreds or maybe thousands of years, but the downside of this was, you needed to keep the fire stoked up and spend much time stirring the pot ingredients to have good eatable food in the end.

In this day and age the slow cooker or crock pot cooker is known as a god send to everybody with a busy schedule like mothers with families or professional individuals on the go, on the whole it means that you can eat whenever you go back home from your days toil and unwind with very little washing up.

You will discover superb recipes out there for slow cooking, you could get literally thousands online. Once you have used it a several of times you will definitely be experimenting and coming up with your personal cooking.

When cooking you simply place the ingredients in and set the timer and forget about it until it should be ready, some 4 to 8 hours dependent on timing.
Differences between the slow cooker and the crock pot is the slow cooker has the heating element within the base and boasts a transparent glass lid when you are cooking you can see how things are going, but due to the heating unit in the base you still have to stir the ingredients from time to time to stop the food sticking, similarly to an electric frying pan.

The slow cooker crock pot is manufactured by placing heating elements within the double skinned construction and then a removable “porceline Crock Pot” dish fits snugly within the body and incorporates a tight fitting lid; this gives even cooking at low temperatures.

You’ll find so many makes in the marketplace today so finding the one for you can be challenging, a few recommendations when shopping for; ensure you get the suitable size (ranging up to 7.5 quartz usable volume) for the amount of people or family that will actually use it frequently, you should definitely buy one with warm and high and low settings, (low means 4hrs and high 8 hrs cooking time), a few of the more expensive ones have hourly timing as high as 26 hours, the crock must be dishwasher, microwave and hob friendly, and buy one with a good guarantee, some reputable companies give in excess of 1 years guarantee, be certain to look for 2 years or maybe more.
Be ready to spend between $ 30 for just a basic model and $ 200+ for a high-end beauty.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this brief review regarding slow cookers and crock pots and it has helped you in your slow cooker selection, don’t forget there is certainly thousands of freely obtainable recipes for you to use via the internet, also your product includes a recipe book.

Author: Joe R Leech

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Technology + Brand Electric Pressure Cooker Industry Supor Birth Blue Ocean

In the grand launch of delicious and gourmet, after two series of electrical pressure cooker, recently, the cookware industry giants listed Supor has two high-profile new electric pressure cooker, full line of products directed at the peak season market, a market that seized the attention of consumers. Especially for high-end market, Supor Gourmet series, a series of technology licenses to “intellectual pressure sensor system, 360-degree safety protection system, shaped ceramic grain thick kettle” as a selling point, quickly became popular as New Year’s Eve holiday Sell Hot star product. Supor is to meet the 2009 sales were in formations season started.

Industry: opportunities outweigh the challenges Electric pressure cooker as a new kitchen Small appliances Category, since the 90s of last century occurred in the domestic market, is still in the market cultivation stage, people lack a correct understanding of the electric pressure cooker, low household penetration.

Market saturation as the original kitchen and improve the quality of people’s lives, kitchen Home Appliances Is no longer just cooking Tool , Became a symbol of lifestyle. Electric pressure cooker pressure cookers and rice cookers as a traditional upgrade product, in this case came into being. As the product is technically solved the technical shortcomings of traditional pressure cooker, and set rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, pot roast stew in one, fast cooking, a pot of multi-use, nutritious and delicious, energy saving, safe and practical features . China Daily Hardware Industry members Tanggen Quan pointed out: “electric pressure cooker technology is mature, product strengths highlighted in the next few years, electric pressure cooker will gradually replace the pressure cooker, rice cooker and fire, become the preferred home cooking.” Electric pressure cooker of a market category that is maintained a sustained rapid growth of two to three years, 2008 growth rate of about 90%. Especially in Supor, the other leader in the United States, driven, electric pressure cooker market awareness rising, the market demand will be further released.

Starting point is to meet consumer demand

Research information: consumer electric pressure cooker of attention focused on two aspects: First, pressure cookers are easy to bring more nutritious and delicious food to enjoy; second is security, whether it is a pressure cooker or pressure cookers, Consumer safety is of general interest. These two also constitute the motivation of consumers to buy.

“We pay close attention to consumer demand, both R & D and product design, consumer demand is starting from the maximum to meet existing consumer demand and potential demand.” Supor Electrical Division is responsible for said : “can meet the consumer demand for these two points, the most fundamental or pressure control technology and security technology is perfect.”

It is understood that giant Supor kitchen small appliances, with pressure cooking in the field of technology and experience, as early as 2003, pioneered the development of pressure cookers on products to control pressure of leading industry technology and 20 years experience in safety, doing my part to become the industry leader. And others prepare for the big price war in the occasion, Supor has always adhered to “quality Li-shen, technical victory”, with great concentration product technology research and development, rich product features.

Industry believes that: the core technology of the Competition rather than price competition, the market can effectively have to avoid the overdraft of resources and industrial value of the dilution, to avoid moving towards electric pressure cooker microwave oven, induction cooker’s lead, the biggest winner is still the consumer .

Technology + industry leader in brand birth

Supor the same time as the only one cooking utensils and electrical R & D technology management company, has its unique technical advantages and brands.

