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Boss Electric Pressure Cooker “up” Technology Health Philosophy – The Boss, Electric

2006, the home appliance industry standard efforts to increase the standardization of the small appliance brand and technology in high demand, sought to create a kitchen environment, people’s health.

The increasingly fierce market competition, so the manufacturers one after another raising brand awareness, innovative product technology. On the small household appliance market, more active this year, when the number of kitchen electric appliances industry, strong brand owner, not only in brand building, crowned “Top 500 Brands in Asia”, and its electric pressure cooker of the UP precise control of pressure techniques also allow the market to surprise.

sustained brand climb “Top 500 Brands in Asia” is not easily able to pass the bar. Asian brands in the first 500 of the presentation ceremony, electrical domestic kitchen appliance brand topped the boss, “500” list, is the industry’s first electric kitchen selected brands. The boss name brand appliances from China to Asia and even the Sprint brand on the road to the world an important brand to climb the fulcrum.

On the small appliance industry, the 2006 standards, health through to the end, the state promulgated the “Residential Kitchen”, “residential unit bathroom”, on kitchen electrical products business and related industries to enhance brand value, to be more high demand. Boss Electric floor this year, “Standard Chinese” concept, product and brand building services to create a healthy kitchen environment.

Overview of brand building, brand development, the cornerstone of support for the final analysis, or product technology. High-quality products and continuously updated brand awareness and brand concept to enhance the dissemination of business from the inside out the brand appeal. A mosaic of small household appliance market, product characteristics, in order to come to the fore, technology and the appearance of improvement and innovation is one of the essential aspects.

upgrading technology Pressure cooker is 60 years since the last century there products, characterized by shorter cooking time, delicious. However, the pressure cooker is high-pressure high-temperature operation, there is potential safety problems, caused by the explosion incident has occurred frequently, bad master. In the context of this industry, electric pressure cooker a timely. Boss electric pressure cooker has reached “absolute braised chicken” with it, the issue of security, boss electric pressure cooker is set to eight heavy protection. Currently, electric pressure cooker on the market the main types of mechanical switch to control and digital full intelligent control, cost is very high. Followed by “high price” 5,000 yuan “to do yoga for food,” owner E electric pressure cooker meals entered people’s vision. This Korean joint venture’s products, using South Korea imported control chip, the combination of the two high-end technology, core technology is the unique digital preservation technology and pressure equalization technology.

According electrical technician with the boss, all the electric pressure cooker products have excellent performance from the original owner of the technology?? UP precise control of pressure technology.

“UP” Philosophy of Health Preservation
Electric pressure cooker products UP precise pressure control technology, crowned “Top 500 Brands in Asia” by the original owner of electrical appliances. It will be the pressure of the cooking process for the five levels of refinement?? Micro-pressure, low pressure, standard pressure, medium pressure and high pressure, according to different foods, different cooking modes, full self-regulating pressure cooking pot.

More importantly, it will completely solve the nutrition and delicious traditional cooking can not have both problems. Precise control of pressure by UP Technical boss electric pressure cooker, to achieve fully sealed cooking?? Cooking process is not boiling, not steaming, undrained, quiet design; food nutrition and taste are firmly locked in the pan. Meanwhile, the boss of the UP precision electric pressure cooker pressure control technology easy to bring all intelligence operations experience.

In addition, UP precise control of pressure technology also provide employers with energy-saving electric pressure cookers, rice cookers year saving up to 30% to 60%, saving up to 50% to 80%. Break with traditional mechanical methods of artificial conditioning, full details of the work of each real-time monitoring, clearance by 0 seconds without signal butt, precise control of cooking conditions for each operating point, to ensure precise control of pressure UP technology, the stable operation of a number of system technology .

With precise control of pressure
UP this sensitive sensor technology, to bring a variety of delicious food to enjoy.

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