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Live Longer And Healthier With Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetables are believed to be the healthiest foods that a person can eat. And especially with the tendency of meat and other meat-products tending to be processed artificially these days, the health risks posed are rising at an alarming rate. More people are therefore drastically changing their dietary habits by switching from the normal meat and junk based foods to meals with strictly vegetarian recipes.

While there are literally hundreds of vegetarian recipes prepared by peoples from all over the world, below is an easy to make, yet very delicious, one that has its roots in the Middle East, Lebanon to be precise.

Kidney Bean Stew

Makes 5 large servings.

The ingredients:

1. 4 to 6 cloves of garlic (for a better taste): crushed

2. 1 large yellow onion : chopped

3. 1 large green pepper: chopped

4. 2 cups of sliced mushrooms

5. 1/2 cup of vegan cooking wine

6. 16 oz can of dark red kidney beans

7. 2 large potatoes: sliced and diced

8. 20 oz can of whole tomatoes

9. A cup of Spanish olives

10. Assorted spices as required: salt, pepper and oregano, or any other spices, for decoration

11. 3 cups of cooked brown rice


First sauté the garlic, onions, peppers, and mushrooms in the vegan wine until the onions
start to become clear.

Add the tomatoes and kidney beans. You do not need to drain them …throw it all in there

Next add the potatoes and if you love the taste of olives throw in the Spanish olives, and if you don’t it will still be fine without it. Let it all simmer on low heat for about an hour while you make sure that you stir often and taste as you add the spices and oregano.

Finally serve the kidney bean stew over rice with some whole wheat pitas for dunking.

If there is any, add leftover rice to the stew and refrigerate it, the taste is even better the next day.

S&W Beans

What makes vegetarian recipes tasty, like anything that is a collection of elements, is the quality of the individual ingredients. And in the recipe above the main ingredient is the kidney bean. Therefore, it is imperative that the beans be of the best quality: fresh and organic. And for over 100 years, a San Francisco company has been producing and serving only the best in not only kidney but a dozen more varieties of beans. This company is S&W Beans.

If you need to buy beans for the ingredients of your vegetarian recipes then make sure you go to the best in the business: S&W Beans. Visit us at: http://www.swbeans.com/

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Raising Kids Vegan – Is It Healthy

Despite what friends, family, corporate media, and many others may say there are numerous studies that have proven that you can raise healthy children on a vegan diet.  In fact, the American Dietetic Association along with the Children’s National Medical Center in DC and countless other well-respected professionals and organizations have asserted that a well-planned vegetarian diet is appropriate for people at all ages, including children.

That said, the notion that children raised vegan are not healthy is a fabrication to say the least.  The fact is that children raised on a vegan diet eat more fruits and vegetables than non-vegan children.  Moreover, when compared, vegetarian children get sick less often and have been found to be leaner, have a lower prevalence of obesity, lower BMI, and better lipid profiles.  These findings have recently gained a lot of attention in lieu of the childhood obesity epidemic.  Why?  Because they suggest that the meat, dairy and egg products consumed by non-vegetarian children have an associated risk of obesity while the nutrient, fiber rich diet of vegetarian children reduces their risk of becoming overweight.

The key to raising healthy kids on a vegan diet is good planning.  Parents should ensure that their vegetarian child gets adequate amounts of Vitamin B-12, protein and minerals.  It is also advised that vegetarian children be given a varied diet including legumes, whole grains, tofu, nuts, seeds, and lots of fresh fruits, leafy green and other mineral-packed vegetables.

Vegan children grow to be well-adjusted, healthy, happy adults.  You simply need to educate yourself on how to give them well-planned meals that provide them with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need to support their developing bodies. In today’s information-based society that will not be a difficult task.  Do some independent research, discuss it with your family physician and look to educate yourself about this natural dietary alternative until all your questions are answered and all of your concerns are put to rest.  Rest assured though, the probability is very high that you will discover that raising your child vegetarian is one of the few viable healthy dietary options that still exists in this unhealthy world. 

