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The Difference Between The Two Known Crawfish Pots

Life is incomplete without tasting the boiled crawfish. That is why we go down the south just to taste that enjoyable lasting delicious taste if we do not find it in our near market. In the same manner, there is important equipment that we should have to perfectly get that delicious boiled crawfish. We call it cooking pots crawfish pots to be specific. There are some who believe that it is the essential equipment in your kitchen. Logically, it is because it holds the food we prepare for our family. Without this, you cannot cook well your food or the crawfish. Though it is hard to trace its history because of less available archaeological evidence we are very lucky to have it available in the market in different types and sizes.

This pot could be made out of cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, clay, copper and magnalite. Among of these the most common are aluminum stock pots and stainless steel stock pots. Aluminum stock pots can easily get heat so there is no need to use more energy in putting up fire on it. In the moment that you want to cook it with light heat then it is feasible. It is light to carry even with thick walls and bottoms. It will surely last long if this is cleaned well everyday. On the other hand, stainless steel stock pots remain its beautiful appearance for a long time without effort. For it resist corrosion and discoloration. In the market you will find stainless steel made stock pot is expensive compared to aluminum stock pots.

That is how they differ according to their physical and chemical attributes. You can see how big they differ from each other but most of the time they just got the same in pot sizes. Both of them had small sizes and large size pots. Of course, you can cook plenty goodies in a large pots and other way with the small ones. Therefore, their value to you depends on the amount of goodies you are going to cook. According to the experts of crawfish cooking a 30-35lbs load of goodies can be put in a 60qt. crawfish pot then additional of 10lbs would be fit to 80 qt. Then 45 lbs to 60 lbs is good for 100qt. In case you have 60lbs plus load then you should put it to 120qt.

In terms of prices, we all know that their prices differ also depending on their brand names. Some brands are really expensive but not really on that perfect quality or either way around. There are others cheaper than others but still wont serve you for a long time. There are other brands not too expensive but got incomparable quality. A partner in boiling crawfish that will last for a very long time.

Like any other equipment it varies in different sizes like small, medium or large. Sure, they have differences but it is only you who can decide which of these two known crawfish pots that will best serve you and help you in your kitchen.

Ralph Crow determines the difference of the durable aluminum stock pots to expensive stainless stock pots. They are both depending on your kitchen needs.

How to Cook Evenly with Cast Iron Pots

Cast iron utensils like cast iron pots, pan, skillets provide a very rustic and homey feel to any kitchen. This is because it has been the main utensils used by early settlers. They’re very durable and can last a long time so that your grandchildren or their children can still enjoy the cooking made on the same pots and pans that you used to cook for your kids. You can even include them as family heirloom. You might even see one lying around in your storage somewhere. Try to build your own collection around it. You wouldn’t want to break the family tradition, would you?

One of the advantages of the cast iron utensils is its ability to retain heat. That means that the heat is equally distributed thus allowing you to cook your food evenly. This is very crucial since we don’t want a dish that is undercooked or overcooked. We usually regulate the heat of our stoves to be able to cook the dish more evenly. It wouldn’t hurt if we get a little help from our pots and pans, would it? Uneven cooking is a problem that sprouts when cooking with non-iron cookware. An undercooked or overcooked meal is not very appetizing.

Cast iron utensils are inexpensive compare to their counterparts. There are even used cast iron pots and pans which are on sale and at very low prices. Does it sound surprising that these items are still going to be saleable even if they’re used? It is not surprising since cast iron utensils are durable and these used ones usually stay in good condition. If you don’t like buying used pots, don’t fret because even the new ones will not cost you a fortune. They are still very affordable and will last several generations.

