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IFB Microwave Oven Price

Microwave Oven is the electronic kitchen appliance that eases your cooking tasks with great efficiency. It uses radio waves to heat and cook the food. These waves produce the heat in between the food molecules resulting in proper cooking or heating. You are allowed to cooking, roasting, baking, grilling, and reheating the food and so on with minimal consumption of efforts and time. These microwave ovens are the complete solution to your kitchen.

Microwave ovens help you to prepare elaborative recipes without harming the original taste and aroma along with natural nutrient composition of the food. The controls and features are easy to use and safe for the children as well. IFB is the India-based kitchen and home appliances manufacturing company including machine tools, washing machines, microwave ovens, dishwashers, cooking appliances etc.

IFB has wide and ultra-modern microwave ovens range to offer you great comfort and convenience. You are free to choose the best one from this offered array to cook various kinds of delicious dishes. IFB microwave oven serves you and your family delicious, hygienic and healthy dishes with rich aroma. This microwave oven not only cooks the food with great perfection but also consumes minimum oil, electricity, manual efforts and time.

The IFB microwave ovens have been occupied with number of functional and rich features like Hygienic cooking, Speed Defrost, Child Lock and Auto Menus along with lots of basic attributes. IFB microwave oven price is one more factor that attracts the huge cost and quality conscious crowd. There is wide array of exclusive and highly-featured IFB microwave ovens having integration of advanced and sophisticated technology and features at very best price.

Like, IFB 17PMMEC Solo microwave oven (17ltrs/Rs.4, 300), IFB 20PG2S Grill microwave oven (20ltrs/Rs.6, 000), IFB 28SGR1S Rotisserie microwave oven (28ltrs/Rs.9, 900), IFB 30SC2 Convection microwave oven (30ltrs/Rs.13, 500) and many more.

If you are truly looking for precise information about microwave oven price in India or other quality rich products under the flagship of various brands you just need to logon naaptol where you can make a fair comparison of the features and price of the available products and get you the benefits of best online deals with discounts.

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Oven Cooking Vs Crock Pot ? Which 1 creates the most effective results for you personally

Oven cooking isn’t necessarily an issue of the past. Even so, crock pot cooking does appear to be making its way into virtually every single property. There are pros and cons to both the conventional oven cooking as well as the crock pot cooking. We’re going to discuss each and let you determine which is far better for you personally.

When it comes to house cooking, several believe of a toasty warm home smelling like “Mom’s cooking”. Hours of cooking time is also yet another thought that goes into most peoples’ minds. Even so, when you have cooked a big family members meal, an additional thought goes through your mind. That would be, “Is it moist?” “Did I cook it too long or long sufficient?” Rest assured virtually everybody tends to wonder about their cooking in a conventional oven.

With regards to thoughts that run by way of the minds of crock pot cookers, they generally wonder if the food will be tasty enough, if the food will probably be soggy from cooking and even if the food will likely be burnt. As you may see, it seriously doesn’t matter what type of appliance you use to cook your food, you will most likely still have questions about the food running by means of your mind although you are cooking it.

Here are a number of the most well-liked pros and cons of conventional oven cooking that we have run across:


1. You’ve got additional control over the internal temperature of the oven.

2. You may estimate the time to prepare the rest of the meal so all of the meal is total at the same time.

three. You have an aroma that fills the home nicely.


1. The food can come out dry if overcooked.

2. You can’t prepare distinct sides unless the temperature will be the exact same for the primary course to cook as the side dishes.

three. Foods can typically spill more than and make a mess inside the oven.

The pros for a crock pot:

1. You can still use the oven to create the sides with out be concerned about the temperatures of the main course.

2. It is possible to cook your meals whilst you are at work.

three. You do not need to be concerned about spillage or big oven messes.

four. Clean up and storing the left overs is significantly simpler having a crock pot.

Discover how FlavorWave Oven can make cooking easier and much more enjoyable for you. It has a bundle of advantages and you will be able to make a lot more dishes than ever prior to in lesser time. Men and women who read this also read: Oven Cooking Tips

Constructing Smoke Ovens

Smoke ovens are one of the most delicious ways to cook meats. The process takes longer than does ordinary cooking methods, but after the meat is done, the flavor is exceptional. One of the appeals of a smoke oven is that it is also a low-maintenance, low-energy way to cook meats, in addition to enhancing the flavor of the meat exponentially. Building a smoke oven is a simple job, as the components are very basic. A smoke oven is essentially a small, enclosed structure with a heat source where meat can be placed and smoke allowed to collect around the meats.

