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Santa Maria Beef Tri-Tip Recipe


1 tablespoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
1 top sirloin steak (3″ thick), or tri-tip
Red oak logs, or charcoal and oak chips (soaked in water)


Combine the salt, pepper, and garlic salt together, and thoroughly rub the mixture over the meat.

Place the meat on grill and adjust it’s position so that it sites around 2 or 3 inches from the charcoal/heat source.

Sear each side of the meat over hot coals 5 to 8 minutes to seal in juices, turning them only once.

Now re-position the meat so that it is positioned about 6 to 8 inches from the heat source. Cook the meat for another 20 to 30 minutes, turning every 7 or 8 minutes until the beef is cooked to the desired degree of doneness.

Allow the meat to rest in foil for 30 minutes before slicing and serving.

Tri-Tip facts

In the United States, Tri-Tips were usually ground up, or sliced into steaks, until the early 1960’s when it became synonymous with Santa Maria, CA, as a local speciality food.

Tri-Tips were, and still are today, rubbed with a spice blend, or dry rub, that includes salt, pepper and other seasonings including garlic salt. The meat is then cooked and smoked over a pit of red oak wood, or more commonly, on a rotisserie, BBQ grill, or broiled in a large covered cooking vessel.

Even today, the Tri-Tip cut of beef is still referred to as the Santa Maria Steak.

This cut is very versatile in how it can be prepared.

The traditional Santa Maria style of cooking is grilling at low heat over a red oak pit but the tri-tip can be slow-smoked, marinated or seasoned with a dry rub.

The Tri-Tip is cooked over high heat on a grill, on a rotisserie, or in an oven and after the meat has been cooked it is normally sliced across the grain before serving.

Tri-Tip doneness temperature guide

Rare (Red with cold, soft center) – 125 to 130 degrees
Medium-Rare (Red with warm, somewhat firm center) – 135 to 140 degrees
Medium (Pink and firm throughout) – 140 to 150 degrees
Medium-well (Pink line in center, quite firm) – 150 to 155 degrees
Well-done (Gray-brown throughout and completely firm)  160 to 165 degrees

I never get tired of eating Tri-Tip as this cut of beef is simply fantastic served up on it’s own, or with a gutsy BBQ sauce. Once you’ve smoked Tri-Tip and enjoyed it, the chances are that you will already be anticipating the next time you have it!

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Recipes For Dog Food

Recipes For Dog Food

There are several recipes for dog food out there. They are fast and easy to use to make sure your dog gets all the nutrition that she needs each day. You can choose to be elaborate or simple with your dog food, it is up to you. The best part is you can easily make your pet’s food for cheap, at a higher quality, and better health wise than buying any of the best foods on the market in a store. Recipes are all over the web and once you make it once, you will never forget. Most of the recipes for dog food you make will make not only your dog’s mouth water, but yours too.

Vegetable Meatloaf For Dogs

Other recipes for dog food have nothing on this delicious meatloaf. Not only is it tasty, it has everything your dog will need as far as nutrients are concerned. You will need to have the following ingredients:

• 2 pounds of ground beef, chicken, or turkey
• 4 stalks of celery
• 5 carrots
• 6 ounces of tomato paste
• 4 potatoes
• 1 apple
• 2 eggs
• 2 slices of bread
• 1 cup of rolled oats
• 1 cup of wheat germ

In a very large bowl you will want to add the ground meat, three chopped celery stalks, two grated carrots, the chopped apple, eggs, rolled oats, wheat germ, shredded bread, and tomato paste. Mix it all with your hands to make sure it is thoroughly mixed and divide into four loaves. You will want to cook these loaves in a preheated roasting pan at 350 degrees. You will surround the loaves with cubed potatoes, carrots, and celery and then cover and cook for 80 minutes. Each loaf should be stored with a quarter of the vegetables in the refrigerator. Feed 1/3 of each bag each day. You can feed with kibble or without.

Chicken Recipe For Dogs

Recipes for dog food that include chicken are a very popular replacement for other wet foods. This recipe can feed a large dog for about a week if you portion out the correct amount and freeze it. You will need to have 3 pounds of chicken either minced from a whole bird or ground. You will also need some vegetables. The best ones are the frozen variety packs that contain no garlic or onions. Make sure they have small chunks or that you cut them into small chunks. You will also need a bag of brown or whole wheat rice as well.