Amirah Bellamy is a Vegan Transitional Coach, Vegan Fitness Meal Planning Expert, and Author.  To learn more about her fabulous Vegetarian Meal Plans and Healthy Eating eBook or to INSTANTLY grab her FREE Vegetarian Starter Kit go to www.AmirahBFit.com

Make Your Heart Happy With Vegetarian Recipes

If you are a vegetarian, most likely you are already familiar with the advantages of following a vegan diet.  Sometimes vegetarians are looked upon as animal rights extremists, and this may be the case with some, but there are many health benefits that come with being a vegan, which result in prevention of some of the major diseases among people in North America.  If you are considering becoming a vegetarian for personal reasons or being advised to change your lifestyle by a doctor, here are some advantages of following the diet:

Reduced Saturated Fat.  Dairy and meat contain high amounts of saturated fat so you will be greatly improving your cardiovascular health by limiting this.
Antioxidants.  They will help protect the body and it is a good way in helping to fight some forms of cancer.
Better Quality Protein.  Yes, meat holds tons of protein but many Americans get too much protein in the form of red meat, which is not a healthy way of meeting your protein needs.  Beans, nuts and soy are all great ways to get the right amount of protein in your diet.
Lower Cholesterol.  When you eliminate any product that comes from an animal you are automatically lowering your cholesterol.
Lower Blood Pressure.  Eating a vegan diet rich in whole grains with will lower your blood pressure.
Eliminate your chance of getting E Coli.  E Coli comes from eating contaminated red meat and you can eliminate that concern when you become a vegetarian.

There are many more health benefits that go along with veganism if you choose the correct diet.  If you are not familiar with the vegetarian diet, you may have trouble coming up with healthy, tasteful vegetarian recipes. At http://www.swbeans.com/ there are vegetarian recipes that the whole family will love.  White beans with asparagus or sweet and smoky barbeque beans are just some that they list.  The three bean salad with vinaigrette, which includes 3 types of S&W Beans, parsley, lettuce leaves and finely chopped red onions is a beautiful vegetarian recipe to make when you have company. The hearty meals and snacks that they offer come with easy step by step instructions.  Also included is the nutritional information per serving for each of their recipes so you know exactly what you are eating.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time to follow a healthy vegan diet.  Everything included in the recipes are easily accessible and affordable.  Try a new delicious vegetarian dish today and your body will thank you!

Find nutritious and heart healthy vegetarian recipes from http://www.swbeans.com/

Find nutritious and heart healthy vegetarian recipes from http://www.swbeans.com/

The Three Easiest Vegetarian Crock Pot Recipes!

Vegetarian crock pot recipes are catching up at tremendous speed with the busy and health-conscious crowd. Thanks to animal rights activists, people are trying to ditch their “carnivorous” habit and switch to a pure vegetarian diet.


We know that you haven’t the time to cook – and that maybe you don’t like to either! So, here are some of the easiest healthy slow cooker recipes for you.


Vegetable Mushroom Cheesy Soup

INGREDIENTS: 4 cups of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot – thawed and blended; a can of mushroom soup cream; half cup onion, finely chopped; 2 ounces of paprika; and one and half cup cheese – low fat.




Take cooking spray with butter flavor and grease the crock pot with it.
Put thawed vegetables, paprika, chopped onions, and cheese to the pot.
Stir the ingredients and cook for 6 hours.
Serve with rice for a fantastic meal.


Vegetarian Lentil Soup

INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of lentils; 8 cups of vegetable broth; 4 cups of water; one diced onion; 2 chopped carrots; 2 minced garlic cloves; 3 sliced celery stalks; one can (14 oz) of tomatoes, diced; 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar; one teaspoon of salt; half teaspoon of oregano; and ¼ teaspoon of black pepper.




Add all the ingredients in the crock pot and mix them well.
Cook for 8-10 hours on low heat.
Serve the lentil soup hot.
You can add extra vegetables while cooking to make the dish more filling or serve it with rice for a hearty meal.


Cheese Potatoes

INGREDIENTS: 8 thinly sliced potatoes; 8 ounces of Tofutti – this is a substitute for cream cheese for a purely vegetarian dish; half onion, diced; 2 garlic cloves, minced; one teaspoon salt and one tablespoon parsley. Also add cracked pepper for added taste.



Grease the crock pot slightly.
Take a small bowl and mix garlic, onion, salt, parsley, and pepper.
Put a layer of thinly sliced potatoes at the bottom of the pot.
Sprinkle the bowl mixture on the slices.
Top it with one-third part of the Tofutti.
Place a second layer of sliced potatoes over this.
Repeat the sprinkling and topping.
Make several layers until you have used all the slices.
You can add extra cracked pepper for making the dish spicier.
Put the lid on the pot and let it cook for 3-4 hours or till the potatoes are baked properly on high heat.