The first consideration when building a smoke oven is the amount of space you have available. Smoke ovens can be of any size and shape, but larger smoke ovens can be cumbersome. Usually a smoke oven is best built out of doors, away from the living quarters of the house. The smoke smell has a tendency to seep into the surrounding air no matter how tightly contained the oven is, so to prevent the clothes, furniture, and bodies of the residents from smelling constantly of smoke, it needs a place where it can be thoroughly ventilated. The smoky smell is delightful on meat, but loses much of its appeal when it is present on everything you own.

Once the placement of the smoke oven is decided upon, the next step is choosing both material and plans. There are numerous books and websites devoted to the subject, and often exact schematics can be bought or downloaded so that the consumer can use an already tried and tested design and list of materials to construct their smoke oven so that mistakes are minimized. Wood or metal are both common choices for building smoke ovens. The temperature never goes very high, so there is little risk of the wood catching fire or becoming charred. Many people claim that the use of wood in construction of the oven adds to the flavor of the meat.

The next addition to a smoke oven is the heating element. Usually this is an electric element rather than an open flame so that the temperature of the oven can be accurately maintained. Some people will use only an open flame to assist with the smoking process as they feel it is more authentic. This requires more supervision, so time must be taken into consideration when selecting a heating source. A moisture source must be added as well so that there is water evaporating near the meat. Otherwise the meat will become too dry and be tough to eat.

Smoke ovens are very simple to make. You can start by making a temporary one out of a wood box placed over a grill or other basic heat source. This doesn’t need any special plans or training. The box will hold in the smoke that rises from the grill and cook the meat that way. Adding mesquite chips or other kinds of wood can alter the flavor of the meat and help you to decide if a permanent smoke oven is right for you.

Ready for building a smoke oven that will change the way you cook? Get your oven plans from the pros at www.smokeovenplans.com.

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Dutch Fort Gate- A Symbol Of Dutch Occupation In Sri Lanka

Although several decades of war kept the globetrotters away from the island paradise of Sri Lanka, it seems that peace has finally graced the country, bringing relief to those who love this little island in the Indian Ocean. Famous for its graciously hospitable culture and friendly local population, Sri Lanka is also home to some of Asias most fascinating tourist attractions such as the Sinharaja Rain Forest, Adams Peak and the pristine beaches of Unwatuna.

Although Negombo does not compare well in its offerings to some of the top destinations in the country such as Hikkaduwa, Trincomalee, Anuradhapura and Kandy, the city has its very own distinct character which attracts thousands of visitors. Being a small coastal town located minutes away from the Bandaranayke International Airport, Negombo is famous for its golden sandy beaches and mouthwatering seafood which is the most distinctive feature of local cuisine.

Constructed in 1644, the Old Dutch Fort Gate is an iconic tourist attraction and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Negombo. After the Dutch completely destroyed the Portuguese Fort which was on the same location, they began building their own fort which was to be better than the Portuguese version as it was designed in the shape of a pentagon. Located close to a lagoon, the Dutch Fort Gate stands proudly as a memorial of the Dutch occupation and the influence it had on the country.

After Governor Rumpf visited the fort upon his arrival to the island, it was his wish that the decaying structure be renovated and given a new lease of life. Upon his orders several key modifications were made to the fort to make it much more effective. After the height of the walls was increased, new watchtowers were also added to the fort. After the final modifications were made and the fort was ready in the eyes of Governor Rumpf, A painting was created in 1720 to capture the beauty of the structure.

Today, however, only ruins of this fort can be seen as the British invaders destroyed the structure with the remains of which they built a prison.
Jetwing Blue Oceanic is an ideal Negombo hotel offering comfortable accommodation to the travelers of today. This hotel Negombo Sri Lanka is also famous for its outstanding service and proximity to the beach.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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Black And Decker Oven

Are you the one that always wanted to cook but you don’t have talent or don’t have much time to cook for your food because you’re always in a hurry? If you love to make your own baked cakes, home made pizza, toasted bread for your breakfast or snacks or simply reheat variety of foods the Black and Decker TRO480BS Toaster Oven is right for you. It’s your perfect mate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The Black and Decker Toaster Ovenis an energy saver that can be used as an alternative to a full size oven. It offers a large capacity that doesn’t use much space in your kitchen with a great interior curved that can fit a 9inch pizza or you can toast 4 slices of bread in single cooking.