Place the chicken and two and a half cups of the veggies into a large sauce pan with six and a half cups of water. Bring the mixture to a boil while stirring constantly. Add four cups of rice and reduce the temperature to medium-low and simmer for 25 minutes covered. Make sure all the liquid is absorbed. Separate into individual servings and store in the refrigerator. This mixture is served cold with or without kibble.

Brad Weston writes dog food related articles for the Good Dog Food Recipes website at http://www.gooddogfoodrecipes.com

Quick And Impressive Moroccan Beef

This Moroccan beef dish is impressive to serve and yet simple to make. If you expect guests and yet feel that you have no time for a home cooked meal, this may be a good bet. This dish comes from the North Africa tradition where most meat dishes are cooked long and slow. They are not cooked in what we would recognize as a slow-cooker, however, this recipe is adapted to a slow-cooker or crock pot and maintains the flavors of North Africa.

To serve a family of four, plan on cooking about three pounds of beef, an extremely generous serving. However, your mileage may vary depending on the size of your crockpot. As for cuts of beef, try roasts, steak cuts, or even tenderized round steak. You cannot miss with this recipe. The slow cooking is extremely forgiving.

1. If your meat is not already in pieces as stew meat would be, then cut your meat into serving-sized pieces.

2. For each pound of beef peel and grate one large onion. The onion not only adds flavor, but also thickens the broth because it is grated so finely.

3. Place the grated onion in a bowl with

teaspoon salt
teaspoon pepper
teaspoon ground ginger
teaspoon saffron threads

4. Mix the seasonings and onion thoroughly.

5. Toss the onion mixture with the meat in the slow cooker.

6. Add one cinnamon stick.

7. Dot the top of the mixture with butter, about three tablespoons.

8. Pour in about 2 cups of water and cover with one bunch of cilantro, spread over the top.

9. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours depending on how much meat you have in the pot. Six hours is adequate for a pound.

10. For each additional pound duplicate the amount of seasonings listed here. You don’t want to skimp. The succulence of this dish has been a winner with everyone to whom we have fed it.

11. In the last hour of cooking add some dried prunes to the pot, about 6 prunes per pound of meat. This may sound strange if you grew up on pizza, but the end result is splendidly flavorful.

12. When ready to serve, lift off the cilantro and discard. Place the pieces of meat on your favorite serving platter and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.

A nice menu to accompany this meat is a large green salad with vinaigrette dressing and steaming hot quinoa. You will have great company fare with little work on the part of the cook. Enjoy and rake in the compliments!

Alexander V. Martin enjoys healthy eating and cooking, especially iron-rich foods like beef, in fact foods for depression. He promotes Amazon’s highly rated depression book, Rebuild from Depression: A Nutrient Guide.

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Authentic Lobster Recipes

Researching for good lobster recipes is not really that hard. The Internet for one holds a long list of cooking manuals and books on how to properly prepare lobsters and you can actually have them for free!

Lobsters are high in protein and are great if you are on a strict diet because of the essential omega3 acids that you acquire from them. Studies actually show that lobster meat is indeed a good substitute for chicken meat and other basic meat staples. This omega3 that you get from this crustacean is also perfect for lowering the risk of strokes and other heart related problems. One good way of preparing a lobster is by steaming it; there are a lot of lobster recipes that make use of steaming. All you will need is an air tight and sturdy steamer and voila! You are good to go. One thing that you have to remember, though, is to cook your lobsters by batch in order for you to steam them properly. Compared to boiling, steaming needs only a fair amount of water, but would most likely take you a bit longer. Nonetheless, a steamed lobster will definitely be more juicier, tastier and by far a lot healthier for you to eat. Here is one of the many yummy lobster recipes that you can try:

Steamed Lobsters with Seared Wild Mushrooms

* 2 2lbs. lobsters, cut lengthwise

* ¾ cup of white wine (dry)

* ½ lemon juice

* 1 ½ teaspoons garlic (minced)

* ¼ cup of olive oil

* 2 bay leaves

* 8 crushed juniper berries

* 1lb. wild mushrooms (assorted). sliced thinly and the stems trimmed

* 1 teaspoon thyme (chopped)

* 5 thyme sprigs

* Salt and pepper

* Sourdough bread, with large slices toasted

First, rub the tails of the lobster with garlic and olive oil. Season the lobster with salt and fresh pepper. Using a large steamer, mix together the lemon juice, bay leaves, thyme sprigs, wine and juniper berries. Pour in water for about 2 inches, place the lobster in and cover tightly. Steam your lobster for 8 to 10 minutes on a high flame. On another end, heat part of the remaining olive oil in a frying pan then add the mushrooms and cook until brown. Put the chopped thyme and garlic in and cook again for another minute. Season the mushrooms with salt and fresh pepper. Serve your lobsters together with the mushrooms and toasted sourdough and enjoy!

