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Versatile Ovens to Meet All Needs

Historically, ovens were once the Dutch ovens that hung over a fire in a fireplace or were units on three legs formed from cast iron. The style destined for a campfire or hearth outside has a lid that fits very tightly, therefore creating an oven inside. The second type of Dutch oven has a flat bottom with a heavy lid as well. Both work very well, but there are more choices today to suit a variety of needs. Oven technology has made these versatile appliances an essential unit in the home.

Solar powered homes can now find appliances fit to accept the electrical units that the solar panels are producing. This technology makes it possible to cook without using limited natural resources that create electricity, or even gas models that use up petroleum supplies. The solar appliances are a fantastic way to bring your home into the green zone. One of these appliances is the solar oven. The panels that collect the sun’s rays send the energy into a battery that allows the appliance to be used whenever it is needed rather than relying on the constant sun to power it. You will not have to eat cold foods on a rainy day!

One of the most beautiful of the ovens is the brick, wall mounted ovens one might see in bakeries that produce pizzas or other bread dough’s. The home models can bake breads and roast meats, especially if a really high temperature is used to sear the meat. The taste is unbelievable! You can lower the heat and cook up some mighty fine stews also. These ovens are very easily adapted to whatever you may need to cook in an oven. These ovens are statistically lower cost oven because the bricks retain the heat and you can shut the oven off and still have your meal cooking with the retained heat in the bricks. That is an efficient way to cook.

Range Ovens come with features that make cooking seem like magic. This type of oven is great for those who love to entertain or have a good sized family. There are often two separate ovens that can be used to bake off the rolls for dinner and roast a beautiful bird for the entre´ at the same time at separate temperatures.

Domestic ovens are able to give you several different options when it comes to cooking. There are both electric and gas models available. The basic domestic style has a single oven with a broiler. The broiler and oven are used in separate functions, determined by the setting you use. You can either bake or broil, but not both at the same time. This is where the double oven is most appreciated! Mini Ovens for tiny spaces

You can have a wall mount oven that saves you even more room on the bottom where you can have cabinets to hold your pots and pans. These units are most often electric, though gas models are available. Counter top ovens are also quite popular. These ovens usually only take up about the same amount of room a microwave would. These are great for singles or a couple that are just starting to put a household together.

The best way to find bargains is to determine the type of ovens that will suit your needs and then browse online to find shops that offer discount appliances. Discounted items do not mean less quality, it means that because the online shop purchases in bulk and do not pay the overhead big appliance warehouses do, and they can pass the savings on to you, the consumer. Shop online today for your oven and save a bundle of your hard earned money!

Whether you are looking for a cheap oven or a good deal on built in ovens you can find the right model for your kitchen by shopping online.

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Microwave Ovens

In the modern days, microwave oven has become the most indispensable appliance in the kitchen. It is device by which the food is cooked using microwave radiations. Compared to the other types of cooking appliance, cooking in microwave is quicker and they do not change the colour of the top layer, which in other type of cooking turns brown. This microwave technology is discovered during 1940 and now there are many modernization and up gradation in it. There are many colours, finish and designs offered by many companies, which also has guarantee and warranty.

The microwaves differ in sizes and the type of construction. The compact microwave is the smallest and they are portable. This can be placed anywhere as the interest of the user and even on table top. They are also small in dimension and less in power. The cavity space of these will be around 2-liter capacity with dimension of 14 inches x 18 inches. The power is less like 500 Watts to 1000 Watts. It cannot cook everything and can mainly be used for reheating.

Medium size microwaves are little bigger and has the dimension of less than 20 inches x 20 inches. They can cook better food and the casseroles can be placed easily into it. The power also is high like 1500 Watts. Large size ones are for the large cooking dishes and have high power that is more than 2000Watts. It had more depth, so big casseroles can also be placed inside the cavity. The height is also more than the other types.