Are you now convinced to buy your new cast iron utensils? That’s good. Now, if you like cooking stews and soups, I suggest you start with the cast iron pots. Here you can cook your savory beef stew or creamy chicken macaroni soup. When buying your kitchenware, you have to take note what you love cooking first and go from there. If you love frying, a cast iron skillet should do the trick. If you’re into baking, there is a myriad of cast iron baking utensils to choose from. You can test how well these few pieces work and turn it into a collection or take the plunge and buy a whole collection of cast iron utensils. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

When buying your cast iron pots, you have to keep in mind what you’ll use it for because they come in different sizes. When cooking for a family of four to six or a little bit more, a regular sized pot will do. However, if you always cook for a whole clan, host party often in your house, or use it in your own restaurant, you should opt for the bigger ones. If go on camping trips all the time then a smaller pot should do because it’ll be handy and easier to pack.

Cast iron kettles have a centuries long history of reliability and long service life. Today’s kettles, made with modern technology and advances in metallurgy, are of higher quality than ever before and there is a place for one in every kitchen.

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How a Pot Belly can be Dangerous

One of the worst side effects of our sedentary jobs is a pot belly. No doubt, it looks ugly and people suffering from it try to hide it by changing their dressing style or other ways that seem feasible to them. However, apart from looking ugly, a pot belly is dangerous to our health.

How a Pot Belly can be Harmful

Experts have proven that excess body fat has potential dangers. To understand how belly fat is harmful let us understand the main types of fat in our body:

Visceral fat: Assorted in the peritoneal cavity in between the various internal body organs, this type of fat is the most dangerous and, at the same time, difficult to avoid.

Subcutaneous fat: This fat lies just beneath our skin.

Intramuscular fat: This fat lies in our skeletal muscles.

Our pot belly is largely the concentration of visceral fat which, if not controlled in time, can lead to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. People with high visceral fat may also suffer from arthritis, spondylosis or other degenerative diseases. Also, visceral fat keeps releasing inflammatory molecules in the body continuously. Considering these potential dangers of visceral fat that a pot belly is made of, it is crucial that we make efforts to reduce belly fat to live a healthy life.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Getting rid of tummy fat is the most difficult when you are on your way to lose weight. It is important to understand that there is no quick-fix solution other than lap-band surgery, which has its own potential dangers. Consuming weight loss pills is also not going to help.

There is only one way to reduce abdominal visceral fat and to keep it from coming back and that is a great combination of a nutritious diet and a professionally designed workout regimen. Your diet should contain unprocessed natural foods that do not convert into fat. Moreover, exercises lead to hormonal and metabolic reactions that burn fat naturally, giving you a firmer stomach that you always dreamt of. It will not only boost your confidence, but also save you from various life threatening diseases.


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The Pot Filler: Helpful, Innovative and Stylish

Did you know that one gallon of fresh water weighs 8.34 pounds? And carrying two or more gallons from the sink to the stovetop can put a strain on your body.

The easy remedy? Install a pot filler.

Like the kitchen faucet, a pot filler is a plumbing fixture designed to dispense water. Pot fillers, though, are designed to eliminate the trouble of carrying a pot full of water to the stovetop, prevent spillage and save your back, hands, arms and shoulders. With just a turn of a handle, water flows right to a pot on your stovetop.

A pot filler’s versatility makes it more than just a luxury item. They come in two varieties (wall-mounted or deck-mounted), but one thing remains constant: it must be placed close enough to the stove top so that the folding arm can reach it.

Pot fillers are commonly made of brass, metal or stainless steel, and the handles are usually made of metal. Ceramic disc cartridges have replaced rubber washer gaskets. Considered the industry’s hardest, most reliable valving material, ceramic discs reliably control water flow and are designed to last a lifetime.

Once found only in restaurant kitchens, pot fillers have migrated into the residential kitchen, bringing with them a host of brilliant and time-saving features.

Space economy. The arm of this time-saving fixture swings out of the way when it’s not being used.
Themes. Pick a motif, and you’ll find a fixture to match it.
Handle options. They’re available in your choice of one or two handles (a second control eliminates any leaks and dripping), and handle styles vary from cross to lever handles.
Configuration. Most fixtures come with one or two faucet holes.

Unlike a standard kitchen faucet, there are no real placement guidelines, so you’ll want to make sure the spout has the right height and reach.