Browse the Internet for more mouth-watering lobster recipes that you can share with your loved ones!

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed my article “Authentic Lobster Recipes ” You can order quickly online without having to make arrangements at the store, and your lobster, which will be bought at a nice savings, will arrive right when you need them. So get the best lobster recipe ideas online today.

Ground Beef Goulash ? Make It Healthier

Ground beef goulash is a simple dish to make more “body friendly.” This can help you to keep a good diet plan while eating foods you are used to eating. This recipe would be a perfect combination of health and flavor. This is very true if your goal is to maintain a standard weight.

Healthy recipes will always be recommended as this way you can continue eating your favorite dishes even when you’re following a diet plan. Healthier recipes are also so beneficial in preserving the weight reduction.

Ground beef goulash utilizes ground beef instead of chunks of premium beef utilized in extra customary variants of this dish because it is less expensive. That makes it possible to stay on budget. Testing with existing dish and creating new dishes all-together is extra fun. You may also provide a new name to better version.

Improved Ground Beef Goulash

So the problem comes how can we make our conventional beef recipe even better. You’ll follow the tenets of a good diet as outlined by Mediterranean diet.

To start with, one can easily try and eradicate the excess fat from your beef by draining. This easy action will eliminate much of this surplus fat. It will diminish the total amount of saturated fat making the recipe better. And which is again an excellent point.

The next move to making an improved goulash is to improve the fiber content. Toting up fiber rich foods like beans (kidney, navy, pinto, etc. all work well) can make your goulash right into a healthier food. Beans are incredibly flexible and thus will never change the original taste of the scrumptious recipe.

Vitamin rich foods are not a high priority at this time as goulash is really a cooked dish. Heat destroys the uncooked food enzymes found in natural foods. Nearly all of enzymes and vitamins present in raw food are destroyed while cooking. Hence, uncooked vegetable diet plan components just like a salad or raw vegetable platter must always accompany any cooked entr?e. That way you will definitely get the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals found naturally in food yet still enjoy your cooked foods.

After cooking, also be considerate while serving. Serve up goulash with a dollop of low fat sour cream as a garnish. You may also try toting up some paprika on the top of the cream. This will prepare the recipe more attractive and colorful.

For details on ground beef recipes please browse ground beef recipes. You may also have a look at some fantastic ground pork chop recipes by clicking Chicken Recipes

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Cooking Recipes – Recognize Where to Look for Victory

Have you ever had the craving for a specific dish or meal, but can not seem to discover a recipe for it? If this sounds such as you, there isn’t any must fret. The actual fact of the matter is that recipes are available all around the place. Simply because you aren’t a master chef doesn’t imply that you just cannot discover cooking recipes. If you already know the place to search for recipes you must never have any drawback getting started together with your next delicious meal.
Here are three locations that you can find cooking recipes without having to spend hours in search of them.
1. The most obvious place to seek out cooking recipes is in a cookbook. Paper recipes are what the majority of folks turn to when they’re making an attempt to make a dish that they are not familiar with. In spite of everything, paper recipes permit you to maintain the directions helpful as you move by way of the process. The good thing about cookbooks is that there are a whole bunch of them on the market, with every on referring to a singular topic. You can find a cookbook that covers the whole lot from bread making to desserts.
2. When searching for cooking recipes never overlook a superb friend. Chances are that in the event you wish to cook dinner, you in all probability know somebody else that shares the passion. Why not swap recipes so that everybody can get pleasure from? Buying and selling paper recipes with a pal is without doubt one of the most ignored methods of discovering new dishes to make.
3. After all, you may search for recipes online. If there is something that you just want info on in a rush, the internet is the place to look. Computer recipes mean you can discover what you want with out having to purchase a single thing. As well as, many people have decided to go the web route because they will print out the computer recipes and take them to the kitchen. It doesn’t get a lot simpler than that.
No matter what type of recipe you’re in need of, the actual fact of the matter is that they are often present in a number of totally different places. In case you do not need luck with one of many choices listed above, you may always try the next. And if none of them give you the results you want, why not discover your own approach of compiling recipes?
The bottom line is that you just don’t have to be a cooking skilled to find high quality recipes.
Lanette D. Deprato

