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Vegan Vs Vegetarian – What’s the Difference?

Most people around the world are on a diet mostly composed of meat. Why wouldn’t they live off of meat? It has so much protein and all the other stuff it takes for a healthy body. However, what those people don’t realise is that they are polluting the world. Manufacturing meat takes up a lot of energy from fossil fuels, causing air pollution. So what can they do in order to save the environment? Stop eating meat!

However, people have a choice on what to do next. They can either go vegan or vegetarian. Though they both start with the same three letters, people think that they are the same thing. Most people think that if you are vegetarian, you are vegan, and if you are vegan, you are vegetarian. Though it is true that a vegan dude is a vegetarian, it is not true that some one that is vegetarian is necessarily on a vegan diet.

The vegan diet consists of only fruits, vegetables, and plants. Nothing else. No milk, dairy products, or anything dealing with animal products. That also includes eggs and gelatin. So if you are vegan, you can’t eat jello, milk, or yogurt.

It is good thing to not ingest eggs or gelatin; they are made from killing animals. But the only thing about the vegan diet that really just makes me uncomfortable is the fact that you can’t drink any milk. What’s wrong with milk anyways? It doesn’t require killing or torturing, a cow, a sheep, or anything else that produces milk. So it would be like saying that little newborn babies are cannibals; they eat products from their own mother.

A vegetarian diet is much more diverse and does not require any soy. You can actually drink milk, enjoy some cream cheese on your ritz, and enjoy your favorite Dannon yogurt. You are not just limited to plant products. You can eat some dairy, too.

That is the good thing about being just a vegetarian. You can actually eat milk and dairy stuff. That’s how you stay alive as a non meat eater. Milk is a source of protein, lactose, and a bunch of other stuff that your body requires. It doesn’t even require much to produce.

So if you are a vegan, I have no problem with it, but it’s beyond my comprehension how you all stay alive. I don’t know how you stay healthy on just soybeans, but good luck with it.

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