Some kitchens are capable of hosting a pot filler, while others are not so conducive. Mounting one will take some planning, especially if you’re adding to existing plumbing. Either way, you’ll want to plan with a contractor.

A pot filler may not be the kitchen’s most popular fixture (yet), but its popularity has grown steadily. Ingenuity and ease of operation have made it one of the most attractive features in today’s kitchen.

Until next time, Happy Home Improving!

Build.com is a leader in providing online home improvement products. We specialize in offering plumbing (like kitchen sinks), lighting, ventilation, door hardware and home decor products. We offer the best selection online at the lowest prices anywhere. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Essential Kitchen Pots And Pans

If you enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen then you will need the correct equipment and kitchen pots and pans. Having the right kitchen cookware is essential for you to be able to cook the meals that you want. There are many different styles of cookware that you can buy and the ones you choose will often be down to your taste and budget. Although there are cheaper styles of pans available, it is worth spending more and getting quality ones to cook with.

All kitchens need pots and pans. They are essential items and although you may think you can cook without them you will find it very difficult to do so. If you are on a tight budget then you should get one or two top quality pans rather than a set of very cheap ones that you will need to replace very quickly. You can then add to your kitchen cookware when you have the money to do so.

The kitchen pots and pans can be made from various different materials and which one you choose will depend on what you are cooking and how often you cook with them. Choosing non-stick kitchen cookware is advised because this will make cooking a lot easier. It also means that the cookware is easier to clean and maintain. You can buy kitchen cookware in different materials including cast iron, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. All of these are good and can cook your foods differently and enable you to try different cooking styles.

Copper pots and pans are the best you can buy as they cook the food in a very even way and allow the heat to be used in an efficient way. Cast iron kitchen cookware is ideal if you want to cook foods for long periods at a very low temperature. This type of pan will allow the food to cook evenly and not burn easily. They heat up slower than other pans and therefore cook the food slower, which is ideal for casseroles and stews.

Stainless steel kitchen pots and pans not only look fantastic but they also cook your food very well they do not stain or rust and never react with alkaline or acid foods. This style of pan can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and will not dent easily. If you use quality kitchen cookware then you will be able to create quality foods. Professional chefs tend to use these types of pots and pans as they are easy to use, easy to clean and very affordable.

Although it may take you some time to decide what kitchen cookware to buy when you have found the right cookware for you then you will love cooking. If you have the right equipment and cookware, then cooking will become a pleasure rather than a chore. You will love spending time in the kitchen creating new and wonderful meals. If you keep your kitchen pots and pans well looked after then they will last you for many years.

The Quality Cooking Corner offers high quality, affordable kitchen pots and pans that is perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.

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Pot Racks “?” The Chefs Third Hand

Pot Racks have been used for hundreds of years in one form or another. Fast becoming popular for households of any size and especially smaller homes where space is at a minimum. Such racks are usually mounted on the wall or hang from the ceiling by decorative chains. For the home cook or restaurant chef, pot racks are a very valuable tool.

Made from many different materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass and even composites, this storage rack is the perfect place to hold your cookware and utensils. Efficient storage is the name of the game when working in a small kitchen or restaurant and can make a decorative statement in homes with large kitchens.

Having efficient use of space is everyone’s dream in both old and new residences. This item can also provide an alternative functionally for storage of foods and spices to reduce clutter in the kitchen area.

There are a variety of hanging pot racks to choose from, wall hung models are usually half round in shape with hooks around the outer edge for hanging pans, pots and accessories.

Ceiling hung models appear in round, rectangle or oval shapes. These types of racks generally have a grid in the center to store accessories on top and movable hooks for hanging items. Custom shapes and sizes can be manufactured to fit the length and width, such items maybe needed in professional kitchens. An exceptionally large amount of kitchen accessories can be placed on these types of units.

It is important to note the space and shape of your kitchen to aid in the proper choice of a pot rack. A proper choice is a rack that is close enough when a desired pot or pan is needed, yet far enough away as to keep your head from bumping into it while cooking or working at the counter top.