Aren’t they absolutely easy slow cooker recipes? Enjoy these vegetarian crock pot recipes!

How to Make Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes

Being a vegetarian in itself has many health benefits, but if your goal is to lose weight, then you may want to consider low fat vegetarian recipes as part of your daily cooking routine. Vegetarian food is already really healthy, but to lose weight you will need to take extra steps to make it even healthier and fat free for you. Below are some easy tips on making regular recipes, low fat vegetarian recipes.

Tip 1: If a recipe calls for butter or margarine, make sure that it is low fat butter or margarine that you use. This will greatly cut down on the total fat content of your meal.

Tip 2: Many delicious dessert recipes call for sugar. Instead of using regular white sugar, use a zero calorie alternative. The end result will usually taste the same, but you will be cutting the fat content significantly.

Tip 3: Do you love sandwiches or toast? Stop eating white bread. It’s high in calories and it isn’t going to help your digestive system or your weight loss. Instead of white bread, start using whole wheat bread, which is a much healthier alternative.

Tip 4: Do you love your salads? Although your salad is probably very healthy for you, the type of salad dressing you use could be hurting you in the long run. Switching to lighter salad dressings is going to help you cut back on fat in your salad. Limiting your use of cheese, or using light cheese instead can also help to make your salad low in fat.

It’s not very hard to alter existing recipes in order to create low fat vegetarian recipes. All it takes is a few substitutions in your daily routine, and you will start losing weight. Not only will you lose weight, but your body will be healthier and have fewer toxins.

Bill Hansen is a writer and researcher on low fat vegetarian recipes. If you want to know more about how to follow a healthy vegetarian lifestyle please visit:- http://vegetarianlifestylebenefits.com/

Vegetarian Soup Recipes – Easy and Fun!

Soup is one of the most versatile meals you can possibly make. Almost any soup can be frozen and then reheated later to make for an easy meal. There are thousands of varieties of vegetarian soup recipes available out there that you can try. Or, you can do what I like to do and basically invent your own recipe! It’s really easy to do, and soup is so very easy to make.

One of my favorite vegetarian soup recipes to make is carrot soup. All you really need is a pot full of boiling water. Add cut up carrots, celery, onion, salt, and any other spices that you really enjoy. Cook until the carrots and celery are soft and then you’re done! I’d say it’s as easy as pie, but it isn’t. It’s easier!

With a pot of boiling water as your blank canvas, you can make any type of soup that you can imagine. Your creativity will be very helpful here. Throw anything you love into the pot. You can use any type of vegetable or even potatoes to create your masterpiece soup. It’s a lot of fun to come up with new recipes and try them out. If you love them, great! Keep the recipe for later. If you don’t like them, it’s no problem. Just try something different next time.

Creating soup can be a lot of fun to do. If you find recipes you love, you can share them with friends or family members. Your family will love your soup, and will ask for more!

Vegetarian soup recipes are incredibly easy to come up with. With a shelf full of spices and fridge full of fresh vegetables, there is no limit to what new tastes you can come up with. Keep your favorites and do them again and again for a healthy diet of vegetarian soups.

Bill Hansen is a writer and researcher on tasty and nutritious vegetarian food. If you want to know more about how to follow a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and at the same time receive a FREE vegetarian gift in the next few minutes that could prove extremely valuable to you please visit:- http://www.aboutvegetarianrecipes.com

Try Vegetarianism

There has been a lot of debate, or rather a feud, over the health benefits of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets for ages. The proponents of both hold strong and irrefutable standpoints, making the Veg vs. Non-veg, a critical topic of discussion for the health and diet practitioners all over the world.

Eating habits are one of the most crucial aspects in shaping our lifestyles as it is generally said that what we eat is reflected in the way we live our lives. According to a report, nearly 70% of the deaths in America are associated with the diseases that are directly related to their food habits. Eating healthy is not about following rigorous food diets or depriving yourself of the foods you love; its just about eating smart and feeling great.