In the modern microwaves there are many features like the auto cook, pre cooking, defrost, timer, the memory cook and other cooking programs for the special cooking like the pizza. There are model with the grill function and without it. In the grill function, the top heat or the bottom heat can be selected.

There are many advantages of using the microwave like the nutrients present in the food is maintained at higher level and hence it is healthy. Most of the time the cookware is cooler than the food. Therefore, the fear of unloading is not there. It is also safe to use microwave if it is properly used and maintained. In the auto cook programs the function stops when the food is cooked and this is an easy function as the food can be enjoyed without over cooking or under cooking.

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Many people like casseroles because they are the easiest and fastest meals they can prepare for themselves and their families. When looking for the casserole dish that is of high quality and stylish, a homeowner should consider the pots and pans. Homeowners will be treated to different kinds of the Cookware of different colors designs, shapes and sizes. The advantages of the stoneware casserole from Le Creuset are that they are durable and are thick enough to ensure that the foods are cooked evenly.
Homeowners can purchase different types of sizes of these casseroles s per the size of the guests they will be serving. To make it easier for them, they can also select stoneware set of casseroles that feature different sizes of casserole dishes. Once they have determined the size, they should also determine the type of casserole they need. There are different types including the petite stovetop, loaf dishes, square and rectangular dishes as well as the fluted flan dishes.
There are many benefits that come with the kitchen ware. The casserole dishes are multipurpose as the homeowners can use them to bake, slice serve as well as store different kinds of foods. The stovetop is also durable and resistant to chipping, staining and cracking making them one of the most popular items in households. The other advantage is that they do not absorb flavors and are resistant to absorption of moisture.
When it comes to cleaning the kitchen cookware, the homeowner will have no worries because they are safe for to use in the dishwashers. The washing process is simple and requires the users to cool the dish and then use hot soapy water and afterwards rinse and dry off completely. they are also advised not to leave the dishes in water and to use plastic brush or scouring pads to get rid of stubborn residue.

CORNINGWARE the original glass cookware that has enduring style and looks great on the table! Suitable for stovetop, oven & microwave cooking.

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Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware

Cooking with cast iron cookware continues to bring forward the heritage of the pioneers who used it when on the trail to find new homes in the West; the best cookware is made from cast iron and is a collector’s item, especially the earlier makes and types which were often made in specific cities or towns. The best feature about iron cookware is that it allows for cooking at high temperatures without harming the skillets. This style of cookware is best suited for cooking recipes that take longer to cook or require heat over a longer period of time and are versatile when used between the stove top and oven.

The cookware is made in a variety of sizes, from a skillet just right for frying an egg to a large skillet of golden fried chicken. The iron cookware also comes in the perfect sizes for Dutch oven cooking, cornbread pans and larger kettles meant for cooking for a larger number of people. Campers have used iron cookware for some of the best meals from beef stew to Dutch oven apple pie. Some of the manufacturers of these cookware are located outside the United States, so be certain to examine this carefully and choose that made by a reputable company.

Caring for the iron cookware is not as difficult as it may first seem, but it does take time to do properly. After you purchase or receive the cookware, wipe it off with a dry paper towel and then add a thin layer of vegetable oil, Crisco works great. Put the cookware in a warm to medium oven, no higher then 350 degrees F; then let it sit there for about 20 minutes before turning the oven off. Leave the pans in the oven until they cool down completely, then wipe with a paper towel. The reason for leaving the vegetable oil on the cast iron cookware and leaving it there is that the heat allows the vegetable oil to work into the surface of them, giving it a protective coating. This coating is essential for the pans and skillets as it allows food to be cooked without sticking for the pans to be cleaned easier.

Cooking with cast iron cookware means also that the cleaning process is easy to do, just be sure you use hot water to clean the cookware with as it removes residue and grease easily. Usually hard scrubbing is not necessary for good cleaning. Scrubbing will remove the protective seasoning coating of vegetable oil and you will have to re apply and heat the cookware again before using it. It is important to dry it properly, the best way to dry this cookware is to dry it on the stove, with a burner on medium to high heat, which allows it to dry fast and leaves the little if any water residue which could cause the cast iron to develop rust spots. If it does, then the integrity and stregnth of the cookware is harmed.