The Good thing about the Black & Decker Toaster Oven

This Oven toast evenly in just a few minutes that’s something that other toaster can’t do. It has a very basic control that makes it super easy to use it has only 3 knobs. The first knob is for the temperature control, the second is the function and the third is the timer. Most of all for its unbelievable price they cut its original price up to more than 50 percent off.


This oven is composed of 1200 watts of power for fast heating with dual position rack for more versatility. A slide-out crumb tray for easy access and for quick cleanup with a baking pan included. It has an indicator lights and a see-trough glass door to monitor your cooking and a very convenient signal bell when it’s done cooking. It has a very sleek design and the door handle that stays cool even at its highest temperature.

Bottom Line

Black and Decker is well known for making the best power tools and developed its people trust for the long time. The Black and Decker toaster oven is also one of their best products and became the best seller. Taking all the advantages over its competitor with unbeatable price this one is really a steal.

Read the full review of the Black And Decker Oven and find out why this product is a best seller.

Different Ways In Cooking Salmon

When it comes to discovering cooking salmon, remember that there are as a matter of fact many a different ways depending on the cuisine you select. Remembering this, it would be prudent for you to find out some of the many recipes that are online. You should also remember that when it comes to salmon, there are various ways in which you can prepare various types of salmon as well.

While cooking is something that you should have an established hang of, you should remember that unless you have a particular affinity towards it, you just may not be able to know how to prepare salmon. You will come across a full heap of recipes on how to cook salmon online. Even though, it would be great to note the common way of preparing salmon.

Oven cooking is one of the simplest ways to prepare salmon. This way you will observe that there are fewer additions in terms of condiments and rather more stress on the taste of natural salmon. This is the most common method when you are to learning on how to prepare salmon. Moreover, if you reckon yourself an adventurous type of individual, you should be capable of discover some cooking methods by yourself.

If you are more or less thinking that this oven cooking method is the ideal way, then what you should do is to get the right directions listed down so that you will not make a error. Ideally your oven should be heated to 350 degrees. Then you have to wrap up the split salmon with lemon in Aluminium papaer and put it in the oven. Though there are many variations on how to cook salmon even with this special way, you must remember that these are the basics when it comes to knowing how to cook salmon.

Keeping the salmon in the oven for about 10 minutes is absolutely required. Leaving the salmon in the oven for a few more minutes if you feel that the salmon is still rare once is is taken is a good idea. After you do think it’s finished, take the salmon out of the oven and afterwards allow it to be in the foil for sometime. You can serve your salmon together with your favorite sauce which could be lemon and butter or marinara. This would, in most people’s eyes, be the perfect method of knowing cooking salmon.

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What to Look For in Cooking Appliances

The term cooking appliances is one that can be applied to a range of items found within your kitchen. A toaster, kettle, grill, steamer and bread maker are just a few examples of basic appliances found within your kitchen; however the term cooking appliances also applies to bigger aspects within the room, cooker, fridge and dishwasher for example as well as microwave. All of these products, both big and small are crucial to cooking and food preparation so don’t just settle for any products, make sure you know what to look for in these products to ensure you get the best deal possible.

When you are in the market for new products for your kitchen you will be more than aware of the scale of the market and the amount that are available to you. All of these have various features but the key is knowing which of these features you need to look out for. An example can be seen through one of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your kitchen where appliances are concerned, which is of course your choice of cooker.

Choosing a cooker is about a lot more than the size of it or the style of it; yes there are various models available but more importantly there are a variety of ways in which these cookers operate. Two of the main types being electric or gas. Let’s start by looking into the gas option; these operate by gas that is ignited by a spark when you turn the oven on. The flame that is lighted and that heats the oven is located in the base at the back of the appliance. As the hot air in this oven rises it means the top of the product will always be the hottest. These are perfect for cooking any type of food and also have the advantage of being used as a slow cooker by simply turning the gas mark down. When it comes to an electric oven it should be noted that these can take a while to reach their desired temperature so it is wise to pre-heat them. With this oven however the thermostat is placed in the middle of the oven but this will also mean the top is slightly hotter.

When you are making your decision about which oven to include in your kitchen layout think about cooking time, in this case I would suggest leaning towards a gas oven as it can double up as slow cooker and, unlike the electric oven, doesn’t need to be preheated. Another aspect that you should consider is which would benefit you more where your gas and electric bills are concerned as you don’t want a perfect oven that is costing you severely every month.