A large body of scientific literature confirms that the consumption of vegetarian diets with the avoidance of meat and high-fat animal products can be your best bet for living a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life. There are hundreds of reasons to switch over and stick to a vegetarian diet. Indeed even Albert Einstein acknowledged that nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

Studies and intense research have shown that a diet full of veggies including whole grains, legumes, nuts and fruits can considerably lower blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure and can result in less obesity which can ultimately reduce the risk of various grave health-hazards. Consistent vegetarianism can diminish the chances of heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, cancer, etc., consequently lowering mortality rate. Also, the lifespans of vegetarians appear longer than those who consume more non-vegetarian foods. It is a general estimation that vegetarians live about seven years longer on an average than the meat eaters. Being a great source of nutrients and energy, and very minimum amounts of harmful fats, vegetarian healthy diets can also help you fit into your old pair of jeans. Vegetarians are usually slimmer and healthier than the meat eaters. It has also been found that eating vegetarian healthy meals purges the toxins out of the body which, otherwise, can overload our body systems and cause illness.

A vegetarian diet can be a very healthy option but it is crucial to ensure that it is well-balanced. A vegetarian diet closely matches the expert dietary recommendations for healthy living as it is highly rich in fibre & nutritional content, with a very low degree of saturated fats. In view of these great and natural advantages of vegetarian healthy diets, the trend of vegetarianism is even growing in supermarkets, restaurants and the fast food outlets.

So try a little vegetarianism, enjoy healthy living while doing a favour to our planet. You may relish your wonderful veggie meals even more knowing that no animals suffered along the way.

I enjoy sharing my personal experiences related to low calorie healthy eating diets food and healthy lifestyle. Find more tips for healthy living article for healthy lifestyle.

Vegetarian Zone Diet

You probably thought that the Zone diet was all meat and little vegetables. You may be right in a way as the main food recommended in the diet is chicken and fish. But this does not mean that vegetarian Zone diet does not exist. Zone diet is not meant only for non-vegetarians. You may have been misled by the 40:30:30 (40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein) diet plan as being ideally suited for non-vegetarians. Zone diet for vegetarians is very much possible.
According to Dr. Barry Sears who created the diet, vegetarians can still apply the 40:30:30 plan, but as 40% carbohydrates, 30% monounsaturated fat, and 30% vegetable protein. Vegetarians can opt for Soy as the main source of protein, in place of chicken and fish. Vegetarians need to read “The Soy Zone,” another excellent book by Dr. Sears for vegetarians interested in this diet.
What to Include in Your Diet
It is a well known fact that the main vegetarian diet consists of carbohydrates. This makes for a very unbalanced diet. Despite not eating meat, vegetarians still gain and store fat in their bodies caused by high level of insulin. To reduce fat storage caused by carbohydrate-high diets, vegetarians need to replace some of the carbohydrates with vegetable proteins.
Certain vegetables, such as green beans, are a source of both proteins and carbohydrates. Here one needs to be careful how one selects the food. Select protein-rich vegetarian foods along with carbohydrates to ensure that the ratio of the diet plan is maintained. You can always opt for meat substitutes that are Soybean based, such as Soybean hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, among many other items. This would convert your carbohydrate-rich vegetarian diet into a Zone diet fit for vegetarians!
Practising vegetarians can select from the following protein-rich vegetables for their vegetarian Zone diet. These are: Tofu, Soybean protein, Soy-based products, Eggs (if they are not a no-no), Cheese, Nuts, Nut butters, and Meat substitutes (seitan, tempah, and vegetable protein), to name a few.
Make It a Lifestyle Change
Following the Zone diet is not very difficult, whether it is for vegetarians or non-vegetarians. Two things to take care are: the right proportion, and the right portion. Most of us have never bothered about portion control as well as proportion and have always let our palates lead us by the nose. This is going to be difficult in the beginning, but you will eventually learn to master it. You have no choice if you want to meet your goal of a healthy life.
Most of us consider diet as a means to achieve a particular goal vis-à-vis weight and/or shape. This is good, but we need to consider following the Zone diet as a means of lifestyle change and not just a fad. Lifestyle change requires us to continue with this diet even after we have achieved our goals. The alternate would be that we reverse back to where we started from! And we know that it was pretty bad!

The author has written thousands of website content articles on various topics.

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Best Vegetarian Cookbooks About

The gender chart you are looking for. Something tasty which your family wants or simply something good you want to eat. You just adore cooking and would like to cook new food daily. There are numerous recipes nowadays due to the culture. Try to find some of the best recipe book you will find and put it to use. Maybe there are free recipe books at the same time.