All kitchens can take advantage of this unique space saver to add style and functionality. Try one in your home or make a great gift for family and friends.

Next, view the wide range of classic and modern pot racks available for your home from Rooms Delivered.

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Flavia coffee a potted history

Flavia was born in the UK out of necessity in 1982.  Mars Drinks, then known as Four Square Catering and Vending (Division of Mars) Ltd, having created the in-cup concept in 1974 with their brand “Klix” (at the same time, General Foods, now Kraft Foods created their in-cup brand “Maxpax”) realised they had to satisfy the increasing demand for fresh brew coffee and tea whilst retaining the simplicity of the Klix system.

In 1982 the first filter pack was developed bringing a new convenience to freshly filtered coffees. The first Flavia brewer was launched in 1984 and at that time the brand was known as “Dimension 3”.  This original machine had a plastic case and an internal guillotine for cutting off the ends of the filter packs.  Due to health and safety concerns this was replaced by the end off 1983 with steam assisted opening system.

The brand name changed from Dimension 3 to “Flavia” in 1989.  The machines evolved using the plastic casing until the launch of the S300 model in 1994 which had a metal casing.  The first “mini brewer was launched in 1989 and was replaced by the highly successful SB100 1n 1989.  Sadly this ceased production in 2009.

2002 saw the launch of the S350, the major advance being the high pressure steam jet enabling cappuccino and other frothy drinks to be offered.  2007 saw the launch of the latest model, the C400, compact with a stylish modern retro look with industry leading energy efficiency.  With the launch of this machine production was moved from Basingstoke to Shanghai, the filter pack production remains in Basingstoke.

Whereas Flavia was launched initially into the UK Only, it wasn’t long before it became very popular in Japan where it offered beverages with local appeal such as Japanese Green Tea.  This was followed by Europe and then in 1994 the USA.  The USA is now by far the biggest market and they have their own filter pack production unit producing drinks to suit American tastes.

With the backing of parent Mars inc. the Flavia brand will continue to develop and grow for a log time to come

Cook the tastiest meals with Stub pots

Staub pots are very special pots and if you want to only eat the best meals that you have ever had in your life, then you will definitely buy one. You will see that when you will invite your friends over and they will taste from the food you just prepared, they will definitely be very impressed with the taste and will ask you of your cooking secret. If you love to make braised red cabbage and beef bourguignon, then you will never have a problem with them from now on, as you will become an expert in cooking these meals.

The pots that Staub produces are very famous all around the world and there are a lot of luxurious restaurants that are using them. This is why when you will go eat from a restaurant you will always see that the food you are eating, has a different, a special taste that you can’t really achieved at home, until now. The pots are originally from France and it is enough to know their origins, so that you can encompass the quality they can boast with.

The Staub pots have had a massive impact on cooks all over the world, since they have appeared on the market and many of them just rushed over to get a set, either from online stores or from normal stores. Nowadays, everyone is familiar with Staub and we all are very aware of the fact that it is just one of the best pottery companies in the world that will always impress you with their high quality products.

The best thing about these pots is that even though you will use them for long periods of time, they will never wear off that easily, as other pots do. Staub is very well known that, when it produces something, it makes it very durable, so that you, the buyer, will be very happy with your purchase. The taste of your food will never be impacted, regardless of how much time you are using the pot for.
The pottery that Staub produces features a special metal and it makes the pot heat evenly. Other pots just heat the food from the bottom, but that will never be the case with a Staub pot.

If you want to make your food taste even better, then you cold pair your Staub cast iron pottery with the Staub dutch oven. It will make a perfect duo for the most delicious meals you’ve ever cooked

Get more information on Staub Cookware including Staub pots, by clicking on the link.

Richard is a full time internet marketer, with more than 6 years of experience in giving advice to thousands of customers on choosing the best products online

A Potting Shed for the Serious Gardner

If you are having problems storing your garden tools after you have completed your projects, then it may be time that you start looking for a potting shed for them all. It may even be that you are putting off acquiring more gardening implements that you need, because you don’t know where to store them properly.  

