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A Few Steak Recipes

Here are a couple of steak recipes that have worked really well for me in the past. The first recipe is a simple Italian marinade that produces a ton of flavor, even in a cheaper cut of meat. I would recommend chuck steak or better for this, but you could even do it with round and it will come out pretty decent.

First, take your steak and pepper it heavily with meat tenderizer on both sides. Next take 2 forks and rapidly stab the piece of steak while holding a fork in each hand. After doing this, place the meat in your refrigerator for about 5 hours or so. This will really help with the tenderness later on. Get a plastic zip lock baggie that is just big enough to hold the piece of steak and then fill it with about one cup worth of Italian salad dressing. Pretty much any brand will work but you can experiment with buying different brands of dressing to get a better flavor. Now the key is that you should suck all of the air out of the plastic baggie so that the marinade is pressed up tightly against the meat as all of the extra air gets sucked out of the bag. Seal it up and throw it in the refrigerator overnight. That’s it! Grill it up the next day and you will have a very tasty steak.

The other steak recipe that works well for me starts out much the same as above. Tenderize the meat with the forks and also with the tenderizer. Instead of using dressing though, slather the piece of meat with a mixture of Worcestershire sauce and A1 Bold and Spicy. Slather this mixture on both sides of the meat and then let it sit in your fridge overnight. Do not use A1 on the steak after it is cooked but instead use it as a marinade. For some added flavor you might add some hickory smoke flavoring to the meat while you are cooking it as well.

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