There are numerous ways to figure out how to prepare healthy and delicious food for anyone to share with you in case you’re not yet expert considering the variety of ways for you personally really need to depend on something as it is your best way to do the one thing, jump on some recipe books you can use trying to select what type of recipe you can attempt. You will find loads of recipe books available nonetheless it you wish to try a new challenge, from the usual cooking recipes you are doing follow and you also want to prepare healthy food choices, the supply with the organic recipe books will make you think you should cook.

How do you pick a recipe book? Make time to research online. Should you be picky, you should research what culture you want. Which taste that suits you. Does one like salty or sweet? Then go build a list from there. Deserts or appetizers, there are lots of to select from. Just be prepared to select a lot if you want them.

The same as any sort of recipe books gift for everyone to use, the organic recipe books are accessible for the most part bookstores or if you want to make things easy, browse some e-books containing cool and healthy organic recipes which can be easy to made and incredibly affordable on your budget. You don’t have to go really expensive in case you are after appropriate food choices preparation to suit your needs want to offer your loved ones, particularly the kids, the very best for there are healthy ways that less complicated affordable.

Where must i look? One of the better place to go is often a cooking store. However , if you do not possess any stores who are around you like that, do not concern yourself. Just head to Walmart and look at the recipe books. There’s a good selection to select from so spend some time. Maybe you’ll buy more than one because to have considered trying many different recipes, from various cultures.

There isn’t any better approach to learn healthy cooking tips and prepare balanced diet with the aid of organic recipe books!

Just visit our experts homepage on Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

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Vegan Baking Substitute Ingredients – 3 Ingredients To Make Your Vegan Baking Delicious

If you’re looking for a vegan baking substitute for your favorite recipes, you need to know about the 3 ingredients you can easily substitute to start baking as a vegan. It’s just as easy as using animal products once you know the secrets, and it tastes even better. If you’ve been craving those chocolate chip cookies your grandma or mom used to make, read on…

Knowing what to use as a vegan baking substitute is a lot simpler than most people realize. There are only 3 main ingredients that need to be substituted, and I’m going to share with you the perfect vegan options.

As a nutritionist, I always consider health, too, so these substitute ideas are the healthiest choices out there for vegan baking, in addition to being delicious.

Here are the 3 ingredients you need to substitute in vegan baking:

Vegan Baking Substitute #1: What Should You Use Instead Of Butter?

Use virgin (unrefined) coconut oil. Unlike saturated animal fat, it does not increase cholesterol. When unrefined, coconut oil has Vitamin E, tocotrienols, and carotenes.

It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, and helps in the absorption of other nutrients, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. It is a perfect vegan substitute for butter, especially in baking cookies when you want to cream the fat with the sugar.

Although unrefined coconut oil is my favorite, in muffins and cakes, where the buttery texture isn’t crucial, you can use olive oil or untoasted sesame oil. These are a great substitute for vegan baking that has spices in it, like cinnamon and cloves, so that the oil’s flavor doesn’t come through.

Vegan Baking Substitute #2: What Should You Use Instead Of Eggs?

The purpose of eggs in baking can be to a) add moisture or b) bind things together. Moisture is covered easily with fruit/vegetable puree, or nut/grain milk.

My favorite substitutes for binding are psyllium husks, ground flax seeds or mashed banana. Mix 1 teaspoon of psyllium or ground flax with a couple tablespoons of water, let it sit to gel, and this will replace 1 egg. Banana works well to bind muffins or pancakes, adds sweetness and lovely flavor, and helps brown your baking.

Vegan Baking Substitute #3: What Should You Use Instead Of Milk?

Milk is the simplest ingredient to replace, with a wide selection of nut and grain milks available now. The function of milk in baking is to add moisture, so just about any wet ingredient can substitute for it in vegan recipes.

Try rice milk, almond milk, apple juice or whatever you have on hand. Be sure that its flavor jives with the rest of the ingredients, though.

The easiest way to start having success with your baking experiments is by using these 3 simple vegan baking substitute tips in cookies. If you want to make the best vegan cookies, check out this amazing resource that shows you how to make healthy vegan cookies, available at http://www.healthyveganrecipes.net/healthy-vegan-products/healthy-vegan-cookies

Heather Nauta is a registered holistic nutritionist who teaches you how to live a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, including how to get proper nutrition, enough protein, vitamin b12 and other minerals, and how to make an amazing variety of simple, fast healthy recipes that taste incredible for you and your family.

Recipes from The Weekend Chef (http://theweekendchef.com)