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Cooking Recipes ? Discern The place to Find Success

Have you ever had the longing for a particular dish or meal, but cannot appear to find a recipe for it? If this sounds such as you, there isn’t any have to fret. The fact of the matter is that recipes can be found everywhere in the place. Just because you are not a grasp chef does not mean that you cannot discover cooking recipes. If you recognize the place to search for recipes it’s best to by no means have any downside getting started together with your next delicious meal.
Here are three locations that you’ll find cooking recipes with out having to spend hours on the lookout for them.
1. The obvious place to search out cooking recipes is in a cookbook. Paper recipes are what the vast majority of people turn to when they are attempting to make a dish that they aren’t familiar with. In any case, paper recipes allow you to hold the directions useful as you progress through the process. The good thing about cookbooks is that there are hundreds of them on the market, with every on relating a singular topic. You will discover a cookbook that covers every little thing from bread making to desserts.
2. When searching for cooking recipes never overlook a very good friend. Likelihood is that should you wish to prepare dinner, you in all probability know anyone else that shares the passion. Why not swap recipes so that everyone can take pleasure in? Trading paper recipes with a buddy is likely one of the most ignored methods of discovering new dishes to make.
3. In fact, you may seek for recipes online. If there’s something that you simply need information on in a rush, the internet is the place to look. Computer recipes can help you find what you want without having to buy a single thing. As well as, many individuals have determined to go the internet route as a result of they’ll print out the computer recipes and take them to the kitchen. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
Regardless of what sort of recipe you’re in want of, the fact of the matter is that they can be found in various totally different places. If you happen to don’t have luck with one of many options listed above, you’ll be able to always try the next. And if none of them give you the results you want, why not discover your individual manner of compiling recipes?
The underside line is that you simply shouldn’t have to be a cooking skilled to find quality recipes.
Lanette D. Deprato

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Is There Such a Thing As a Perfect Pork Roast?

I’m a pork lover. My family has been pork lovers since before I was born. Our family prefers to serve a roast pork loin at Thanksgiving rather than a roast turkey. I have been in search of the perfect pork loin for most of my adult life.

I searched the web to find recipes and cooking tips. I was surprised to also find some interesting food products for sale such as Napa Valley natural fruit purees, sashimi tuna, American Kobe Wagyu beef and a new item to me, Kurabuta pork, also referred to as Berkshire Japaneses Pork. I came to learn, this pork variety has been celebrated in Japan and around the world for many reasons, but especially for its marbling and flavor, which are its most distinctive characteristics.

American Kurobuta Pork loin is lean, with small, fine streaks of marbling that make each cut sweet, tender, and juicy. Unlike traditional white pork that can have a tendency to be bland and dry, American Kurobuta pork is much darker in color and rich in flavor. In fact, the Wall Street Journal has dubbed it “The Other Red Meat.” I wasn’t sure whether to opt for either a bone-in rack which includes the pork ribs, and a boneless pork loin. I decided on the boneless.

My boneless pork loin arrived within two days of ordering and came packed in a Styrofoam cooler. Cooking pork has been a hobby of mine and I decided to keep this attempt simple. Garlic, olive oil, and Kosher salt. In the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees and left to rest on the counter for another ten minutes while I finished up the sides and accompaniments.

The pork roast cut like butter and the juiciness was amazing. As stated, the pork meat was slightly darker and had a complexity of flavors unlike grocery store pork. Although a little pricier than grocery store pork, this pork was worth every penny. I will definitely buy Kurobuta pork again and this time invite some friends to share in this gastronomic treat.