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Things I’ve Learned About Dutch Oven Bread That You Won’t Find in the Recipe

Over the past year, I’ve learned some things about bread making. And along the way, I assumed that these were things that everybody knew, and I had just been the slow one. I didn’t really talk about it much with people, because I assumed that they’d just say, “Well, duh, when did you figure THAT one out?”

But I discovered that most dutch oven chefs also didn’t know a lot of the things I was learning, so I started to come out of my shell and share.

So, here are the things I’ve learned about baking yeast bread in a dutch oven:

* The Recipe is Only Half What You Need

Baking good bread is half ingredients, and half technique. It’s as important to learn how to combine the ingredients and what to do with them as it is what ingredients to combine. This is where so many simple recipes fail you.

* Enrichments are great, but not always necessary

Really, all you absolutely need to make bread are four basic ingredients: Flour, salt, yeast, and water. If you can do it with those, you can do it with anything else you wanna add. I’ve learned that with just those ingredients, you can make a very fluffy and tasty bread!

* You Need to Knead

Kneading is not only a great way to mix in the right amount of flour, it also develops the gluten strands and makes it so that the bread can trap the gas that the yeast makes. That makes the bread rise. For so long, I would be frustrated that my bread wasn’t rising. It would take FOREVER. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I’d knead the bread as long as the recipe said to, so why wasn’t it working?

Just like different flours absorb water differently, they also take varying amounts of kneading. You can’t definitively say, “knead for 8 minutes” and know that it’ll be enough. You need to do the “Windowpane Test”. That’s the only way to know.

Cut off a small piece of the dough you’re kneading. Roll it into a ball in your palms. Then, working it in a circle, begin to stretch it out flat in the air. Pull it evenly apart, like you’re stretching out a pizza dough. Keep stretching it thinner and thinner. Watch how long it takes to tear. If you can stretch it out so thin it becomes translucent, like a window pane, without it tearing, then you’ve kneaded it enough. If not, put that piece back in the dough ball and keep kneading.

* Pre-Heat the Oven

It turns out that when you shove a ball of dough into an already heated oven, that initial blast of heat will make the dough “spring”. The trapped gas expands, the moisture in the dough turns to steam, and the whole ball just poofs. You get a bigger loaf, with a softer crumb.

One simple method is to pre-heat the lid of the dutch oven. After your bread has risen and you’ve shaped it, put it in an oiled dutch oven to proof. In the meantime, put some (a lot) of coals on the lid and set it aside. When the loaf is ready, take some of the coals off the lid and put them in a ring. Set the dutch oven on the ring of coals, and put the lid on. The advantage of this method is that you’re not handling the bread much, and so there’s less of a chance of punching it down as you’re trying to maneuver it into a hot dutch oven. You can also do some fun shapes, like braids and rings. It’s much easier to do rolls this way, too.

* Use a Thermometer

It can be difficult to strictly regulate the internal temperature of a dutch oven. Counting coals is a good idea, but if it’s cold out, or windy, or any of a number of factors, the heat can vary. That means, I’m never sure when it’s done. Cooking a certain length of time is no guarantee. Looking at the “golden brown” of the crust doesn’t work, because I can never tell if it’s done inside. In a dutch oven, it’s not always practical to reach in, lift out the loaf and thump it.

My solution? Stick a meat thermometer in it. If it’s between 180 and 200, it’s done. 180 for the lighter types of breads, 200 for heavier breads.

So, there you have my ideas on making breads in a dutch oven. Follow the recipe, and follow these hints, and you’ll do better than you did before, I can almost guarantee!

Mark Hansen

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Starter Microwave Cooking Tips

Cooking can be quite a lengthy and tiring ordeal and the best way to create things in a straightforward fashion is always to decide on a micro wave. Cooking is quicker and tastier and doesn’t take many minutes to cook. A microwave saves time, energy and minimizes the mess with the food prep.