Technology, 20 years, has been insisting Supor technological innovation, particularly in pressure control technology and security technology. The original and received five patents for intellectual pressure sensor system, cooking whole chip microcomputer intelligent control, temperature measurement can be precise and accurate temperature control through pressure, making different food conditions at different temperatures for cooking, the best taste and nutrition, can be said to create a new realm of pressure cooking, in 2008 launched a new series full gourmet FC3 applied this technology to good cooking results and the appearance of human products to win more market share. With the escalation of pressure cooking, Supor original and intelligent control of electric pressure cooker pressure is leading the new trend of technology.

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Basic Slow Cooker Tips and Delectable Roast Beef Recipes

There are things to consider when using a slow cooker or crock pot. There are also various roast beef recipes you can make with your slow cooker.

Slow cookers or crock pots are countertop electrical cooking appliances that maintain a low temperature for several hours. This enables cooking stew or pot roast without the need to check on it from time to time.

Amateur cooks will find it very easy to handle and maintain. All you need to do is to fill it up, and then turn it on. After several hours, dinner can be served. However, when using the slow cooker, there are some things you need to consider. It is best to get one that has a removable liner, making it very easy to clean. If you already have one with a non-removable liner, you can just use a cooking bag; then, use cooking spray on the inner liner.

Make sure you only fill your slow cooker ½ up to 2/3 full. The food will not be cooked properly if filled to the brim. However, if the liquid and food level is a bit lower, it will cook quickly.

You will find that the food along the bottom part of the slow cooker are moister and become cooked faster. This is because they are continuously immersed inside the simmering liquid. Since fats have a tendency to melt and cook easily when heated for a long time, resulting to an unpleasant texture, it is best to trim the excess fat formed and remove the skin from poultry.

During the last 30 minutes of cooking time, you can remove the lid and cook it on high to thicken the juices and add more flavors. It is best to cook on High during the 1st hour of cooking so that the temperature would easily reach 140 degrees, ensuring food safety. When you are almost done with your cooking, you can turn the dial to Low.

Do not place frozen foods inside your slow cooker. It should be defrosted first before cooking it. This way the temperature would easily reach 140 degrees. It also protects the appliance from being damaged.

Use cheaper cuts of meat because this requires about 8 hours of low cooking. Aside from being able to save money, they have less fat, moist and they result to more tender meats.

Ground meat should be cooked inside a skillet prior to cooking it in the slow cooker. If you will be cooking seafood in a slow cooker, this should be added in the last hour of cooking; otherwise, it will become overcooked and it will showcase a rubbery texture. Take note, 1 hour on high setting is actually equal to 2 hours on low setting.

Only use small amounts of Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper because they become bitter when they are cooked for a long time. It is best to add them during the end of your cooking time.

Make sure you only add tender vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes and zucchini on the last 45 mins. of cooking time. This way, you will not overcook them.

Dairy products, on the other hand, must be added only during the last 30 minutes of cooking time.

Prior to storage, take out cooked food from the slow cooker or liner. Since the slow cooker’s liner is composed of thick material, cooked food will not be able to cool down quickly so as to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Only stir in spices during the last hour of cooking time. If you cook this for a long time, it will lose its flavor.

Carefully follow the layering instructions. Since vegetables are not cooked as easily as meat, you need to place them in the bottom of your slow cooker.

If you are using low temperature, do not lift the lid when you stir. This is because the heat will escape and extend the cooking time to 30 minutes more. You can check the cooking progress by spinning the cover so that the condensation would fall off, giving you a chance to look inside your slow cooker.

Here are some of the best Roast Beef Recipes you can cook with your slow cooker:

Roast Beef a la Mushroom Soup

Ingredients are 1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup, small to medium shoulder or chuck of beef roast, 1 can of French Onion Soup, a dash of pepper and ½ can of water (for cleaning the soup can).


Place the first 3 ingredients inside your slow cooker. Mix the ingredients until thoroughly blended. Sprinkle a dash of pepper. Put the settings on Low and allow cooking for the entire night. The next day, remove the meat and prepare your gravy. If your gravy seems too thin, add about 1 to 2 tsp. of cornstarch with ¼ cups of cold water. Set the cooker on high. Stir in the mixture to thicken and serve.

Roast Beef with Gravy

Ingredients are olive oil, 3 to 3 ½ pounds Boneless Rump Roast, 8 garlic slivers, salt and pepper. You will also need a meat thermometer. For the gravy, you will need some beef stock or red wine and corn starch.


One hour prior to cooking remove the roast from the refrigerator at put it in room temperature.

Using a sharp knife, you need to cut about eight small incisions around your roast. You will place one sliver of garlic on each incision. Place one tablespoon of olive oil around your roast and then sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Put your roast on the oven rack with the fatty side up and a drip pan over a rack under the roasting rack. This way, you will not be required to turn the roast.

Brown your roast at 375oF for 30 minutes. Then, put it on 225oF. It would still 2 to 3 hours to cook but if it starts to drip and is already brown externally, use your meat thermometer to check its temperature. After this, pull your roast from the oven once the temperature reaches 135 to 140oF. Place it on an aluminum foil for about 15 minutes and carve to serve.

For the gravy:

Take out the dripping pan from the oven. Place it on the stove top while it is on medium heat. Collect the drippings, add water, beef stock or red wine. This will loosen the drippings off the pan. Then, dissolve one tablespon of cornstarch with water and add this on the drip pan. Stir it quickly as the gravy thickens. You can also add some butter, salt and pepper. Aside from this, you can also add some fresh thyme.

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