When you are selecting different products for your kitchen, my advice to you is always start with the cooker, this is your main purchase where appliances are concerned and this way you can base all of your other product decisions around this one. It would also help you determine what products you need and what you don’t. For example in many cases with the right oven you will have no reason to go on to buy a slow cooker or a grill.

Make sure your appliances match the style of your kitchen and you have the best products to suit your cooking needs. Little things such as this and the above are all it takes to truly ensure you know what you are looking for where kitchen appliances are concerned.

Strata kitchens provides a full range of flat pack kitchens, to help you build your dream kitchen at affordable prices.

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Dutch Passion Seeds Now Available

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks in the world. Since 1987, it has been supplying smokers and growers with quality seeds that are truly phenomenal. After perfecting the feminization process in the late 1990s; the seeds on offer from the company are truly one of a kind. Heres more on some of the best cannabis seeds the company has to offer.

Genetic quality and germination reliability contributes greatly to the popularity of the Dutch Passion seeds. The feminised range of seeds from the company, has won several accolades as well as a steady fan following over the years.

The Blue Moonshine Seeds from Dutch Passion are particularly popular owing to the special blue indica hybrid that was first bred in the early 1990s. It provides smokers with a long lasting, almost narcotic body effect that can be very soothing. The taste is particularly smooth and easy to savor.

The Blueberry Feminised seeds from Dutch Passion is also one of the greatest cannabis stars, the company has ever produced. It has an impeccable cannabis cup pedigree and is also the recipient of the High Times Cup. It can yield a large stock under optimum conditions. And the plant itself is a joy to behold, in its many different hues of red, purple and blue, which eventually transforms into lovely lavender blue. A mature plant from this seed is characterized by a full fruity aroma and a pronounced Blueberry taste. It creates a pleasingly euphoric haze that lasts for a long time. These particular seeds are available in packs of 5 or 10.

The California Orange is also available in packs of 5 and 10s and is one of the most in demand seeds in Dutch Passions inventory. It is specifically meant for indoor growing at higher altitudes. This stabilized hybrid can be extremely resinous and possesses a pronounced citrus aroma and flavor. Yields are slightly above average for this plant.

Dutch Passions Durban Poison seeds have been imported from South Africa and further developed in the Netherlands. It has been inbred exclusively and never hybridized. The flavor of the plant produced by this seed is similar to that of a sweet licorice or anise. The Durban Poison can produce massive yields and does exceptionally well under artificial light sources. It is also a very popular variety.

Frisian Dew from Dutch Passion is one of the most beautiful outdoor varieties in the world. It is a one of a kind and a completely exclusive seed that produces some of the most potent plants. The plant itself is light purple in color and is a very high yielder of hash. It is one of the best options for outdoor growers and is invulnerable to mould attacks. This premium quality seed also does well in northern climates and has a soft aroma and taste. Frisian Dew is highly commercial and may be used for similar purposes.

Other seed varieties of Dutch Passion that you should definitely try, include the Dolce Vita, Euforia, Green Spirit, Hollands Hope, Jorges, La Lybella, Mazar Ortega, and Polar light amongst many others.

www.herbiesheadshop.com provides a secure shopping experience to order the seeds variety of your choice from the comfort of your home. Browse through the website for Feminised Dutch Passion Seeds, Dutch Passion Seeds and Pick N Mix Dutch Passion Seeds. Do not forget to see the listed offers and save substantial amounts while you place your order.

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Feminized Seeds From Dutch Passion

Feminized seeds from Dutch Passion are an absolute must have for those who are at least marginally passionate about their smoke. The Cannabis seeds on offer by this company are of premium quality; rendered so by years of research, experimentations and development. Heres a quick glance at the Dutch Passion feminized seeds and why theyre so special.

The feminization process is quite a breakthrough, when it comes to Cannabis seed technology. Dutch Passion have mastered the process and used it to create some top quality marijuana seeds that are completely feminised. Growing these under specific conditions will help yield female plants exclusively. Dutch Passion seeds are also available with specific information on the THC and CBD percentages of the strains used to keep clients better informed. You may even choose between regular as well as feminised seed varieties.

Dutch Passion Cannabis seeds are a smokers delight. The secret to their success is undoubtedly the genetic control exercised by the company, as well as the constant incorporation of new genetics from around the world. In fact, the seed stock is updated almost perpetually to ensure freshness of stock. The seeds are also selected very carefully on the basis of their germination rate, ripeness and size.