A microwave cooks and heats food through the means of dielectric heating. This is accomplished by way of microwave radiation to heat water and other molecules within the food.

The Principle behind its function:
The main principle is that the microwave oven functions by passing non-ionizing microwave radiation at frequencies about 2.45 gigahertz and wavelength of 12.25 centimeter. This radiation offers energy that is absorbed through the food in a method called dielectric heating. There is however a misconception that the micro wave cooks food from “inside out” and that is not true. The power through the microwave radiation is absorbed on the surface layers of food just like heat energy from other sources.

Cooking in a microwave is better since the penetration depth of microwaves is really a lot greater than the typical techniques. In comparison with conventional strategies, a micro wave ensures fast and straight forward cooking. Although when selecting a microwave, those with low microwave frequencies and higher penetration is usually more puissant.

Choosing the right microwave oven:
You will find there’s gamut of microwave ovens and selecting an excellent one can be something of a mission. The distinction is mainly on power levels as well as the defrosting levels. Most microwave ovens are the same because the concentration of microwave radiation is exact same when magnetron is started up, and in cycles of numerous seconds at any given time. This can be specifically of significance to airy foods that inflate throughout heating phases and deflate in the event the magnetron is powered down. The magnetron is pushed by a linear transformer that is either totally switched on or off. The newest gadgets which can be equipped with invertors’ power supplies take advantage of pulse width modulation for continuous low power heating. This type of microwave oven is great for many different types of cooking.

The miscellany and accessories to further improve the cooking effect:
The cooking chamber of a microwave is known as the Faraday cage. This enclosure prevents the microwave from escaping in to the environment and also the glass panel door enables quick viewing. The warmth is maintained with a layer of conductive mesh. The size of perforation on the mesh is lesser than the microwaves’ wavelength.

Conventional micro wave carries a variant inside convection microwave which is a combined a standard microwave along with a conventional oven. Food is cooked quickly and achieving them browned or crisped is currently far more easy. They may be on the other hand more expensive that this conventional micro wave. They are often used for cooking prepared dishes.

An additional recent variation can be a micro wave rich in power quartz halogen bulb which utilizes the high intensity halogen lights near the top of the microwave to deposit quite a bit of infrared radiation on the surface of the food.

Accessories like browning tray, pop corn bags etc may possibly accompany the microwave. Consumer microwave from leading brands like Delonghi, Kenstar, Onida, and Electrolux could possibly be bought either from websites or possibly a bricks and mortar shop. Internet shopping is an simpler and convenient choice particularly if you desire to gift it to an individual.

So, waste virtually no time, in adopting the microwave-mode of cooking. Opt for an excellent microwave and get underway with hassle-free and efficient cooking.

David Pruitt is a kitchen design and appliance expert with a background in industrial design and living engineering. He gives his thoughts regularly at Delonghi Microwave.

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Buy Microwave Ovens to give Cooking a Professional’s Touch

Imagine how it feels when after an entire day’s effort over a recipe, the family members say that it is not so good? People always demand something new to taste. There are a lot of items that cannot be prepared on the gas stove and even if we try to do it, the taste is not so good. To avoid this, it is better to buy microwave ovens to give cooking a professional’s touch.With a microwave oven it is not only that we can make some cakes and bakes, but we can prepare a lot of dishes. Microwave ovens also save a lot of time at cooking. These modern kitchen equipments are quite helpful for the working ladies as they help reduce a lot of time. Moreover, they can also try out new dishes so as to make their family members happy.

Owing to the high demand of microwave ovens, almost all electronic goods manufacturing companies have launched their microwave ranges; with the result being that we today have variety of microwave ovens to choose from. One can select from LG microwaves, Samsung Microwaves, Kenstar microwave oven or any other microwave. The microwave ovens could vary in volumes, shapes and also in functions. There are certain microwave ovens in which we can only prepare a few dishes, but on the contrary, many microwave ovens offer wide range of cooking. This is how the capacity and microwave prices also vary. The function and design of the microwave ovens could also vary per brand. With the microwave ovens, cooking not only becomes easier, but also interesting and faster. That is in the today’s scenario, they have become a necessity.