Saving Money Recipes

In these hard times we need to reevaluate what were spending our money to see if we can save money  just to simply live. If you eat out a lot then you can make quick savings by making your own breakfast, lunch and dinners.  I try and make a dinner for seven for under $ 15 which if you were to compare with the cost of restaurant meal you’d be looking between $ 10 and $ 20 for a single meal. That is an 86% saving on eating out at a restaurant. Multiply that saving for every time you’d eat out in a month and you can start to see some extra money being available for other important things.

Other benefits of home cooking are :

eliminating travel time to and from the restaurant
knowing exactly what went into produce the meal
Little or no preservatives, msg or other nasty chemicals
Food that will keep you and your family healthy

 Saving money recipes is a phrase that describes the recipes I use. The recipes  are cheap family meals, quick and easy to cook and nutritious and tasty.

 An example of a meal that my family likes is homemade hamburgers.

The ingredients are:

mince meat (enough to make patties for how many hamburgers you want to make)
tin of pineapple rings
2-3 eggs
Tomato ketchup and bbq sauce

Take the mince put it in a bowl and mix in some beef stock and bbq flavoured sauce ( 2 Tablespoons)

Divide the mince up into the number of patties you want to make and mold them into the shape and cook in a frying pan with a Tablespoon of oil.

Break eggs into small frying pan and break yokes. After cooked divide into segments for the number of hamburgers you are making.

Slice the onion into rings and cook in another frying pan, or wait until patties are cooked and cook them in any left over juices from the patties.

Toast the buns both sides under a grill

slice the tomato and place patties and pineapple rings (if you like them) into the buns with onions egg segment and ketchup ( or BBQ sauce).

Serve with homemade chips for a healthy alternative to fast food from the shop. Check out how much you’d save on this meal for a family of 4  with the local cost of ingredients against the price of  bought hamburgers and chips.

Michael Willoughby is a software developer with 7 (including himself) hungry mouths to feed. Over the years he has saved thousands of dollars by not eating out and regularly cooking the meals at home. Check out his squidoo lens Saving Money Recipes for more recipes and tips to save or go to http://www.squidoo.com/savingmoneyrecipes.

Recipes For Acorn Squash Are Avoidable With Basic Cooking Methods.

Acorn Squash are plentiful this time of year, but avoided by most shoppers because the large, heavy, ugly, tough orb is intimidating. Where would I begin to know how to cook that thing? people ask themselves. Even if theyre brave enough to buy it, they now need to search for recipes for acorn squash. That takes time. That takes effort. Its not fun.

However, you can avoid searching for recipes for acorn squash if you employ a little basic cooking methods skill. You can write your own recipes! Acorn squash is a tough nut to crack, so some basic knife skills are in order to remove the waxy outer skin. With a serrated slicing knife, I first remove the top and bottom of the squash. Then, carving around the contour, I remove all the skin, revealing the bright yellow/orange color of the flesh. Cut it in half, remove the seeds, and cut into cubes for the beginning of our own recipe for acorn squash.

Roasting (or baking) is a basic cooking method that uses hot air to transfer heat to food. This is called a dry convective cooking process. The only problem with cooking with dry air is that it dries out the product your cooking. Moisture evaporates in a hot oven, giving you dry results.

Well add moisture to our own recipe for acorn squash by creating a simple white sauce. Having combined butter and flour to create roux, I added milk and goat cheese to create a creamy, cheesy, bright white sauce. Once we coat our cubed acorn squash in the white sauce, it will help retain moisture through the long, dry cooking process.

Your recipe for acorn squash doesnt have to include a white sauce youve created. Condensed soups work very well in helping keep your foods from drying out in the oven. This is a quick and easy way to create a flavorful recipe for acorn squash without much cooking knowledge at all.

Chopped walnuts are a Fall flavor that would compliment this dish, so Ive chosen to include them in my creation. Once spooned into a casserole dish and topped with bread crumbs or shredded cheese, weve created our own recipe for acorn squash an Acorn Squash Gratin.

You can use this very same method to create any recipe you desire, using any products you desire. Dont avoid the fresh ingredients of Fall because youd have to search for written instructions. Once you think about HOW youll cook the item, youll be creating your own recipes for acorn squash using these suggestions.

See the recipe for acorn squash video.

Author Box:
Chef Todd Mohr has freed thousands of people from the frustration of written recipes with his online cooking classes. The Chefs cooking DVD series Burn Your Recipes empowers people to cook with basic methods and the ingredients they desire.

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