One of the greatest concerns of Dutch Passion is the taste of the seeds. They believe that a bio grown seed has more potential for flavor as compared to hydro pot. Of course, the latter growing option is more convenient to control and set up and the yield is also relatively greater than that of a bio pot or seeds that have been grown in the soil.

The feminized seeds offered by them are difficult to make and a lot of research has gone into the process, before they perfected it. This has also helped them discover strains that do not work well for feminization and identify methods by which the seeds can be grown to satisfaction.

The successfully feminized seeds of Dutch Passion now provide smokers and growers with many advantages. For starters, you can grow the plant in remote outdoor locations and not worry about having to come back and check for the growth of male plants. Growers may also count on increased yields, with almost every seed planted yielding a female plant.

There are certain ways by which you can manipulate the seeds to grow female plants. As revealed by Dutch Passions feminizer testing program, there are certain measures you can take to ensure that your seed yields plants that are feminine. This includes providing more nitrogen and less potassium, shorter light cycles, low temperatures and high humidity and also greater soil moisture to the seed.

Seeds from Dutch Passion are also packaged extra carefully. The bag used to package the seeds has a special foil that can help it preserve its powers of germination for an extended period of time. The bags are professionally sealed as well and therefore, you can always be sure of the authenticity of the seeds.

So if youre looking for top quality seeds that have specifically been designed to enhance your smoking and growing pleasure, Dutch Passion has the right seeds for you.

www.herbiesheadshop.com is a leading seeds supplier in the UK. Find the best deals here for Single Pick N Mix Feminized Dutch Passion Seeds, Dutch Passion Seeds, Pick N Mix Dutch Passion Seeds and other popular varieties.

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Meat Thermometer – Helpful For Cooking

Going back and forth on opening the oven or casserole during cooking is really a nuisance. Especially when we cannot estimate the right time of the right temperature. So here is how to avoid delaying time and depending on your mere instinct alone. Use a digital meat thermometer. This saves time to have the exact moment and lessens inconvenience for the part of the one who will cook. Its advantage is that it prevents food borne illness, which is a big plus factor health-wise; prevents overcooking; and holds at a safe temperature, where your mouth and tongue would not spit out the food, which will just waste the effort and time that you consume cooking.

If you are convinced that you should use digital meat thermometer in cooking, here are some tips before rushing into the nearest grocer, hardware or kitchen supply stores.

1. Regular, oven-proof types and microwave-safe types and pop-up types. These types of meat thermometer have specific uses and make sure to use these in appropriate usage as this may mismatch and can cause any forewarn accidents.

2. Make sure that it is instant-read, digital; as this can avoid prolonging the agony of waiting. Also, consider having the digital read-out which sits outside the oven, so that there is a an easy access on the visual aid for the calibration of the temperature.

So, here is the initial step when you already have the meat thermometer at hand. Keep in mind the first tip given earlier. There is a meat assigned per thermometer. You need not to mix the uses. For poultry, you can insert the thermometer into the inner thigh area near the breast of the chicken or turkey, and avoid touching the bone; for beef, pork, lamb, veal, ham, roasts, steaks or chops the gadget used should be inserted into the center of the thickest part, away from bone, fat and gristle; for ground meat and poultry gadget, it should be around the thickest are of ground meat or poultry dishes like meatloaf, and must be in sideways position in thin items like patties; and the last but not the least is for casseroles and egg dishes, the thermometer should be inserted in the thickest portion. There is a big difference in using oven-proof and instant-read thermometers. The endurance both can get inside the heat varies. For oven-proof thermometer, it is able to withstand right from the beginning of the cooking time, while instant-read thermometer is not designed to stay long in the food during cooking. So do not mistaken the two by prolonging the instant-read. This is not really advisable.

And for the last tip, use a digital meat thermometer, if you still think that this thing is not necessary at all, then think twice about it. The specificity of the temperature is rather advantageous, other than telling it to be rare, medium rare or well done. Remember that timing is always the essence, so rather than asking your self if it is already cooked rightly, why not trust on the gadget itself. But always remember to use it wisely, correctly and safely. After all, accident would not really occur if you are really prioritizing safety right from the beginning.

To know further on the information about digital meat thermometer, the proceeding link can help you. www.Digital-Meat-Thermometer.org

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