Buying a microwave oven is not a big deal for a middle class family today; as there is lots of options open before them. The microwave oven prices could vary from Rs.8000-Rs.15000 or so, which is not too much. If somebody is planning to buy a microwave, then it is advisable that a little bit of research should be done before buying. This could even be done through the online shops if the person does not have so much of time.

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The Outdoor Pizza Ovens – A Necessary Cooking Instrument For Pizza Lovers

Cooking apparatus are always the subjects of great attractions among the food lovers worldwide. The designs of pizza ovens are always different for the outdoor or indoor purposes. At present, pizza ovens designed for outside have become the hottest trend among all the food lovers throughout the world. The ovens designed for the outdoor uses, are the best options to arrange a moderately big party in your backyard. The pizza ovens have heat sources and heat chamber integrated for baking. You might get smoke chambers added to the new products to serve your dishes a traditional taste, a smoky appearance. The ovens are made very well and they are fully made of stainless steel. They are unbreakable and remain intact after repeated uses. The providers guarantee their products for the durability. If you want to impress your friends with your cooking excellence you can surely get one for your personal use.

The suppliers are now introducing new features embedded inside the newly made ovens. The common things which are used in newly made ovens are professional pizza stones and the precision control apparatus. They are always integrated in the common pizza ovens. The baking stones used here are always chosen carefully as they are the most important part of a pizza oven. They are quite different from the natural stones. They are proved unbreakable and are capable of use for multiple times. The stones are capable of transferring heats and they are commonly used as the heat sources. You can control the temperature within the limit 250-800 degrees with your precision control mechanism. You can get all the pizzas baked with your pizza oven in a very short time. You have to select the best one for you and you are just a step away from the purchase.

The pizza ovens that have recently reached to the markets are very easy-to-use products. They need no installation procedures. They are following the plug and play system. They are found in all the configurations. You just have to connect your pizza oven with the gas supply line. The outdoor pizza ovens have become a necessary outdoor cooking instrument for the pizza lovers.

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How To Cook In A Halogen Oven

Halogen ovens offer convenience, a compact size and a significant reduction in time and energy. They operate by surrounding food with radiant heat regulated by a built-in fan creating an environment that completely penetrates and heats efficiently. Meals can be quickly prepared and ready to eat in a hurry. This method of cooking with infrared heat is safe and works well with a variety of dishes from appetizers to main entrees and desserts.

Hints for Preparing Meals in a Halogen Oven

Halogen ovens provide a clear advantage because of the reduced cooking time required, typically around 50%. For chefs wanting to prepare a favourite recipe that calls for a standard oven, they will need to adjust the cooking time accordingly. Another option is to lower the temperature and keep the cook time the same. Meals should be monitored during the cooking, particularly when a new recipe is tested, to ensure that the meal is at the desired doneness.

Another benefit of Halogen ovens is the ability to cook frozen foods directly from the freezer. Defrosting is not required but may affect the cook time slightly. Because the process is so efficient, extra oils or fats normally needed for other types of cooking processes are eliminated. The result is a healthier meal.

halogen ovens do not require preheating. Once the food to be cooked is placed in the glass bowl, the chef sets the time and temperature and the cooking process starts immediately. Any fats or liquid waste dissipates to the bottom of the bowl making it easy to clean up. Some ovens are also equipped with a self-cleaning function.

Basic How-To Instructions

The difference between a meal cooked in a conventional oven and a halogen oven varies only with the cooking time, not the preparation. Foods may be prepared in the same manner using marinades, seasonings and similar ingredients as found in any favourite recipe.