Also, being a serious gardener, you will want to maintain your tools properly. From hosing off the dirt and mud to drying them and oiling them for the prevention of rust, every step is important.  In this situation, any serious gardener will tell you that a garden shed is the ultimate thing for proper maintenance and care of your tools.  If you leave your gardening tools outside, they will gradually lose their functionality, and if you put them in a garage along with the cars, bikes and other paraphernalia, you may lose them in the accumulating clutter. With a garden shed, you can not only maintain your tools decently, but you will also know exactly where they are when you need them.

So how do you start getting the right potting shed for yourself? To begin with, start making an inventory of your garden implements and the ones you plan to acquire in the future. Consider the things that you don’t have now, may be a tree pruning equipment, a riding mower? You will have to calculate the space for these.

A potting shed is a great addition to a garden.  It is the best place to store items like the lawnmower, watering cans, pruning shears and other large equipment, and it also adds an attractive looking structure to your garden, especially if you go in for the natural wood ones with large doors and windows, with a veranda or canopy.  

There is a large variety you can choose from online these days, in attractive designs, from small ones suitable for a small garden space, to bigger structures if you need a lot of room. You can even custom order the type or color of paint, whether you want to add a window or side door, or window boxes or a veranda. Later, you can add extra shelves inside for storing soil bags, plant pots, and small garden tools.  Some garden sheds are designed to look like small cottages or cabins, with a greenhouse area for the sprouting of small seeds.  

It is important that enough light should stream into a part of the potting shed for you to start growing small plants and seeds before you put them outside. If enough sunlight is available, you can even start them ahead of the planting season, as, being inside; they will be protected from harsh weather conditions.

I am a creative professional with expertise in all aspects of successful marketing, public relations and management. I am an enthusiast in outdoors and gardening. Currently I am holding a Marketing Director’s Position at Solid Build, Inc. – high quality modern shed and potting shed provider.

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Picking a Pot For Your Roses

There really is no limit when choosing a pot for your roses. To prove that point try going to a large nursery and notice all the different pot sizes shapes and styles they use.

The most important aspect of choosing a pot is simply to make sure that you like it. You want to compliment your beautiful roses with a handsome looking pot. You might want to match the decor or create a theme, and an elegant set of pots will go a long way to create the atmosphere you desire.

Once you’ve decided on the basic look you’re after, you might want to consider some of the physical characteristics of the different types of containers. For instance, some have a much longer lifespan than others, some dry out quicker than others, some are quite heavy to move around, while others are very lightweight.

Clay pots — Clay pots are generally attractive, come in a variety of styles, and are for the most part affordable. Terra-cotta is the most common, but is subject to breaking and chipping. Also, a common feature of terra-cotta is the fact that it is porous and permits the soil to dry out quickly. Also in the clay pot category are glazed pots, which can be quite colorful but also will hold onto water for a longer period of time. You will however pay more for these.

Plastic pots — these will come in many shapes, sizes and colors. You can even get some plastic pots that look just like clay pots or wood pots. They can be very lightweight, are quite inexpensive and will keep the soil moist for a longer span than clay pots will. Cheap plastic pots are subject to breakdown from sun exposure. After being in the sun for a few years, they will very often get brittle and break.

Wooden pots — wood pots can be relatively affordable, and come in many shapes, sizes, and weights. You’ve probably seen the popular half barrels that look like wine casks. If you are good with woodworking, you might consider making your own wood pots. The main downside to wooden pots is that the wood tends to rot from being in constant contact with the wet soil. However if you can get your hands on containers made from rot-resistant wood such as cedar or redwood, you’ll be in good shape. 

Cody has been writing and publishing articles online since 2001. Check out his latest website over at http://www.magneticmailboxcovers.net which gives information and suggestions on how to use magnetic mailbox covers to decorate your mailbox.

Recipes from The Weekend Chef (http://theweekendchef.com)