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Where Does Becoming A Vegan Begin

It starts with the choice.  In fact, becoming a vegan and remaining a vegan for the long haul rests solely on your firmly making a choice to do so.  It won’t begin with your wanting to experiment with it because someone you know or your favorite celebrity is doing it.  It won’t begin with your attempting to be defiant or trying to be different.  It won’t even begin with your doing so to impress someone.

It will all begin with you deciding to make the transition for the betterment of you and you alone.  Becoming a vegan is a very personal commitment.  If you firmly make the choice than you will be mentally and emotionally prepared for the transition.  Thus, you will more than likely be committed to stick with your decision.  Veganism is a major lifestyle change.  It’s a change in the way that you view yourself in the world.  Its a change in the way you approach health and wellness.  Its also a change in the way you interact and relate with others.

I’ll admit that initially, the transition will not be easy.  You will have to withstand brutal criticism and skepticism from others who don’t understand veganism.  You will question yourself about whether you’ve made the right decision.  You will try to rationalize why your prior food choices were really “not that bad.”  If you live with others who are meat-eaters you will struggle to resist the urge to have just a “taste” of what they’re having.  The internal battle will seemingly never subside.

That said, you will need time to mentally adjust and your body will need time to physically adjust.  If you don’t allow yourself time to adjust your rationalizations will turn into unavoidable temptation which will lead to failure.  Consequently, you’ll find yourself right back where you started and feeling guilty as ever about it.  So don’t rush into this new lifestyle, make the change gradually and give yourself time.  By taking this approach you will find that in no time at all you will feel good about having made the transition because you will start to feel and look better.  Your body will feel lighter and less weighted down.  You won’t feel guilty about what you are eating.  Your taste buds will change for the better.  You will be more confident.  You will have more energy.  More than anything, you will start to have a more optimistic, open-minded outlook on life and you’ll care more about your environment and about the health and well-being of others around you.  So relax and enjoy the deliciousness of the process.  You’ll only get to experience it once so you may as well enjoy it.

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