One-dish meals are an ideal choice for halogen ovens because the poultry or meat can be combined with potatoes and other vegetables to cook at the same time. Most ovens feature a separate shelf to aid in separating food types, for example, a chicken from the accompanying vegetables. For many dishes both the meat and vegetables may be combined and cooked at the same time. The top rack is typically used for grilling while the lower rack works well for heating casseroles, cooking vegetables and baking.

Although halogen ovens regulate heat and offer an efficient cooking method, some meals do well with by turning the food occasionally. Large cuts of meat, pork, spareribs, steaks and chicken breasts cook faster and more evenly with occasionally turning. Baked desserts do not require any turning. These ovens require metal cooking tins, glass cookware or oven-proof dishes for foods premixed foods. Plastic dishes and storage containers are not suitable cookware and may melt during the cooking process.

Waffle Cooking is an Art

There is considerable debate as to the origins of waffles. The Dutch insist that they invented them, though the classic modern Dutch stroopwafels (syrup waffles) were actually invented in Gouda during the 18th Century, though chiffon waffles, made with separated eggs were certainly known in the Netherlands in the 16th century for the help . The Belgians also claim that waffles is a Belgian invention and the classic Belgian waffle, leavened with yeast certainly has a long pedigree.

But the oldest reference to waffles we have comes from an English recipe for waffres in a 14th century cookbook. Today, however, British waffles tend to be savory potato cakes served as a main meal accompaniment rather than for breakfast.

Today, however, when most people think of waffles they think of American waffles. The way of making these batter cakes came to the Americas in the 1620s with pilgrims from the Netherlands. Though the original versions were more like drop cakes, cooked in a griddle. Indeed, it wasn’t until 1789 when Thomas Jefferson returned a waffle iron with him from France that the modern waffle was born. And it wasn’t for a further century that waffles became truly popular in America where they were served with both sweet and savoury dishes.

The American waffle is a batter cake using baking powder as a raising agent, which is cooked in a waffle iron. It’s this iron that gives the waffle it’s characteristic shape and dimpled surface. A basic waffle is a batter made from flour, eggs, milk and oil and including baking powder as a raising agent. Other ingredients such as nuts and fruit can be added and waffles can be made from other flours apart from wheat flour (or from a mix of flours).

Here, however, we will concentrate on the standard, basic waffle. Even here there are two main types of waffles for the help . The standard waffle, where all the ingredients are simply combined together. And the ‘chiffon waffle’ where the eggs are separated before being mixed. Typically the chiffon waffle is lighter and fluffier than the standard waffle. Below you will see recipes for both types of waffle.

Traditional Waffles

320g plain flour

4 tsp baking powder

2 eggs, lightly-beaten

600ml milk

60ml vegetable oil

Sift together the flour and baking powder into a bowl. Beat together the milk, eggs and vegetable oil into a separate bowl. Combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and beat the mixture until smooth.

Heat your waffle iron and grease lightly with a little oil or melted butter. Add the waffle mixture about 120ml (6 to 8 tbsp) at a time and cook until the steam stops escaping and the waffles are golden brown (about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes).

Serve hot with your choice of topping…
Chiffon Waffles

250g plain flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

3 eggs, separated

1l milk

120ml vegetable oil

Separate the eggs. Whisk the yolks until pale and creamy then, in a separate bowl, whisk the whites until stiff and glossy.

Add the milk to the egg yolks and whisk to combine, then sift together the dry ingredients into a bowl stir-in the egg yolk and milk mixture. Now stir-in the oil before gently folding-in the egg whites (do not over-mix).

Heat your waffle iron and grease lightly with a little oil. Add the waffle mixture about 120ml at a time and cook until the steam stops escaping and the waffles are golden brown (about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes).



Serve hot with your choice of topping.
You now have the recipes for the tow main styles of waffles. It’s fairly easy to adapt these recipes to your own specifications. If you would like to add another flour (eg oat flour or ground nuts) then do so at a ration of 2:1 wheat flour to your other flour. You can also include mashed potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes etc to the mix.

i am sonal sharma

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